Report Card: Ten National Team Trades

TSG proposed a "stupid" trade to pick-up Seedorf...

Update 03/15, originally published 10/25/09.

Below a list of 10 National Team trades that TSG proposed back on October 25th 2009. Today, we grade ourselves on those trades in the spirit of gaining material from you, the community, on our forthcoming follow-up piece, “Ten More National Team Trades We’d Like To See.”

Please start adding your own trades or comments on ours….we’ll have another piece out within the month.

TSG’s overall grade: C-

Trade below that would still be of value: 2, 6 and maybe 7


Virtually every other sport gives us the thrill of a team getting better (or gaining hope) by swapping players with another. The national team scene will obviously never give us that. But sometimes when I’m looking at teams I see a piece (read: player) that would just fit better somewhere else, independent of nationality.

So in that vain, here are 10 hypothetical trades that we’d like to “entertain” in advance of World Cup 2010.

Buffon: Not donning a new jersey

Buffon: Not donning a new jersey

We didn’t put much criteria together for this one in the guise of having a little fun. Only the following guidelines:

» You have to offer quality to get quality back. No one is trading Ricardo Clark for Fernando Torres–even if you may be able to somehow do it on FIFA 10.

» Try to focus primarily on success in 2010. Looking forward–say trading Miroslav Klose from Germany because Mesut Ozil is on the fringe of stardom–really doesn’t help Germany in South Africa.

» Finally, don’t cripple a team at one position just to solve another–Wayne Rooney is not going to Italy for Gianluigi Buffon. We have a single exception below that we think makes some sense.

So take a look below and tell us what you think. Rank the trades in the comment section and please offer your own. We’re sure to receive some praise and quite a bit of criticism.

Okay, go.

1. • USA trades Clint Dempsey to England for Jermain Defoe

Summary: This trade just makes too much sense. With Fabio Capello’s praising of Villa’s Emile Heskey and looking to pair the hulking target man

Will the dapper Defoe be States bound?

Will the dapper Defoe be States bound?

with Wayne Rooney running off him, Capello’s squad has little room and use for Jermain Defoe on the starting squad. In fact, Defoe has been out of favor for Capello’s most recent squads as the England skipper has looked to Carlton Cole and even Peter Crouch more frequently in second half substitution. Finally, with Shaun Wright Phillips (and even perhaps Theo Walcott) in the mix Defoe is redundant; he won’t be missed.

The Deuce’s record on the pitch for the US speaks for itself. He scores goals. He also can inhabit a position that has been challenging for years to say the least for the Three Lions, left wing. Stuart Downing is not fit and floating Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard out there clearly has not worked. While Ashley Young presents a very viable option, he needs to be more consistent and less ding prone to really own the position.

Enter Dempsey, a perfect compliment to the team who is strong in the air for Beckham’s and Johnson’s right flank crosses and able to run on from the weak side while Lampard and Lennon are attacking for the Queen.

With Defoe in the mix, the US has solved the incredible hole created with Charlie Davie’s accident. Defoe, after bulking up this year, possesses the same gifts as CD9 and would slot in nicely as a veteran next to Jozy. The USMNT still has Paco Torres and Benny! to back up on the wing half positions.

How do we make this happen?

Update: March 15th, 2010


England: B –

United States: A

The skinny: Wow, this one would have really helped the United States out had they completed it. No need to re-review the USMNT speedy striker issues.

On England’s side, with David Beckham now out, Dempsey as a wing addition is nice-to-have, but as we saw with Theo Walcott’s surprising start for England (over Stuart Downing and others) against Egypt, Capello really wants to go with a speed option to bookend Steven Gerrard. Need for Dempsey…not as acute now.


2. • England trades Steven Gerrard and Ben Foster to Italy for Federico Marchetti and Gennaro Gattuso

Summary: It’s no secret that Three Lions need both direction and play from their keeper position. It’s also no secret that Steven Gerrard has never approached the type of form (top 10 player in the world) for his national team that he’s shown for the Reds.

Stevie G: Getting the boot?

Stevie G: Getting the boot?

