On the Cup Trail: Hiddink, Ireland game?

Some Monday morning hitters for you as we are now just a mere 185 day from World Cup 2010!

C'mon Guus, no cameo?

• Turkey fans, USMNT fans and other nattie team fans can now focus somewhere else: Supercoach Guus Hiddink (who has coached Lee Nguyen and DaMarcus Beasley among other Americans) is staying put with Russia, according to reports, and will be in South Africa next June as a spectator only.

• The US looks to be angling for a Northern Ireland friendly on the frontend or backend of their Netherlands jaunt. Why perhaps? Back in April of this year, the North Irelanders clamped down on Slovenia 1-0 at home. Share some info, gauge your team. Good work, if it materializes, U.S. Soccer.

• On the heels of TSG’s look at soccer balls last week, a technical breakdown of the World Cup 2010 ball. Again, goalies don’t like it…in other news pigs apparently can still not fly.

• And lest we don’t find room to mention it later, a hearty backslap to USMNT 2010 hopeful Jay DeMerit who made the 18 for Watford Saturday. Atta’boy Jay!

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  1. Posted by ed on 2009/12/07 at 12:28 PM

    the american outlaws chapter from los angeles has posted on their facebook about a possible friendly vs honduras at the h.d.c.

    “here’s an email i received and thought i’d pass onto you with giddy hope:

    “If this story is true then we are on (it’s in Spanish) for January:


    Rough translation:
    “Already we’re working on dates and the first one will be against United States on Sunday January 24th at the Home Depot Center”, confirmed yesterday by the president of the Fenafuth (Hounduran Soccer Federation), Rafael Callejas.

    Los Angeles Chapter A.O””


  2. Posted by matthewsf on 2009/12/07 at 12:37 PM

    Thanks John….

    Appreciate that…I saw that this morning…since we’re not a news site per se, we typically are a little bit late on those things if they are not confirmed in two places. I haven’t seen anything besides that report right there. If it was a news source that we knew already of we’d post it, but thanks for posting in the comment section.

    I thought it was interesting in the commentary section that the Hondurans in the US want the game in Texas or Chicago….

    The friendly seems likely with it being a short jaunt from Central America (relatively speaking) and with it coming at the end of Camp Cupcake (please step forward Mr. Victoria’s Secret…..)

    Also, TSG is working on getting some unique pieces going on Honduras….hopefully we’ll have news on those shortly.



  3. I can’t see Hiddink staying with Russia. I am sure if Man City came calling with all their billions he would not say “no.”

    USA V Northern Ireland would be a good one as Northern Ireland are a fairly strong side and it would be a good workout.


  4. Posted by Dylan on 2009/12/07 at 6:05 PM

    I really hope Demerit gets some playing time soon. That would be a big start in repairing or injury ridden ranks.


  5. Posted by kaya on 2009/12/07 at 6:06 PM

    I guess regular Ireland are already spoken for?


  6. Posted by Ryan on 2009/12/07 at 7:08 PM

    DeMerit came in today around the 47th minute I think. Watford won 3-1.


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