G’night Petr Cech and More Saturday Cowbell

• Disgusting: Peter Cech plays for a top 2 team in the EPL. Chelsea would have won their 3-3 Everton draw at home if they had a scarecrow, beer keg or corn husk between the pipes. A mishandle on the first goal and a hesitant departure from his line on the third leaves Chelsea without all 3 points. Only Tiger Woods is falling apart faster than the Human Traffic Cone…thank you, thank you.

• However, not as disgusting as the Everton defense. I think two of Chelsea’s goals were taken while Drogba and Anelka were shaking hands with Timmy Howard–no defense and deep penetration in the box. A sieve in the middle and Tony Hibbert on the outside doing everything possible short of an own goal to make the Blues look good at the ‘Bridge.

If I’m Everton I might even deploy Donovan at right back at this point–it’s that bad.

• On the flip side of the Toffee ball, should Louis Saha stay in form, it’s the type of form that had Red Devil fans salivating some years ago before his injury spells. The man looks good out there, even with Everton’s atrocious away kits.

Club Ball: USA 2, England 0....

• More Yanks’ defense as England’s Jermaine Defoe and the rest of his Tottenham crew get stoned by Marcus Hahnemann and Wolverhampton….you have to like this little message that USMNT keepers are sending the past two weeks. 1-0 win on the road at White Hart.

• Continuing with USMNT salutations, Mr. Jay DeMerit, please report to the pitch. You’ve reclaimed you’re starting spot. A full 90+ for the US big man in Watford’s 1-0 loss. DeMerit–if Gooch is still ailing–will have to take away that cut-in move from Wayne Rooney in RSA Game 1.

Big JZA comes off the bench in the 69th as Hull looks to steal a victory at home against Blackburn. Doesn’t happen as the game ends 0-0 in the Tigers’ first one with Jimmy Bullard icing his hinge. Phil Brown didn’t try to camouflage anything, coming out in a defensive 4-5-1 with defensive striker Craig Fagan getting the starting nod.

• Honduran Maynor Figureoa, who factored in our national team “trade” column earlier this year, lashing a beaut of a free kick for Wigan in the weekend’s opener. Looking for that vid….Darren Bent is calling it the goal of the season.

Michael Bradley gets a goal for Bo’Munchen! after his sublime assist last week. By the way, yes…it was the game winner, but it put Bo’Munchen up 4-1…..so let’s describe this strike more correctly.

• Fresh off his two goal game this week, Mike Grella makes the 18 for Leeds and remains riveted to the bench.

• If you saw the Man City game, you know Craig Bellamy giveth and taketh away. This time he taketh away as the Welshman gets called for a dive in the 66th, fails to shut his trap and ends up with two yellows in two minutes. Oddly enough Man City seemed to play inspired ball after Bellamy’s dismissal and even up the score 3-3 as Tevez beats the keeper with a ground ball, right corner pocket in the 77th.

Man City’s defense looked non-existent in this one with Micah Richards given up ground and the left side of Joleon Lescott and Sylvinho generously ushering in Bolton striker after Bolton striker. Let’s hope Lescott gets run in RSA…I know, I know…body of work….body of work….

In other news Robinho was on the pitch, sniffling and doing absolutely squat after his substitution to push the Citizens ahead.

DaMarcus Beasley goes full time for the Rangers in a 3-0 win, hocks some jewelry, and blames some poor corner that TSG didn’t see on his boots. Even Mo Edu is making fun of him. Despite the shank, is Beasley’s candidacy slowly building?

• Our Eric Lichaj Report rolls on with the young American going 90′ for Lincoln City….now what excuse can we use to get him to say, Home Depot Center in January.

• Bobby Z scores again for the Fulham Dempseys–wondering what gesture the crowd received on that one. Another 1-1 draw there.

• Yikes! Ilunga’s return relegates Jonathan Spector to the bench as Birmingham remain white-hot and take care of West Ham. Not a good sign there for Specs…

Hey TSG! If Marcus gets a pic today, so do I.....

On to Manchester United vs. the Friedels at Old Trafford….

Time! Big win away for Aston Villa. Trafford is silent. Agbonlahor’s early strike stands up–it wasn’t the Red Devil defense that hurt them today — it was their lack of offensive punch even with 3 strikers (Owen, Rooney, Bebatov) on the pitch.

United miss a clear chance to gain ground on Chelsea failing to protect their undefeated record at home this season.

(92nd) Berbatov gets space, dribbles into traffic, dribbles out, loses the ball….wow…ugly…DB is my whipping boy today, but rightfully so. It’s not like he was just brought in late in his career like Larsson or something.

(91st) “Just passed the post Michael Carrick” — saw that one coming from Oakland  over in my neck of the woods.

(91st) Nothing better than the standard shot of the fan in the stands praying his team can come back. It doesn’t quite work though if you have the talent, budget and tradition of Man U…..

(90th) Villa doing just enough in defense. C’mon Brad, make it another USA shutout in goal today against a quality opponent.

