TSG Exec Plan: World Cup Coverage Schematic

Prodded on by some reader comments yesterday, TSG wanted to run our proposed World Cup coverage planning by our esteemed community. Pretty simple stuff and obviously skip to the soccer columns right now if you like….

Here you go: The completely non-top secret schematic to World Cup coverage….highly, uh, confidential.

A simple diagram below: Basically an inverse pyramid whereby the quality and quantity is obviously focused on the USMNT.

As you move down the pyramid the depth and quantity of the coverage reduces. The circle just represents writing on whatever the author feels like. Whereas coverage within the pyramid has to be somewhat structurally similar–previews should follow a similar format from one group to the next–the circle denotes just writing whatever the heck you feel like.

Thoughts? Other features you like? Some other ideas as well:

• A sidebar that has links on a game by game basis so readers can comment as the game is in action.

• Features on jerseys, kits, and country soccer histories.

• Guest commentary from our readers or other selected writers….

TSG (Confidential)...completely not confidential mind you....

7 responses to this post.

  1. hey matt, this is connor from Ninety Plus. I run my own blog and would be interested in helping you guys out should u need it. You can email me at (removedthisemaildiespammers@gmail.com), ive talked to mark on several occasions through email. So just let me know.


    -C. Walsh


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/12/17 at 1:21 PM


      I’m going to remove your email so you don’t get spammed by fake Facebook and a bunch of people in Nigeria….

      I’ll send you a note from our, cough, corporate account.

      Thanks for reaching out…..


  2. My other favorite soccer community (barcelonafootballblog.com) uses http://www.coveritlive.com/ to run “live blogs” from events. It allows you a lot of control over who can post, displaying a score, making instant polls, ect. I’ve been meaning to bring it up, but with scarcity of games I’ve always forgotten. I have a blast using it as a supplement while I’m watching games.

    Whatever way you want to run it, from free-for all, to panelists, it’s all there and nicely embeddable.

    Also, it’s free. I don’t know how they make money, but I guess that’s not my problem.

    Anyways, my suggestion would be to run a “live blog” during all US games and Group C. Other games I suppose will go as-interest-dictates.

    Also, I’m sure my friends will love you for reducing the normal twitter craziness I go through watching a game…


    • Posted by Kevin on 2009/12/17 at 5:08 PM

      MLS has a chat like thing via facebook for it’s gamesbut the same problem comes up and you end up spamming all your friends. It just seemed appropriate to mention that.


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/12/17 at 5:13 PM

      Thanks Patrick and Kevin

      @Kevin: We won’t spam


      – We will not be twittering the game play and hence make your feed ridiculously noisy-
      – Thanks for the notes on the technology — I’ll check it out. I would love to have the cash here to build a few things that I’ve actually already PRD’d but just don’t have that time yet.

      Anything else guys?


      • Haha, I was more worried about the twittering that *I* do — I’ve never had any issues with y’all.

        Anyways, using CIL is a great way to compartmentalize and preserve the conversations of our community during the game. This is, of course, assuming most of us won’t be in a bar screaming our heads off.


  3. Cover It Live is pretty good. I’ve been apart of those for some MLS games and always a pretty good laugh and insight for the games. The MLS Facebook thingy is pretty dumb cause I just end up updating my status like a 1,000 times.


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