Bullet: Now Timmy is Ailing?


Given the Toffee d, it's amazing this is Timmy's only injury

Thanks to TSG reader “PCKilgore” for passing the following news along.

Seems suiting up Guz, Perkins and Hahnemann for the USMNT friendlies wasn’t just to get reps for the back-ups.

According to the Everton Web site, USMNT’s #1 Tim Howard is suffering from a minor foot injury sustained over the weekend.

Read the release here. Thanks Pat for passing along.


Mark, hopefully this piece won’t need anymore revisions.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dylan on 2009/11/11 at 8:45 AM

    I hope for a quick recovery for him, both for Him and Everton. I’m glad he’ll be getting a rest for these friendlies. I’m a Guzan fan and also it’s good for him to get some reps in against some quality opponents. Do you think he’ll keep both games or will BB split it up, maybe try to find the third keeper for SA?


  2. It doesn’t sound like too serious of an injury for Timmy, he should be back to bailing out the Toffees makeshift backline after the international break (fingers crossed).

    It will be good for Guzan to assert himself as the bonafide #2, would most likely be #1 for both club and country if he were playing elsewhere on both accounts (England could really use a solid netminder…) As for splitting time, I think Bob will/should let Guzan play both and begin to get into that rhythm with those in front of him this way if the unthinkable should happen he’ll be able to step in with a minimal adjustment period.


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