Rumors, Playing Time & An Elf That Can Cross It

There is a good chance we’re getting the USMNT Jan camp roster announcement tomorrow I would surmise.

A few pre-Friday weekend bullets for you:

• Jack Rodwell goes off with an injury for Everton yesterday. Ayegbeni Yakubu headed to the African Cup. Oh yeah, Landon Donovan is going to get run…real soon.

No automatic joy ahead at West Ham for Specs this January....

• Speaking of Everton, iron man Tim Howard given the day off Thursday (thankfully) in the Europa League, now ready to take on red-red-hot Birmingham Saturday in the Premiership.

• Jay DeMerit playing for more than country pride in South Africa. With DeMerit out of contract at the end of the season and his club Watford headed to administration, there’s a great shot that DeMerit will have a new club at the end of the year. Audition time!

• Jerome Rothen, who we mentioned in our Stuie article this week, apparently leaving the Rangers according to many sources. Rothen plays on the wing….hmm….Stu, you made that decision yet? Door’s open…

• USMNT now officially to face the Netherlands in Stonerville in March; it’s confirmed. The news went around everywhere this week….I thought we confirmed this game a long time ago, no….nope? did we space….damn I’ve got the munchies….if you’re headed to Holland though, three tips for you: 1) Rent a bike. 2) Try the fries 3) Check out the graffiti…some of the absolute best in the world and 4) Coffee shop does not mean coffee shop.

• The American Outlaws Seattle chapter found a story yesterday that suggests a US friendly against Tunisia in May. We’re passing it along. In our mind it was either Morocco, who the US lost to in Nashville right before the ’06 World Cup, or Tunisia to prepare for the Algerians, so this sounds plausible.

• More on how the African Cup impacts USMNT player fortunes in club ball next month:

» Jonathan Spector:  Could have been 100%, actually 0%

Specs’ foil for the outside role at West Ham is African-born Herita Ilunga who plays for his native Zaire. Alas Ilunga’s nation didn’t qualify, leaving Specs as the 5th wheel in a 4-wheel backline in Hammerville.

» Jozy Altidore: Hard to say….

When do we start discussing JZA’s club situation? Likely not until after Cup 2010, but currently a mixed bag for the young USMNT striker. Hull’s got ’em for a 1-year, but Hull City’s in a relegation quandry, sitting just 3 points shy with games against Arsenal (this weekend) and Manchester United (next weekend) coming up. Further, they’re losing three to the Cup of Nations. Look out below.

Conversely the Tigers lose Kamel Ghilas (Algeria….I didn’t Jozy was playing with the enemy right now…) in the African tourney, meaning Big Jeezy only has to fight off V of H and Caleb Folan for the starting nod. An interesting few months afoot for the sheep herder.

JZA up against Arsenal on Saturday on Fox Soccer Channel…that’ll be a good one.

» Freddy Adu: Goose eggs

The former star of Nike advertising, the Subdued Freddy Adu gets no joy from the African Cup as the crowded midfield ahead of him at Belenenses is chock full of Brazilian and Portugese…and that’s it

• The Fulham Dempseys host the Manchester Rooneys Saturday at the Cottage. United will be itching for goals after a breakdown at home against Friedel’s army–they’ll have a tough road d on the road to get the engine going again. This may be the EPL game of the weekend.

• Ladies and gentlemen, you’re future face of the MLS. You’re $350K man. TSG’s great ambassador for the USMNT. Oh boy, really?

Enjoy the weekend. Happy holidays.






7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sfshwebb on 2009/12/17 at 10:59 PM

    Man City need a defender due to losing a couple to the african nations and an injured Jolean Lescott. They need someone like DeJong…hard nosed, no nonsense…i vote Demerit who was EXCELLENT when he was in the premiership last time around…


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/12/17 at 11:09 PM

      Great point Shaun!

      You know, I (and you I know) read/listen to a lot of soccer. Jay DeMerit is held in very high regard across the pond.


  2. And if you get the fries, make sure you put the mayo on the too. I swear, nobody will look at you strange when you bring this Dutch habbit back to the USA….


  3. Posted by Kevin on 2009/12/19 at 12:28 PM

    Haha I guess Stu has fun giving to the kids. The strange thing about Stu moving abroad is that sometimes it just seems like he’s too happy in Houston/US. Is this the only time being happy where you are is a bad thing?


  4. Posted by kaya on 2009/12/19 at 1:50 PM

    Yay Dempseys.


  5. Posted by kaya on 2009/12/19 at 4:54 PM

    Damn, Jozy didn’t even dress… lame.


  6. I am a soccer coach and this group of U.S. plrayes made me so proud to be an American during this whole tournament. They played their hearts out, and they are the best representation I have seen in any of the World Cup games thusfar, of actual soccer or futbol plrayes. No matter how many unfair calls, brutal goal stealing unallowed goals , or ridiculous pulling, pushing, attacking, kicking, or acting episodes they had to watch and deal with, they continued to play soccer, not WWF.Say what you want about the Coach, but the team is an extension of the coach, and in my eyes we have Champions, mentally, physically, and most of all emotionally.On another note, I would have liked to send in my little 12 or 14 year old strikers, as these little girls would have attacked that goal until the team got every goal they could have possibly gotten, or died trying. It is an honor for any player to be on the pitch for this type of international match that occurs only once every four years, so my advice would be to charge the goal until there is nothing left in you, Forwards. I was also a forward, so that part of the game did cause some very deep frustration for me, and honestly was incredibly difficult to watch.Still, all in all I think the Champions of this sport have already gone home, and you made your country proud. I was so proud I cried, not because you lost, because of the way you won, tied, and lost. Our U.S. team reminded me of my Pink Panther Team that won every game until our Championship game (most kids without any previous training, or experience) and I didn’t know that grown men could be so honorable. You are the team that should be watched on that last day of the tournament, and it will happen in 4 years, I am certain of it! Congratulations!P.S. I was so excited to watch you guys play, I made my own roster for that last game that’s how well we got to know you all in just a few short games!! You rock!Kylar Hart


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