The World(wide) Cup Draw

Yesterday was a great day. The World Cup draw provided the USMNT with a good opportunity to advance out of the group stage and TSG was covering it worldwide.

A Blood Mary-infused Shaun did some tremendous real-time writing on the festivities from San Francisco, Matthew was partying like it was 1982 with the Kiwis and I took it all in from ESPN headquarters in Bristol, CT.

Big Board

The big board in Bristol was hastily rearranged after the draw.

As my brain is just starting to recover from an overload of information and a severe case of not-enough-sleep, I am going to take a day or two to digest the draw and what I learned before burning up the keyboard with “deep thoughts.” However, I will leave you with some “shallow thoughts” from the day; some of which TSG will explore in greater depth soon.

  1. Multiple former players  from around the world (McManaman, Lalas, Harkes, Hislop) echoed the sentiment that no World Cup game is “easy.”
  2. In relation to the US group, I heard that Algeria will be a tough opponent for the US and that the US should have no problem with them. I also heard that Slovenia shouldn’t be taken lightly as they took down Russia and that Slovenia is the worst team in the World Cup. So there, you should be as confused as I am now, so just revert to #1 above for clarity.
  3. I hope someone got a picture of John Harkes when I asked him about Clint Dempsey’s performance with the USMNT.
  4. Our next TSG campaign will be to get McManaman and Lalas to commit to a cage match if the US and England should draw on June 12th, assuming they don’t throw down before that.
  5. Hey, Mrs. Shin Guardian…I think I need a new chair for Christmas:

    This would look great in my office.

  6. All games of the World Cup brought to you by ESPN will be broadcast from South Africa, be available on and be available ad free. In addition, ESPN is “leaning towards” removing the bottom line ticker as well.
  7. For being a broadcasting company that beam sports worldwide it was just a little amusing when ESPN experienced technical difficulties attempting to play a (simple) DVD for the assembled media.
  8. It sure would have been nice if it looked like anyone cared about the draw when ESPN showed a live shot of Times Square.
  9. A big “thank you” to ESPN for a great day, but TSG won’t become a shill for the WWL just because they gave us vuvuzelas.
  10. Kartik Krishnaiyer of MLSTalk and EPLTalk is a cool and knowledgeable dude.

By the way, does anyone know if Shaun got home okay?

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Matthew N on 2009/12/05 at 5:25 PM

    F***!!!!!! I DONT GET ESPN 360!!!! F*** TIME WARNER. Going to have to get dish network or something just for the month or June, especially considering I’m going to take a month off work to watch the world cup lol


  2. In a previous post, there was a shot of the new Nike USMNT kit. A reference back to the 1950 kit when we beat some empirical island nation in the WC. Did Nike engineer the draw to sell shirts? I’m just saying. . .:)


    • Posted by Timmy on 2009/12/08 at 8:17 AM

      I was thinking along those same lines. My next thought is that the US will wear the new white kit but with a special red stripe rather than the originally designed silver stripe for the England match.


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