The New USMNT Kit For The World Cup?!

UPDATE II: The message board thread linked to below that included the screen capture has been deleted.

UPDATE: While we did receive a reply from our contact at Nike, there is no official response from the Swoosh.

As you may have seen already, there are some mock-ups of a new Nike USMNT kit for the World Cup floating around the internet and soccer message boards.

Today TSG has viewed what looks to be a vendor video for the kits which matches those mock-ups. (Here is a screen grab that is available on the internet because we like what we do here at TSG and want to keep doing it.)

TSG can neither confirm nor deny that these are, in fact, the new designs or if the video is authentic right now…but we’re working on it.

We already have a note in to Nike Soccer to confirm the kit design.

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  1. Posted by matthewsf on 2009/11/17 at 12:34 PM

    Is that a Boy Scout sash from left to right?

    Actually, nicer than the horizontals…I still want to go more retro though.


  2. Shoot me the vid (you should be able to see my email from wordpress admin panel). Otherwise, I need to gather my thoughts about this because you know my feelings on this issue…


    • Ohh, and an important thing to know – do you have the video upgrade? If you don’t the best you can do is put it up on youtube and embed the youtube clip…


  3. Depending on what the Away kit looks like this might be another repeat of the last cycle, where I didn’t really want either of them. Nice for my bank account, but I’d rather have us wearing kits that fans want to buy.

    The sash looks like Adidas’s Galaxy sash when they took over all of MLS’s kits and copied Nike’s Gold with Green Sash look. Nike looks like they’re returning the favor, but I wish they hadn’t.


  4. Posted by michaelneis on 2009/11/17 at 1:40 PM

    i”ll reserve judgment until i see the official Nike release….but my first impression is very lukewarm. I actually like the thin red stripes and v-neckline on the current home shirt – and i think the gray pseudo-sash is a downgrade. they can still win me over with a solid away/third option though


  5. That looks like the soccer kits I’d doodle in detention hall in about 5th grade. Hopefully it’s not real.


  6. Posted by Timmy on 2009/11/17 at 2:05 PM

    My initial reaction is that I don’t like them very much. It’s possible the Navy Blue or the Red will look better, but the white is not a kit that I would run out and buy right away. The positioning of the sash on the DTOM kit was much better. Damn, those DTOM kits were awesome! I will also reserve judgment until the navy and the red are released, but the white is not very exciting.


  7. Posted by Timmy on 2009/11/17 at 2:20 PM

    Quotes are saying the Red kits are 100 times better than the whites. Lets hope so.


  8. Posted by OttoOrf on 2009/11/17 at 3:08 PM

    I understand this might not be the final version, but I find it hard to express how BORING this jersey is.


  9. Posted by shane on 2009/11/17 at 5:03 PM

    Nick your thread shows some sweet looking Kits.. That Red kit with the “Dont Tread on Me” Logo on the side is bad*** to say the least.. I would buy it..


    • I’ve got to give credit to Timmy for posting it in the comments of the latest Jermaine Jones watch post last week. He’s the one that linked them first.


  10. Posted by Matthew N on 2009/11/17 at 6:25 PM

    These are the most hideous football kits I’ve ever seen. Pathetic.


    • Posted by Matthew N on 2009/11/17 at 6:26 PM

      Why do we need new kits? Why don’t we just keep the same one forever. Simple and traditional. We can make some modifications like pinstripes or maybe different lines or something on them, but man these jerseys suck. I am going to be pissed if they change to these ugly things. The Blue one especially… that thing is UGLY.


  11. Posted by Antonio H. on 2009/11/17 at 6:29 PM

    Actually, Nike’s waiting for the WC draw to decide on which color kits to release(depending on which teams & which colors are in the USMNT’s group), although I think they should release all three and provide some variety


    • Posted by Timmy on 2009/11/18 at 6:58 AM

      Agreed. Release all three. The blue one with the white “sash” kind of looks like a crossing guard or a beauty pageant contestant.


  12. If you go check out Football Shirt Culture you can see the new Portugal Kits (I think???), and all I can say is at least we don’t look like that.


    • I’m a moron who can’t read, that is Portugal’s under the kit leotard.


      • Posted by Timmy on 2009/11/18 at 3:13 PM

        Why does the new Ivory Coast jersey have a single star above its logo/crest? Was there a world cup I missed in which they won??


        • Kitbag is calling those the African Cup of Nations kits, which could mean that the star is there only for that tournament and will be removed for the World Cup. Or they may have won a youth World Cup or Women’s World Cup and decided to carry over the star, the same way Germany’s Women wear the three stars for the World Cup trophies their men’s teams have won.


  13. Posted by Kevin on 2009/11/21 at 10:26 PM

    here’s a link, but I’m not sure if they’re the same ones you had up.
    I would rather have the ones nick pointed out.


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