(87th) Friedel save on Berbatov — a good shot, but the elder American make this commentary look good. If I was ESPN I would have just written Berbatov duffs it or something. But this is soon to be an award winning publication?

(86th) Ashley Young splits the defense…but then loses the marble on a long run. Ashley Young is like Pao Gasol. If it is just him, you can make it to the quarters or semis of the playoffs. Make him the second fiddle and he’ll shine. That’s who I would have pried with my Ronaldo money if I were Man U this summer…..oh and AY he’s the one that grabbed the mantle from Stuart Downing on the Three Lions left wing.

(84th) Home side reffing coming out — free kick given on a questionable handball, Evra ticks the ball out and then is promptly allowed to throw it in….in other news Dimitar just got the ball on the 18th in the 82nd minute and distributed it beautifully….to the right fullback on the flank…huh?

(81st) Stuart Downing rescues Friedel’s clean sheet with a goal line clearance on a Vidic header. Wait did I just say Stuart Downing. Welcome back…or have you been back for awhile. I thought maybe you had went back to Middlesborough. I remember when they said you would own the left wing for the Three Lions….

(80th) You sure that’s John Carew out there and not Tim Duncan. TSG’s has to do an all big man piece. This game alone we’ve got Friedel, Carew, Vidic maybe?

(78th) Villa’s going to pull this one out I believe–unless Sir Alex recommends 27 minutes of stoppage time–then I can see them coming back…thanks…you know the humor is free?

(75th) – Friedel’s gut receives a Rooney shot. Honestly, if I’m a striker and Friedel is eyeing me with that intense, scowled, bald mug–I’m not concentrating–I’m running from the pitch. I just saw on TV without HD and I’m scared.

(73rd) – “Berbatov misses it” — Now where have I heard that before….

(58th) – “Carrick is off target” — I’ve barely ever heard “on target” with MC.

2nd half – Michael Owen for Ryan Giggs. Another Capello consideration….he honestly should be. He scores goals–Owen has nearly a 45% goal to appearance ratio for country. And remember, he doesn’t take most of the penalties.

(44th) You think Dimitar Berbatov is public enemy #1 for the home side. How much did Fergie piss away on that one–about 30M on the transfer I think I remember. You think with Darren Fletcher at RB, Sir Alex doesn’t want that one back–especially with Michael Owen’s recent form. Enough excuses about Berbatov being effective though it looks like he’s lazy….

To balance that comment, I would gladly take both Anderson and Ji Sung Park on the USMNT.

(29th) You know how announcers talk about a team “pouring it on”–that’s exactly what Man U’s offense is doing right now, but they haven’t found the Contra code to the goal yet.

Rooney off the limbo bar…you should be watching this game

As I say that Polish stalwart Kuszczak, toe pokes away a sure Villian goal as he disrupts an Agbonlahor cross.

Wayne Rooney booked for a yellow on a dive in the box. Certainly a dive…but ref you deprived us of a Rooney vs. Friedel PK!

Wow! Great goal from Agbonlahor who first holds up the play perfectly against United defense lays it off, then receives a header after perfectly slotting in…finds the net. Hey Capello…don’t you realize that’s your man? 1-0 Villians…

10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Ryan on 2009/12/12 at 10:44 AM

    I’m on the lookout for Jozy video from today, the minute by minute I was reading said he very well could have won a penalty in the 75th minute, but was booked for diving instead.


  2. Posted by matthewsf on 2009/12/12 at 10:46 AM

    Thanks for that — send it over if you find it…check the Hull City message boards–those are pretty lively and good…


  3. Posted by kaya on 2009/12/12 at 11:02 AM

    espn soccernet was calling it a clear penalty fwiw.
    Peter Chech’s been on the outs for so long, but yes, it’s become painfully clear lately.
    I hope they keep him…


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/12/12 at 11:08 AM

      fwiw?….Rooney’s dive?…not even close to a penalty. He didn’t even complain at the call or the yellow just jogged down the field…Giggs rushed over thinking that Rooney was going to do the typical thing where we scrunches up his face and nearly spits on the referee…didn’t happen.

      Cech’s been on the outs since that hit by Hunt had him wearing his Kazoo helmet.


  4. Posted by Kevin on 2009/12/12 at 12:01 PM

    Did or Demerit start or not? That had me a little confused, and do you have a link to Bradley’s goal?


  5. Posted by matthewsf on 2009/12/12 at 12:03 PM

    DeMerit starting in Watford’s 1-0 loss — played the entire game.

    No link to the Bradley goal — looking for the Maynor goal.


    • Posted by Kevin on 2009/12/12 at 3:15 PM

      Then I guess that’s good new for Demerit, and anyone who supports the USMNT. It’s good to know that he’s ready for action again, and he makes our defense that much better. Do you have any injury healing dust left becasue we could use Gooch back too?


  6. Posted by patrickhattrick on 2009/12/12 at 5:59 PM

    Human traffic cone? I like it, I like it.


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