Working Our Way Back: US Downs Mex..(2002)

Had such a good time with the video splice of the States – Germany 2002 tourney game, that we’ll work our way backwards.

Not quite the pace and theatrics of the last video, but 5 minutes on the game that advanced the Yanks to play the Ballacks.

As a fan, this game is a bit lost on me over time. I do remember when I watched the game that the entire time I was pretty much confidant of a US win….gosh I was young…and naive.

Wolff missing that open volley…yuck. McBride with the laser (and tackling like crazy) and one Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo looking less like Tummi Gummi and being active as ever.

Germany 1 – USA 0

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  1. I remember this game almost like yesterday. Probably because they played similarly on that day as they did on 8/12/09 in Mexico City; sit back absorbing wave after wave of pressure and counter-attack. Only in 2002 we had a bit more luck. I remember thinking during the build-up to McBride’s goal that if we didn’t score on that play I’d lose it, because Mexico, and Blanco specifically, were looking extremely dangerous on offense. After the opening goal and Mexico’s sustained pressure that should’ve resulted in a goal, the only other thing I really remember about this game is Rafa Marquez’s sending off; man he was a dirty bastard even back then.


  2. Posted by MikeC on 2010/01/05 at 7:00 AM

    Mexico’s most significant win vs the US this past decade – 2009 Gold Cup vs USA’s “C” Squad

    USA’s most significant win vs Mexico this past decade – 2002 World Cup 2nd Round

    Never disliked a team more than I dislike Mexico

    Need I say more……

    Wait 10-4-2 this past decade…..ok I’m done


    • Let’s not forget to mention that the two draws were in Friendlies, and three of the four losses were in Mexico City….


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