Champs league – Liverpool versus Lyon


Incredible defender but Usain Bolt he is not

This result will send Lyon through. With Fiorentina crushing Debrecen, Liverpool will need not only to win their next two games but will need Lyon to beat or draw against Fiorentina. This has not been Liverpool’s season. Injuries and very sloppy defending have defined their season so far.


90: UGH…sloppy defending by Liverpool leaves Lisandro with an easy shot and he easily scores. 1-1

89: Babel playing like a man possessed. Kuyt sends a cross accross the face og goal but no Liverpool player in site. Babel picks it up and does a 1-2 with Benayoun and sends a shot wide…should have done better but it is good to see him trying and running hard.

87: Torres off Ngog on. He played well but is clearly hurting. He will need surgery soon. Hopefully a combination of Babel, Voronin and Ngog will be worthy deputies.

84: WOW…1-0 Liverpool. A THUNDERBOLT shot from Ryan Babel sends them into the lead. That’s the Babel we have all been waiting for. He gets the ball from Benayoun after a 5 headed clearance by the Liverpool defenders and dribbles a couple of players and then sends an unstoppable shot in to the top left corner. He showed industry and poise and confidence…all things lacking up until that shot…fantastic..once again Benitez strikes gold.

79: Liverpool making too many passes lose the ball and Lisandro breaks but sends his shot wide. He should have done better. Thankfully for Liverpool fans he did not.

74: Big mistake from Kyrgiakos gives Lisandro a great chance but the shot is well saved by Reina. Close one that.

71: Game is getting livelier and Lyon have a free kick which Bastos sends straight into the arms of Reina.

69: Great chance for Liverpool as Lucas sends in a shot that is well saved by Lloris. THEY NEED TO SCORE!

68: Babel on for Voronin…bad move…Voronin is a useful player to have on the pitch. Babel is lazy but maybe his lack of PT wiil inspire to play harder

66: The play is end to end but without much of the excitement that that usually entails. Torres clearly not at his best….still better than most.

65: Voronin fouled near the edge of the penalty box but play is waved on…unlucky

60: Fiorentina lead 2-1 so Liverpool REALLY need to win this game if they are to have a chance to reach the knockout stages.

54: On a positive note for Liverpool is Lucas is playing very well and marshaling the Liverpool attack well with short sharp passes and darting runs…hopefully have not jinxed anything

52: Lyon are coming out the stronger team in the second half but Liverpool slowly waking up as Insua sends in a cross which is dealt with comfortably by the Lyon defense.

47: Carragher maraudes his way down the wing but kicks the ball too far. He really is an amazing player. Makes the most of everything but still is best in the center of defense. Liverpool need to win more corners as Krygiakos is great in the air.

46: TWEET…no changes on either side though Lyon made two changes in the first half. Lyon immediately appeal for a penalty but the challenge by Insua was clean.


45: Liverpool get a late corner and it bounces around the Lyon half but nothing happens…Referee blows the whistle. Liverpool need to bring it in the second half.

40: Pjanic comes of for Lyon with an injury and is replaced by the Brazilian Ederson… This game is needs a goal…hopefully from Liverpool

35: Bastos for Lyon skins Insua of the ball and goes for goal but Kyrgiakos (that was hard to get correct) gets the ball off him. Bastos is dangerous though.

33: Liverpool showing a little more urgency. They really need to take this game by the scruff of its neck. They end to play well when their backs are against the wall but personally i’m getting tired of it.

28: Good to see Voronin getting a start and has a great chance to make it 1-0 but keeper makes a great save. Liverpool need to put these away. They need to win these 1 on 1 situations.

25: Nothing too much to note. Liverpool are playing well but Lyon is a very good team and not being broken down. Perennial quarter finalists in the champs league they never have taken it to the next level. Wonder if this is their year.

21: I LOVE Jamie Carragher. He is tough nosed and skillful defender. He plays with heart and passion..Fast or a winger he is not…sigh

17: Exciting build up by Liverpool as Lyon were dominating and Kuyt sends a lofting volley shot in and France’s number 1 keeper makes an excellent save for a corner. Nothing comes off the corner

13: Torres with an inviting opportunity but shoots straight at the keeper

Sorry for the late arrival but was stuck in traffic. Well we all know the importance of this game from a Liverpool POV. Aside from a great result against Manchester United, they have had a very disappointing season. A loss here would be the worst run of form in 50 years and would pretty much put them out of the champions league.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Matthew N on 2009/11/04 at 4:44 PM

    Disappointed to say the least. I hope that this does not create unrest amongst the troops. Rumors have been circulating that Torres was looking for a transfer if Liverpool did not make the knockout stage. I don’t believe them but that would certainly be terrible. Hopefully this will do one of two things: EIther (1) it will show Hicks and Gillett that Liverpool needs money for the January and summer transfer windows to improve their squad and ensure finishing in the top four, or (2) make these broke owners sell the club to someone who isn’t a tightwad. Either way, this season has just been one bad break after another.


  2. Posted by matthewsf on 2009/11/05 at 8:17 AM

    Shaun — just had a chance to read this — when Liverpool gives it up at the end you sound so deflated and it sounds like just about wanted to stop writing just then.

    Hilarious but I feel for you.


  3. Posted by Berg on 2009/11/05 at 9:17 AM

    Elation, followed by a swift kick to the groin. Of course, if you would have told me before the game the elation would come courtesy of a Babel boombosa I would have been surprised. Shoddy defense responsible for the jewel shot? Not so shocked.

    The thing that is most unsettling about all of this is that I can’t point to a single issue and declare if it is fixed then fortunes will reverse. The bottom line is that a myriad of problems faces Liverpool right now and any and all of them could be responsible for such a poor run of form.

    Alonso leaving a hole the size of Texas in the Reds’ midfield.

    A defense that looks unorganized at times, (coupled with Carragher’s poor start to the season though he is getting on better now)

    The owners keeping the purse strings tighter than Scrooge McDuck. (How in the world did Liverpool get beat out for Michael Turner at price less than third of what Brown valued him at? And speaking of Scrooge McDuck, why did he just leave his money in his own vault earning no interest? Maybe it was just his cash reserve or something.)

    Injury. After Injury. After Injury. (See Skrtel, Agger, Aurelio, Gerrard, Reira, Torres, Aquilani, Johnson … oh, you get the point)

    An overall lack of depth, especially up top. (Kuyt is best in support of a true striker and N”Gog, Babel and Eccleston are still more promise than player right now.)

    And to be honest, a few questionable decisions by Rafa (I’m not calling for his head, but I do and always will, despise zonal marking. I for one, wish every opponent I have ever played against ran such a scheme, I would have been the Brian McBride of the youth leagues.)

    There are a few positives, Insua’s development, Benayoun’s emergence as a full-time guy, the gutsy win against Man U but the ship needs righting. I just wish I knew what is to be done about it.



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