With that, he’s expendable, but still a highly sought-after asset. The USMNT could pry him loose, but it would take a Donovan or more likely Howard and it’s not worth that cost to the fabric of the States even with Gerrard’s field presence, free kicks and vision.

So England looks continental and sends him over to Italy in exchange for up-and-coming net minder Federico Marchetti of Caliguiri. Rooted to the bench by world class Gianluigi Buffon in front of him in 2010 and maybe beyond, he’s expendable at least in the short term for Italy, yet tested in a top league. Marchetii would be the clear #1 for England for a long time.

Gattuso, a coach on the field, gives Italian Fabio Capello the “non-boy’s club” locker room leader than can continue to reinforce his discipline.

Ben Foster–he of the questionable form for Man United this campaign and rounds of boos–gets a fresh start in the land of olive oil.

Italy is getting long in the tooth in the midfield and while Pirlo is still quite an excellent player and ball striker (did you see his goal against Real Madrid in Champion’s League action last week?) they could plug in a Gerrard immediately to the midfield and still play their stout defense with Gerrard’s aggressive yet cautious offensive tactics.

A note here if Gerrard ever approached the form he exhibits for Liverpool, this would be a steal for Italy–however Stevie’s never done it.

A win-win.

Update: March 15th, 2010


England: B

Italy: C

The skinny: Italy get a C- for this one, only because Gianluigi Buffon has been sidelined. Alas, Buffon is due back in March. In his absence, Marchetti kept Cameroon at bay in the latest friendly for Italy on March 3rd; he’s the real deal.

Continually, you’re telling me the Azurri couldn’t swap out a deteriorating Andrea Pirlo with Steven Gerrard who would slot in there nicely?

On England’s side, James Milner has continued his development and there are multiple options in the absence of Steven Gerrard who continues to underwhelm on the senior side. I still do this deal if I’m England….and maybe Italy.


3. • Wales trade Craig Bellamy to Russia for a bottle of cheap vodka and a sack of perogies.

Summary: Bellamy spurned the Welsh team earlier this year; now they spurn him and banish him to the cold for whatever they can get.

The skinny: Wales still wins this one.


4. • USA trades Brad Guzan and Jonathan Bornstein to Honduras for Maynor Figueroa and Carlos Pavon.

Summary:  Based upon recent actions alone, this one gets done. Bornstein–loved in Honduras right now–commands a high value; conversely

The newly elected at leftback

The newly elected at leftback

the elder statesman Pavon missed the kick that sealed the bid that Bornstein made certain. Honduran net minder Noah Valladeras has looked shaky at best for the La H.

Guzan, though not getting a ton of minutes for the USMNT or Aston Villa is a known commodity as a strong keeper. Should he stay on the US squad, he’ll be the likely heir apparent to Tim Howard. That being said, the USMNT has got Timmy in the middle, capable back-ups in Troy Perkins and Marcus Hahnemann and a whole slew of upcoming keepers. In other words, there is depth to deal from.  Given the current US player pool, we’re prepared to take the Big T or bust risk.

Figueroa is the key to the deal for the USMNT obviously. While that might be a steep price for Honduras, Figueroa like Deuce has played much better for club than country and got toasted a few times against the U.S.

The Maynor slots right in at the starting left back position and provides cover for Carlos Bocanegra inside of him.

In Pavon, the USMNT get a back-up striker (if the Defoe deal gets done).

Let’s throw it out there and see what happens.

Update: March 15th, 2010


United States: A

Honduras: D+

The skinny: Wow, this likely would have been a steal for the United States. Since the Costa Rica game, Jonathan Bornstein’s trade value has risen and fallen…and most recently fallen. Similarly, with Brad Guzan getting as much pitch time for the USMNT lately as Herculez Gomez his value has fallen.

For Honduras, Maynor Figueroa still disappoints, but the goods in return are probably not worth his quality now.


5. • Italy trades Giorgio Chiellini to Brazil for Diego

Summary: Let’s be honest the 29-year-old Iaquitina and the 33-year-old Di Natale really don’t offer Italy a lot of horsepower up on the top of the pitch. Even Gilardinho in relief is not the answer. American Benedict Giuseppi Rossi is about the only consistent striker the Azurri have going. Italy need some striking power and 24-year-old Diego is one of TSG’s favorite technical players and he also plays for Juventus. Perfect fit.

