Liverpool vs Wolves and Spurs vs Fulham

Mister angry is back for Liverpool. I hope he stays but something tells me is out this summer

Mister Angry is back for Liverpool. Lets hope he stays but something tells me is off this summer

It’s over…better games tomorrow!

Please ref…end this

90:00 – Carragher wins a corner. A player of his class as a person does not deserve the humiliation of playing on this team. Corner comes to nothing but eventually Carragher sends in a shot that is about 10 feet wide. This has been Liverpool’s best chance.

87:00 – Liverpool really have no creativity right now. Its amazing. Obviously they miss Benayoun and Aquilani is just sitting on the bench. Rafa has done nothing. He needs to go. Trust me, i’m being positive.

83:00 – Wolves win a free kick in a dangerous area…oh dear…luckily hit straight at the wall

79:00 – Liverpool pressing some and win a corner. Hahnemann is way off his line and in no mans land. Gerrard is way off form and is cross flies over everyone…sigh…shame we don’t have anyone on thw bench with some attacking flair…oh wait…and he did set up a goal last game…no no need to put him on. Lets have our creative engine start with two defensive midfielders!

78:00 – Ngog wins a corner. Even though if he had better touch he could have done something more its a positive thing.

73:00 – Milijas off and Jones on for Wolves. I really want to watch the Spurs game but i fear that something amazing will happen and i will miss it…sigh..I’ve never seen Liverpool play this terribly over this long a time. I had hope at the beginning of the season but a couple of game sin, i and a whole bunch of others could tell something was off…who knew it would sinks this low though. Such an expensive squad with absolutely no drive. Their passing is atrocious, they haven’t had a shot on goal ALL EFFING GAME…ok..positive only for the rest of the game.

68:00 – The intensity of the game has picked up but thats mainly due to Wolves attacking play. Reira is taken off for Ngog. His first contribution is take on the entire Wolves defense, does everything right but his cross is poor. Liverpool are REALLY REALLY crap.

63:00 – Liverpool counter and Reira sends a nice ball to Kuyt who sends in a shot that fires wide of Hanemanns posts. He’s really had nothing much to do tonight…Neither has Reina but at least he got kicked in the balls.

61:00 – More attacking from Wolves and Reina bravely saves at the feet of Foley who kicks him in the unmentionables…ouch

57:00 – Liverpools back 4 are doing their best Keystone Kops impression and the ball falls nicely to Doyle who fires a cannon just over the bar. They keep pressing and gaining more and more confidence. C’MON RAFA…DO SOMETHING…ATTACK YOU PLONKER…take off Lucas or Masch.

52:00 –  Wolves go on the offensive and Karl Henry fires in a shot that is well blocked by Insua. Henry had way too much space there. Liverpool defense needs to remain focused…ugh…why so i sense doom and gloom

49:00 – A bad back pass by Stephen Ward almost sends Kyut threw but Hahnemann comes out strong and boots the ball away. Liverpool keep pressing and are passing the ball nicely. Gerrard is clearly a little rusty and both attacking threats are ended by poor control on his part.

47:00 – well its not all bad news. Liverpool show some verve and Rodriguez sends a through ball to Gerrard which is well dealt with. He can really add something to this attack. No doubt Benitez will do all he can to quash any form of creativity that he night possess.

Peep Peep…and we’re off..sigh

Half time and now i return back to the hell that is the game at Molineux. C’mon Reds…make Hahnemann who has looked dodgy so far work. I actually rate him quite high as a keeper. I wonder why it is that the US produce such high quality keepers on a regular basis. I think i;ve asked this question before…maybe a piece on it is in order.

47:00 – Modric is running rampant down that left wing and sends a great shot just over the bar.

45:00 – Apparently Spurs have dominated this game an Fulham are doing well to only be down 1-0. So i just had to look this up but it sounds like Fulham have a player called Kickajoy and he certainly lives up to his namesake by either firing thunderbolts toward the goal area or kicking his opponents. Sadly (for me) his name is Dikgacoi.

41:00 Modric drives in and jinxes and wins a corner. Meanwhile, the commentator spends most of the play describing Crouch’s long legs and how he pulls his socks up to his knees. I wonder if most people could fit there entire body in one of his socks.

