Monday-P-L: Specs Gets In, More…

We’ll just use this column today to update Americans in the Premiership and all other mild goings-on during a global holiday week.

Specs: Shaky in return at LB today

• One game in the book thus far, Jonathan Spector subbed in for Herita Ilunga at leftback in the 20th min. Specs, who’s been per our last columns, the 5th defender looked a little bit rusty and slow.. He did however, get beat for a Jermain Defoe strike attempt that Defoe rushed to the rebound and knocked home late in the 2nd of the 2-0 loss.

Specs is looking more and more like a central defender to me these days or a right back that needs cover in defending against the Defoes and Robinhos of the world.

Another game note, TSG fave Luka Modric (pictured as well) had a beaut of a goal in his first starting assignment since coming back from a broken leg.

Clint Dempsey is playing a more reserved role on the left flank today against Chelsea. Zoltan Gera has gone up to the forward role and already produced, giving Fulham a 1-0 lead 20 mins in at the Bridge. Dempsey would have gotten beat up on his crossing and down the line runs today against the Blues. Update: 2-1 Drogba, with an onslaught by Chelsea in the 70th minute decade. Goal for Didier, own goal on Smalling for Fulham. 2-1 Blues.

• Hurry up Landon Donovan, it took Everton 82 minutes, the last 20 or so with Burnley down a man to score at home against the EPL newcomers. Yikes! Disclaimer in that Luis Saha is out of the 18 for this one–shows you his impact. The game closes 2-0 Everton, seven saves for Big Timmy Howard and a late goal from South African Steven Pienaar.

• Blackburn has a solid left side, Keith Andrews and Pederson, but could easily use a Stu Holden on the right central midfield or flank. They are doing squat today against Sunderland on that side.

Announcers on cue (42nd min): “In the midfield for Blackburn, only Andrews is really seeing and moving the ball. They need help there.”

Oh and don’t believe the reports that Stu is headed to Burnley (click link only if truly bored). It’s just the Mirror again trying to drive traffic to their web site. Others are “reporting” this is as “fact” from their “souces”….boo! If another legit paper comes out with a piece, then we’ll let you know.

Certainly looks like Birmingham has absolutely no thoughts of dropping from the league in their inaugural year here, much less dropping into  the bottom half of the table….impressive.

• Well, Fabio Capello doesn’t need to see anymore: David Beckham to his World Cup squad assuming he’s healthy. Here was our take a few weeks back.

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  1. Posted by sfshwebb on 2009/12/28 at 6:37 PM

    Guardian also reports on the same Stu Holden rumor though not with as glowing terms as you will like.

    Dempsey was excellent this past weekend against spurs and was unlucky not to get assists or a goal…I think him and Jozy up top in Rooney/Heskey manner would really help the US…Jozy is way to raw and not skilled enough just yet to be up there on his own, but he’s strong and powerful and has a powerful shot and will bother defenses. Dempsey can feed off him very well and with Donovan behind them threading passes will help them…now if they can fix their defense!!!


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/12/28 at 9:53 PM

      Thanks for this Shaun.

      The problem right now up top is that both Jozy and Dempsey are being asked to be target men right now. That was Jozy’s role Sunday.

      The defense…we’ve got a piece coming shortly…trying not to make it sound dire. :>


    • > not with as glowing terms as you will like

      Understatement of the day. I’m pretty sure from the context, he was being compared to a lump of coal.

      So what’s up with Boca in France? Do the French leagues even play over break? I keep hearing things about him being benched but not a lot of reasons why that happened.


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