Big Jeezy: Phil Brown Talks To WFD

A picture of Jozy on the pitch at KC Stadium

Update: Jozy gets the start Sunday at KC Stadium….itching for a goal for the big man.

Somehow Jozy Altidore has ended up with 3 nicknames on our publication. The ultimate one being Big Jeezy.

Anywho, I finally got around to listening to Phil Brown, Hull City’s Manager on World Football Daily. I was hoping for a little bit more on JZA, but the interview focused more on Brown, Hull City and avoiding relegation.

Here’s what we did hear, paraphrasing, on Brown’s take on Jozy’s time in Yorkshire:

“Jozy’s a great talent. He went to Villarreal at early age and didn’t get a lot of run out. I’m really looking forward to him in the New Year. He’s got a lot of stuff to learn.

I’m hoping that his loan extends beyond this year. Once Jozy gets time in the Premiership and more matches, he’ll be able to showcase his talents.”

For our story on Jimmy Bullard’s impact on Jozy Altidore’s game, click here.

For what folks over the pond in Hull City think, click here.

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  1. Just watched the game, and thought that Jozy didn’t look so great. He just seems to not be active enough. I think he needs to learn to play with more energy and pace out there. He did draw the penalty for their only goal, but I still thought he was unable to create enough chances. Obviously playing against Man U is a huge challenge, but I can see why he has been consistently in and out of the lineup.

    Also, the game was in Hull City, not at Old Trafford.


  2. Posted by pckilgore on 2009/12/27 at 11:48 AM

    Still has first touch issues. Still weaker than his size seems to indicate – but if there is anywhere to learn how to hold up a ball and make you look weaker than you are, I suppose it’s in England against Manchester United’s back line.

    His vision is getting marginally better, especially laying off dangerous outside balls to Stu Hold..(*caugh err… Hunt) but he tends to be downright ineffective in the middle of the pitch with his back to the central defensemen. I’d like to see him take more chances in that position with a one-touch-close-to-space-then-turn-and-shoot a la Fabiano.

    At least he is getting playing time (70+ today) and certainly can’t be in the doghouse near as far as the aptly monikered “Mr Angry” AKA Fagan.


  3. Posted by KMac on 2009/12/27 at 12:13 PM

    I watched the entire match as well, would offer both sides of the “Big Jeezy’s” performance.

    On the plus side for J-Z A there were a few better first touches than in the past, along with the less skilled ones. Also a very nice turn and 20 yard shot on frame in half 1. Finally, being on the end of that header to set up the PK was good work.

    On the other side, he clearly needs to work on three key things. I will agree with the others that Jozy appears to be “pacing” himself (read “not hustling” as much as say Hunt for example). I was surprised, as were the commentators with his “cramp” in ~min 60 – and the announcer took him to task. I am curious what the root cause of the fitness issues is, because it seems to be the thread that links the criticisms I am leveling here. In addition, he seemed to be out of position and against the flow of the game from a position point of view from my perspective. I would like to see more strength (ala the shield and turn against Pique in the Spain game last summer) and overall. Along those lines it seems there are opportunities to run off the ball in support when attacking that aren’t being taken advantage of fully.


    • Posted by Antonio H. on 2009/12/28 at 12:46 AM

      that wasn’t Pique, it was Capdevila. Pique probably wouldn’t have let that happen with his size at 6’3. whereas the former is only 5’11


  4. Posted by shane on 2009/12/27 at 12:24 PM

    I disagree.. I thought JZA looked pretty good considering the service he got.. My only concern was him hitting the wall so early in the match..

    He demands so much attention from defenders that he changes the look of Hulls offence for the better.. With JZA in the starting Xl Hull has a formidable chance to score goals…


    • Posted by pckilgore on 2009/12/27 at 1:31 PM

      Unfortunately, I don’t see his service being much better when playing for USA.

      I see his fitness being a solution to that problem. Was he tired from running? I doubt it. Looks to me as if he was tired from lifting. As in, squatting off united defenders.

      As for changing the look of Hull, I’d have to agree. He’s turning into quite the center forward, holding up play. He’s just got to get a little better at the position before he makes that last little jump to a truly world class player. Not there yet, but damn I’m excited.


  5. Posted by Rhodie on 2009/12/27 at 2:39 PM

    I too am a little concerned with the Big Jeezy’s fitness. One thing that small teams (read Hull, USMNT) usually have to have going for them is a never say die, all heart, attitude that involves running for 90+ mins. I haven’t seen that from Altidore in any game other than the DC game after CD9’s accident. With Davies it was somewhat a non-factor because we all know that he will run forever. If we don’t have a healthy Chuck, I don’t know where that heart and effort will come from.

    On a side note I look forward to the pairing playing again as saying Jeezy, Deezy is just too much fun.


  6. Posted by Nick on 2009/12/27 at 4:42 PM

    I would rate jozy’s performance somewhere around average…dude is big and physical and still learning to use that. Needs to improve his touch and decision making and for godsake please make a diagonal run. Doesn’t help that hulls defense is abysmal and midfield is non existant without bullard…relegation is in the cards for hull. Another thing is jozy doesn’t quite have that nose for goal and being in the right place at the right time. Some of that will come with experience though.

    As for the fitness thing. Still not convinced he was cramping. The trainers didn’t start stretching him and massaging the leg…sometimes when I’m playing and take a knock I just stretch it…anything that will make the pain go away…


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