Switched channels and now am watching Spurs versus Fulham which in the 2 minutes that i have seen so far is much more exciting and the quality of play is far superior that the other game. Real shame Dempsey isn’t playing but it does look like he will be back before the end of the season

Well in other games, Spurs are up 1-0 thanks to Peter Crouch. Nice one Rafa, you stubborn fool. Crouch was good as a second striker for Liverpool. sigh…shoot me

45:00 Well this game has settled back down to its craptastic level of play. Then as i say that, Maxi Rodriguez wins a corner with some urgent attacking play. Corner floats in and is headed out by a Wolves defender. Nothing happens from the second one and the ref blows the whistle. Thank god. Wolves are just defending. Liverpool need to take some shots cause Hahnemann does not look comfortable in goal at all.

40:00 – Maxi Rodriguez is hacked down and Wolves player Zubar kicks it out of play so he can get treatment and is immediately lambasted by Mick McCarthy. What a dick! Never mind that Liverpool did the same thing for Wolves a few minutes earlier. McCarthy is a hypocrite. Always has been. But it did liven up the game some. Lots of hard tackles. Wolves send in a cross but a week header is sent right at Reina. Liverpool immediately counter but Wolves clear…yay excitement

33:00 – Close one there. Liverpool get a free kick which goes right to a Wolves player who counter attack through Jarvis who runs half the pitch and sends in an inviting cross that is met by a striker and the ball goes into the side netting. I need Xanax and lots of it

30:00A CORNER…WOO HOO…this game is such a snooze fest that a corner demands being in all caps and bold. Nothing comes of it…Liverpool players just stood around as Hahnemann made a weak clearance. No one is playing well.

26:00 – Liverpool are beginning to control the game a bit and  are now pinging passes around with relative easy, but with no real threat to Hahnemann’s goal. This makes me nervous as it sets up Wolves for the easy counter attack and the Skrtel/Kyrgiakos pairing does not instill me with any confidence.

20:00 – The game has slowed down to some sort of crawl. It reminds me of the Monty Pythons philosophers football match. C’MON RAFA…grow a pair. You have Gerrard who can play on the wing and Aquilani who can play in his place, and bring on Reira late on the game if you want to stick by your stubborn ass ways of having TWO EFFING holding midfielders. Yes, I get when that can be useful, but this is WOLVES…WOLVES. Still nothing of any note going on….getting cranky

14:00 – American keeper Hahnemann clears poorly but the pinball manner in which Liverpool try and score fails miserably…Why do we need two holding midfielders against Wolves? Surely some attacking flair in the form of a 20 MILLION POUND SIGNING would be helpful in this game…

10:00 –  Just looked at the teams heet and Aquilani is on the bench. Damn Rafa. I really do hope he goes to Juventus. He’s a good manager its just that he’s more  stale than Lindasy Lohan’s … never mind. Good to see Maxi Rodriguez out out on the wing. Lets see what he can do. So far Wolves doing a good job of muscling out any Liverpool threat.

6:00 – Game is starting off slowly. Teams feeling each other out. Looks freezing too.

Hello all

A few minutes late into this important premier league fixture. Liverpool are away at Molineux and this is a very important game for them. A win here and a loss or draw by Spurs puts them in 4th spot…Here’s to hoping. They have Stevie G and Masch back. I’ll be a bundle of nerves. Who would have thunk this would have been a must win back in August.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by matthewsf on 2010/01/26 at 2:51 PM

    Are you actually doing a double header….how many beers have you had?


  2. Posted by sfshwebb on 2010/01/26 at 3:30 PM

    just one today…spurs game started 15 minutes later so instead of jumping out my window i watched that game for a bit


  3. Posted by brian on 2010/01/26 at 3:45 PM

    I’m lovin the commentary. game? craptastic😉


  4. Posted by Berg on 2010/01/26 at 4:34 PM

    It was obvious from the shape Wolves trotted out that they were more than content to pull this result. The onus was on Liverpool to take the game and seeing Aquilani on the side AGAIN was just so frustrating. Why didn’t Rafa just save the $$$ if he’s not going to trot the guy out?



  5. Posted by Milad on 2010/01/28 at 1:07 AM

    Im still waiting for the day that Rafa realizes that Lucas is awful, and that his lack of creativity and skill is a main reason Liverpool has stalled this season. Have Mascherano in the hole with Aquilani next to him, and Gerrard in the hole behind Kuyt. I like Riera out left and Maxi out right. How do you not try to put Aquilani on AT ALL in favor of Lucas? What kind of voodoo has this Brazilian kid done that Rafa is enamored with him? Does he have incriminating photos of an adultering Rafa that he’s using to blackmail him? What else could it be at this point?!?


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