Ultimate Peace

Lets pretend that that's Matt in the yellow hat

So even though Matt and I share a passion for the beautiful game, we first met playing ultimate frisbee. We loved playing and care about the sport very much and in our frequent match ups (I don’t think we ever had the pleasure of playing on the same team), the discussion of soccer/football etc… would often come up.

We started a rec league soccer team based on Ultimate players (a surprising amount used to play soccer at a decent level before switching to chasing plastic). One of our team mates is speedster with a glorious finishing touch named Louis Eisenberg.

He’s put together a world cup pool where half the money goes to supporting an effort to help bring peace to the middle east using Ultimate as a tool. They’re taking children from under-served Palestinian and Jewish communities in the West Bank and within Israel and offering them an opportunity to learn and participate with each other. More details can be found here but if you don’t already have enough world cup pools, then you should seriously sign up for this one as it promotes a very worthy cause.

The Key Details
* $20 to enter
* Half of the money supports a very worthy cause promoting peace in the Middle East: Ultimate Peace
* The other half of the money goes to the top finishers (winner gets 80%, 2nd place 15%, 3rd place 5%)
* You can update your picks throughout the tournament
* Register here and submit your entry fee (PayPal or check) by the night of Thursday, June 10th

Thanks so much for your time and back to the footie discussion!


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