Do We Have Some More Insight on Clint?

Not sure how I missed this.

According to the Daily Mirror this past Monday (a 5 out of 10 on the quality newspaper scale), Fulham manager Roy Hodgson and USMNT cap Bob Bradley are working together to ensure that Clint remains fresh and fit for both Fulham and the States.

Dempsey....getting warn out....

Say what?! This is like a scene out of bizarro Seinfeld–usually all you hear about are clubs and countries fighting like kids in the schoolyard over player usage. Arsenal wants reparations for Robin Van Persie. Harry Rednapp expresses exasperation at Fabio Capello calling up injured players. Even Hodgson himself is in a row with Ghana over the use of John Paintsil this December.

The record speaks for itself, it’s never cordial….except as it would appear here.

A few months ago, TSG did a piece on Clint invoking the velvety tone of Marvin Gaye. The theme of our tune? Asking Clint, “What’s Going On?”

Do we have our answer now? Is Clint merely burnt out from over usage?

Players like David Beckham, Robinho, etc are known for not having a full tank to go a full 90….is Demps any different….should he be treated different?

Doesn’t sound like Clint’s getting burned out from this, very reputable, blog evaluating his EPL campaign thus far. (Note, the Brian McBride Award here as well.)

Just adding more data to our ongoing over-evaluation of #8.

While we’ve got you here…or should we say while Bradley had Hodgson on the phone…here’s a few other conversation pieces he might have peppered him with:

• Gosh Roy…must be nice to have four defenders that are never injured who always, always play together. Tell me about it so I can be envious. Is that the secret to your iron curtain defense, consistency? On a more serious note can you just let Brede know there’s always a spot for him on our team?

• How’s that forward trap working for you? You know where you send Andy Johnson or Nevland up the pitch like a pitbull and then bring up Bobby Z or Gera and Demps behind. Can the English bloaks actually solve that? Should I give that a whirl in RSA?

• I know it’s just a rumor, but word on the street is that DaMarcus is in the offing for you guys. Really? I mean, c’mon Roy…where are you going to stick him with a healthy Damien Duff. That report is rubbish, right? Promise me you’ll play him if he transfers in the New Year though.

• Speaking of transfers, EJ just didn’t cut, huh? Couldn’t beat out Old Man Nevland and that youngster…what’s his name, Kamara….oh wait, he’s 29 already? Yikes! Does EJ have any juice? Getting any nibbles anywhere?

• I’ll tell you what. You put in a good word with Clint….I’ll put a little bee in the ear of Stuie. You know Holden right…certainly looks like you guys could use another legit speedy right winger with all those 30-year-olds you have in the middle of the pitch. And I know you could teach Holden positioning and to quit his over-running.

Thanks Roy.


As if on cue, Clint got rested in Wednesday’s 1st half in the Europa Cup game, but came on with 20 minutes left.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Daily Mirror 5/10…? That may be a bit generous:)

    I mean, this is a fairly representative article from them…


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/12/17 at 5:16 PM

      I was trying to be kind to them in the season of giving…..

      I do find that they are much more accurate on sports then The Sun. Also, it’s easy to write an article without quoting someone and for it to be sensationalized–but they quoted Hodgson and that’s hard to do and not do accurately….


  2. It doesn’t surprise me that Bob Bradley would be one of the first National Team coaches in a long time to be on pleasant terms with one of his star players’ club managers. Seems like a Sweatpants thing to do.

    As long as Clint is on-board with this whole thing and doens’t get all mopey, this could benefit both sides, as a fully refreshed and docused Dempsey can be a dangerous animal. Just ask Arsenal keeper Vito Manone, Spain keeper Iker Casillas, and Brazil’s #1 Cesar.


  3. Posted by Andy on 2009/12/18 at 9:29 AM

    Let’s hope this is the end to Deuceyness. More deucey behavior will now be attributed entirely to his attitude without the excuse of fatigue.


  4. […] Do We Have More Insight on Clint? (12/17/2009) […]


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