The Supporters Series: Celebrating What’s Right

Support for soccer in America is still about quality over quantity.

Supporters under the flag after Goodson's goal.

No place was this more evident than the opening match of 2010 for the USMNT when a small, but raucous group of American supporters where outnumbered by the Honduran counterparts by a wide (wide) margin at a friendly in Los Angeles.

The TSG community spent time last week discussing what is lacking in the landscape of American soccer touching on marketing, partnerships, location and the USSF itself, among other things. While there are many reasons why soccer in America hasn’t progressed at the pace diehards (and sponsoring organizations) would like, there are probably an equal number of reasons why soccer has managed to get as far as it has since 1990.

One of the reasons soccer has finally achieved a sustainable foothold in the American sports consciousness is the dedicated, loud and, at times, irreverent supporters clubs creating a unique fan experience at each contest.

So today, TSG is announcing a new article series, The Supporter Series, to celebrate what is right about soccer in America and the effort of individuals and organizations across the country doing more than their fair share to elevate the sport in the US.

Our goal is to profile the collections of parade marchers, banner wavers and scarf wearers from around the country who support twenty-two guys or gals kicking around a soccer ball for 90 minutes and learn about the teams they support along the way. (If you’d like your club added to our list, send TSG an email at contact[at]shinguardian[dot]com)

So how is TSG defining supporters clubs?…Any group, tribe, movement, army, navy, union, brigade, chapter, society, tifosi, ‘ecke or collection of individuals organized in support of a team playing the beautiful game.

Though TSG is friends with the likes of The American Outlaws and the Free Beer Movement, The Supporter Series kicks-off tomorrow in altogether different place. Check back to hear about a supporters club making a difference in the unlikeliest of locales.

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