Call Delancey Street, We’re Moving!

Hangover reading for some this January 1st.

The January transfer session is now pulling into the station. In fact Freddy Adu and Eddie Johnson (who made our list below) and Eddie already appear to be on the move.

In the spirit of renewal and the beautiful game, we’ll promote a dynamite charity here in San Francisco that is part of the title of our piece. Read all about Delancy Street Movers right here if you want. A phenomenal success.

So who’s changing addresses in 2010–probably not a lot whole lot of Americans. But the list below reflects States’ players that will be moving or a move might help them out this January.

1. Stu Holden

Summary: As good as gone is our assessment. Although we penned the piece, “Counterpoint: Why Holden Should Stay?,” he’s got the financial motivation, the desire, and now the skills to strut his stuff east of the Atlantic. We’re hoping that Stu just goes to a place that will allow him to acclimatize and not be yanked at the expense of a relegation battle.

Probability: 98.34%


2. Chad Marshall

Summary: Central defenders may be at an all-time premium. Just take a look at the top of the EPL table: only Chelsea out of the top four teams has quality on the pitch and in reserve. Man United (perhaps through injury) are frail in central defense, awaiting Johnny Evans to make a return. Arsenal have virtually no one behind Gallas and Vermaelen. Manchester City traded away one guy and now have two rather disappointing middle guys in Kolo Toure (got for the African Cup) and Joleon Lescott.

Marshall, as we know, is under contract for one more year at the Crew, coming of a knee knock, and likely to remain there through the Cup at least before testing his abilities out overseas.

Probability: 15%


3. Jay DeMerit

Summary: Ditto to the sentiment above for Marshall. DeMerit is not only a center back; he’s got Premiership experience.
If he wasn’t the very fabric of the Watford team–and with Watford’s finances–he may be moving about the isle.

Probability: 10%


4. Freddy Adu

Summary: (Wow, we had to revise this summary after Freddy got thrown on the chopping block at Belenenses.) This is all Freddy. He’s at a crossroads. Does he want to continue to make a paycheck….or would he rather make a career for himself. Freddy is still young, but in stark contrast to his age, his time to make a name for himself is running out.

Freddy’s temporarily back at Benfica, but it’s only matter of time until he’s shipped somewhere else.

Probability of a move: 75%


5. Jonathan Spector

Summary: Jonathan Spector is firmly entrenched as the fifth defender at West Ham. That’s like being assigned to “Special Projects” in a corporate hierarchy. In essence, you may do something very positive, but we’re not counting on it and a moment’s notice we can jettison you.

Specs is not going anywhere. But for the sake of his development and the USMNT, we’d like to see Specs move….somewhere…anywhere and get regular playing time. Everton’s still dying on defense…maybe something can be worked out with America FC East? Do we want Ilunga’s hammy to keep taking Specs in and out of the game?

Probability: 1%


6. Brad Guzan

Summary: They say keepers improve with age, but 38-year-old Super Friedel keeps on trucking like he just came off the assembly line in Detroit. At this rate–and with England’s David James still in demand at 39 years young–Guzan will be relegated to junior tournaments like the Peace Cup. Does he want to play….or play caddy?

Probability: I see pigs flying….


7. Ricardo Clark

Summary: West Coast of Italy-bound….somewhere in the *Livorno area perhaps?

Any chance we can get Gabriel Ferrari up there to join Rico too…that guy is AWOL Italy-style…troublesome.

Probability: 98%


8. Eddie Johnson

Summary: Now here’s someone desperately in need of a move. EJ has not been able to crack the 18 for Fulham on a regular basis and barely on a sporadic basis. Relegated to Carling Cups and some time in the reserves if EJ is ever going to put it together–and like Freddy Adu above he may have already peaked–he’s going to need regular playing time.

(Update: Eddie looks to be headed to Greek side Aris FC.)

Probability: Well, the answer is already there, isn’t it.


9. Kevin Hartman / Zach Thornton

Summary: Not going to happen as we know. <Tongue-in-cheek.) But shouldn’t it be time….for the sake of the league and for themselves…for the all-time MLS saves leader and the reigning MLS Goalie of the Year to just take a stab. Still life in the blood, fellas.

Probability: 1%


10. Sacha Kljestan

Summary: TSG is hoping to toss some questions over Klestan’s way at Jan camp (so yes TSG commentator Evan we will try and ask him about his locks and TSG will ask him about “the pitch behavior poll.”)

Kljestan, who took about 6 months to get over his failed move to Celtic in the beginning of 2009, flat out needs to test himself. Something Kljestan needs–which readers of this publication have heard echoed on these pages before–is to *not* be the veteran or leader on his team, but take schooling from someone like a Giggs (fat chance) or Frank Lampard (similar) on how to behave on the pitch and improve your game.

Being the main man at Chivas is stunting Kljestan’s growth in our opinion.

Probability: Kljestan seems to comfy in his home state – 5%

Back on the 10th of September, TSG lamented Kljestan as the most surprising omission from the qualifiers roster…we were on his side. Make us believe Sacha….you have the talent….you still have a chance to be a Drew Brees, don’t be a Darko Milicic.

Probability: Well, the answer is already there, isn’t it.


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  1. Posted by Antonio H. on 2010/01/01 at 12:56 PM

    Stu is heading to Blackburn


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