Barca-Inter With A Lyon-Fiorentina Finish

Does it get better than these two?

And thats it Liverpool playing in the second tier Euro competition. Liverpool had their chances. Last minute shoddy defending in their last game against Lyon sealed their fate…Their defense has been atrocious all season…i said it in August and unfortunately i was right…Oh well…Now they can concentrate on the league…oh wait they have been…UGH

90: Lisandro with a great shot and Frey with another fantastic save…

3 Minutes of extra time…ALLEZ LYON

89: Liverpool have won their game…All eyes and ears at Anfield on this game. Gilardino offside…phew

88: Another close one for Lyon…one of these has to go in…please…please…PLEASE

86: All the play still in the Fiorentina half..Lyon have a corner…WOW…Frey makes a incredible reaction save…UGH

Meanwhile Liverpool still up 1-0…god they are playing terribly…what is possession if you can’t score!

83: Lyon really attacking here…Fiorentina just content to play defense…hopefully they will rue that decision…I WANT SOME RUEING!

82: Great cross by Lyon and Di Silvestri the Fiorentina defender wastes time…sigh…Liverpool have only themselves to blame if it remains this way

81: Lyon gets a freekick that ricochets off for a corner…nothing comes with it and Fiorentina launch a counter attack

OK…Barca are going to win this game so am switching to the Lyon/Fiorentina game…ugh regular definition…CMON LYON

80: Chivu is playing dirty and gets a deserved yellow card…he’s like Ronnie Lott out there.

Well time is running out for Inter and for Liverpool…well the Europa vase is not a bad option for silverware but their horrendous run of form in the league means they might not even finish off…meanwhile Barca playing pinball passing through the lums that are the Inter defenders…Julio Cesar to the rescue

76: Dani Alves is bodychecked by Chivu…Can we just say Alves is a winger…calling him a right back is laughable…all he does is attack and does it so well…free kick is wasted away though Milito gets knocked on his head and writhe around in pain and than pops right back up….odd

72: Mario Ballotelli (who looks nothing like a Mario Ballotelli but what a talent) comes on for the not only non-effective but invisible for the whole match Stankovic.

69: Eto gets the ball and makes a run down the wing and into the Barca box but sends his shot sidefooted the other way. I think it would have been easier to score a goal than do what he just did…FYI…i think i’m severely jetlagged, amped up on caffeine and getting more and more pissed that Liverpool are only beating Debrechen 1-0 AT HOME…AND Fiorentina are still up by a goal.

66: Henry gets fouled and wins a freekick…can we ever trust this guy again? He was such an ambassador for fair play, gentlemanly conduct etc… and now…cheat…sigh. Dani Alves sends in a daisy cutter off a shot that is well parried away by Julio Cesar for a corner…corner comes to nothing.

63: Pedro is writhing around in apparent agony and the commentators are dubious of the actuality of his pain…i missed it as i had to go to the bathroom due to VASTS amounts of coffee drank in Singapore on a layover…FYI i don’t typically drink coffee… one needs to know this…back to the game…Inter are somewhat getting back into this game but Barca are not letting up any.

I might add that Barca are playing without Messi and Ibrahimovic…WOW

Meanwhile in Group E the scores remain the same….GRRR

55: Xavi starts the attack from his own half, and the ball makes it way to Dani Alves (does he ever play defense?) who crosses it Xavi who sends a header toward the corner which is FANTASTICALLY saved by the Brazilian keeper…YAY…Inter did something good..they did not let in goal. Aside from Julio Cesar their defense is terrible…no i will not compare them to my grandmother…who i might add is 96

53: Julio Cesar, the Inter keeper gets chased down by Irish public enemy number 1 and almost gets dispossessed and has to kick it out of bounds. Inter get it back and venture into the Barca box and Eto goes down with the slightest of nudges and roles around like he’s been hit by a ton of bricks…or my grandmother…ref looks the other way…good call

Cambiasso has been taken off..and he really didn;t do anything in the first half and replaced by former Portsmouth star Sulley Montari. A creative midfielder who could inject some attacking force into the Inter play. Then again a cardboard cut out of my grandmother could create more of an attacking force than Inter had in the first half

45: TWEEET…second half under away

HALFTIME – Jose will be incensed at the way his team have played…i expect Inter to come out strong in the second half. Can Barca maintain this high quality? Can Lyon score 1 maybe two goals? Can Liverpool win a game even though they have 3/4 of possession and scored first? hasn’t been the case in two months…we shall see.

