And Then There Were Four…

The lasting image of one of my favorite games of all time....

I tried. I really did this year to get in more NCAA soccer time. Wasn’t able to do it.

The crossover of the USMNT to the MLS got me watching the easier-to-find-on-the-dial MLS games rather than college soccer.

I did watch a handful of Indiana, Bucknell (not sure how that one happened) and Maryland games this year–mostly on late Friday evenings on Fox Soccer Channel with such very challenged broadcast teams.

I was able to catch a USF game in person–sadly USF after coming in a top 30 team slid terribly this year…7-10-2….the highlight was a win over Santa Clara midseason at home…luckily the game I attended.

Best part about the college game, in my humble opinion, the all out full effort of the players. It might be a lack of discipline, but the field often looks like eleven Carlos Tevez(es) running around.

Tomorrow is the final four and I’m going to try and dial up ESPN’s fine 360 product for what should be a good one: Wake Forest at Virginia. The other game pits undefeated and untied Akron vs. UNC.

For those that don’t know or remember this column way back when, the 2007 college final between Ohio State and Wake Forest, featuring such players as a sophomore Cody Arnoux and Marcus Tracy was one of the most enjoyable soccer games I’ve ever watched. (Check out the video at the end of the column for sure.)

The game was monumental for Arnoux as in his freshman year he booted a great opportunity and made up for it in this Final.

Feel free to comment below on the games throughout the season if you are an expert or fan.

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  1. […] has to be the program that Wake Forest has built. If you haven’t had a chance to watch any NCAA tournament soccer over the past few years, I encourage you to try and take a moment and watch the Demon Deacons come […]


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