Out With the EJ, In With the Beas?

DaMarcus, during the Carter administration...

Rumors…just running rampant on the transfer front in advance of the January window.

We learned yesterday that Fulham is sniffing around for someone to pick up the tab on Eddie Johnson.

Today, the NY Post of England, the Daily Mirror is suggesting that DaMarcus Beasley might in the offing for a trip to the Cottage.

Our thoughts? Not likely.

A few days ago DaMarcus suggested Holland (more likely) and Spain (less likely). Secondly, wasn’t this the rag that suggested Brek Shea was Fulham bound as well?

We like to pass along everything so our readers can make their own determination, but we’ll say no to this one. And we’ll also say, “Ridiculous!” to the Goal.com report yesterday that suggested that Beasley might entertain a move to the MLS. One, Beasley likes Europe (says it all the time), two, he now has his jewelry business there and three….well he says so his self on twitter.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Both Beasley and Eddie Johnson would do well to consider a mid-table club in Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, or Belgium. If anyone will hinder their chances to move to a club where they might earn first team football – it’s their agents. To paraphrase Eddie Izzard ” You’re American…scale it down a bit.”

    I hope both players land at decent clubs that will actually give them a proper chance at first team football, provided they work hard in training and earn the opportunity.


  2. Posted by matthewsf on 2009/12/10 at 2:21 PM

    First Eddie Izzard reference on TSG, now I know we’re making progress.

    Agreed — getting playing time in a less political league which has less homegrown talent to compete for the same roles….and politics.


  3. I always feel players need to play. Johnson and Beasley could be at Real Madrid, but if they are not playing what good are they to the US National team in the long run.


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