44: This game is such a joy to watch unless your an Inter fan that i don;t really care that Liverpool are out of the champions league if things remains this way. They (injuries aside) have been pretty poor this year. Barca win another corner and Julio Cesar sends a powerful header straight the keeper. Worrying for the Inter defense.

42: More build up by Barcelona and Iniesta tries a back heel but someone (Busquets) is whistled for offside. Inter are being played off the pitch

35: Puyol makes a hard but kind of clean tackle on an Inter player who then retaliates…not sure if the ref saw that but Puyol gets a yellow card. Free kick is right at the keeper but Valdes makes a HUGE error and gifts Stankovic who shoots over the bar…Fun stuff this

SHIT…CRAP…Fiorentina up 1-0

29: I can’t get over the simplicity and beaity of that last goal…Please if you;re reading this later just watch it…the Iniesta pass (assuming it was him and movement by Dani Alves was orgasmic…

25: Barca like Spain are so much fun to watch. And just as i say that… WOW WOW WOW GOAL OF THE HIGHEST ORDER…that was absolutely STUNNING football… All started with Iniesta who threads a SUBLIME pass to Dani ALves who crosses to Pedro who slots it home…that was gorgeous…or as the commentators (WHO ARE BRILLIANT) say “football ballet”…you can tell i;m excited as i;m using a lot of ALL CAPS…2-0 Barcelona

22: OHHH Inter venture into the Barcelona half and actually have strung a few passes together…nothing doign as Barca win the ball back and move it back up the field

So based on my research if Liverpool win and Fiorentina draw than Liverpool will have to beat them by 2 clear goals when the visit Anfield…HMMMM shades of 2005 when they had to beat Olympiakos by 2 and they did and then won in Istanbul….SHUT UP SHAUN…SHUT UP

16: Barca are dominating the game right now with quick slick precise passing that is their signature…Lucio does an incredible back pass jump thingy to clear the a dangerous cross…but later gives away a foul and Barca have another free kick…Iniesta tries something cheeky and it goes horribly wrong for a freekick

14: Barca get a free kick in a delicious position. Xavi standing over it and it just goes over the bar and lands on the roof od the net. Lucky for Inter…The special one must be fuming right now.


In other news Liverpool are up 1-0 with Ngog scoring…Lyon/Fiorentina are at a far so good…A LOT to play…Damn Jinx potential…i should shut up

11: GOAL! Said duo wins Barca  a corner and shoddy defending, leaves Pique a defender no less, with an easy tap in. 1-0 Barcelona…Horrendous by Motta

9: both teams feeling each other out with Iniesta and Xavi dominating for Barcelona. Is there a better midfielding duo?

5: Wonder of if any Irish fans are cheering for Barcelona and new public enemy number 1 (piece on this coming soon) who is starting up front for Barca but quiet so far.

3: Barca are showing their intent and have already won 2 corners.. Nothing comes of either but they still press hard

2: have i ever mentioned that i love HD…will keep you uptodate on the goings on in Group E…Lyon need to hold Fiorentina to a draw or eat them and Liverpool need to beat Debrechen in order to have another chance in the last group game.

1. PEEP PEEP and they’re off

Hello all,

Just fresh (well as fresh as you can be) from a 17 hour flight…landed 1 hour ago and been home for 10 minute and its CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TIME….AND my beloved Liverpool is not on live but on replay later. Still this is a HUGE game. If Kazan beat Kiev and Inter beat Barca than barca are out…yes last years champions will be out.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by kaya on 2009/11/24 at 2:57 PM

    The only thing Eto’o produced on the attack were 2 dives.
    Why no yellow cards? I don’t get it.
    I’ve said it before and will say it again: the only difference between Henry’s handball and the attempts to win a penalty by Eto’o is that one resulted in a goal.


  2. Posted by Antonio H. on 2009/11/24 at 9:58 PM

    Mad strength by Pique. Motta was basically holding on for dear life.


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