Brazil, well they really don’t need much as they are positioned well for Cup title run in 2010 however what they could do is provide some youth in central defense to learn from Lucio this Cup series. Enter Giorgio Chiellini, Diego’s Juventus brother. Italy is covered in the middle with Nicola Legrottaglie and Fabio Cannavaro, not to mention emerging youngster Alessandro Gamberini.

In a pinch, they always can bring back in Nesta.

Update: March 15th, 2010


Italy: C-

Brazil: B+

The skinny: Chiellini has been a younger version of Nesta this year for Italy. Even with Diego’s quality–and Diego is having a tough second half of his club season–Italy would have rued this one.


6. • Sweden trade Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Argentina for Sergio Aguero or Gonzalo Higuain and Luciano Monzon.

Summary: Sweden is a mess. It’s a travesty that the globe will not get to see Barcelona super striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic ply his trade in the World

SuperZlatan gets a shot on the world stage

SuperZlatan gets a shot on the world stage

Cup 2010 now that Sweden missed out on qualification. The Swedes boast Ibrahimovic and that’s really about all as the national team has truly failed to develop talent the past years.

So the Swedes send the 28-year-old SuperZlatan to Argentina where he can pair with his Barcelona strike mate Lionel Messi. In return the nordic country gets to to re-stock it’s farm system. Heading across the equator are 22-year-old Boca Juniors defender Luciano Monzon and Maradona’s option of Aguero or Higuain; whoever is out of favor with the Hand of God this week. Aguero, of course, is blasting onto radar charts at Atletico Madrid after being the youngest player ever in the Argentine top league; while Higuain plies his trade now at Real Madrid. Both Aguera and Higuain are younger than 23.

Update: March 15th, 2010


Sweden: A

Argentina: A+

The skinny: I still love this trade for both sides; even more so now. Argentina gets a striker who is starting to develop a nice chemistry with Lionel Messi. He’s seasoned and provides the height lacking up top for Maradona’s crew.

If I’m Sweden, I take Gonzalo Higuain (yes TSG was on that Eurotrain bandwagon way back when). Higuain has never been *the man* both at Real where his partnership with Ronaldo is under question and at home with Messi around. Would being the man in Scandinavia improve his output? I think so.


7. • Mexico trade Carlos Vela to Portugal for Nani

Summary: Cristiano Ronaldo needs help and it’s not coming in the former of fellow strikers Nuno Gomes (33 years old) and the 31-year-old Liedson. Enter Carlos Vela from Mexico perhaps the perfect compliment to Ronaldo for his speed, strength on the ball and creativity. With Vela at the top and Ronaldo right behind him, defenses would be petrified at that 1-2 punch.

However, it’s not like Vela is redundant on the Mexican team — he’s a part-time starter and spark plug. You have to give up quality to get quality and after much debate Portugal departs with midfielder Nani. Nani is a starter and nearly as dynamic as the senior Ronaldo, but he’s also always been just complementary.

Nani gives Mexico the dominant, coast-to-coast midfielder to balance their linking and tackling midfielders.

Is it a good trade? Only time will tell.

Update: March 15th, 2010


Mexico: B

Portugal: A-

The skinny: Even with Nani’s current form, this deal is a winner for Portugal. They simply miss too many chances in front of the net. In their latest friendly against China they missed countless chances.

For Mexico, their midfield with the addition of Jonathan Dos Santos–the younger brother of Gio Dos Santos is 19 and has already featured for Barcelona’s senior side–has improved but Nani would certainly be an upgrade over Torrado and Guardado. Worthy of giving up super-sub Vela…hmm….might not be worth tinkering.


8. • The Netherlands trade Clarence Seedorf to the United States for Conor Casey and Brek Shea

Summary: Really?! Yes really. This helps both teams. But how?

It’s simple. Van Persie, Robben, Kuyt, Babel, Van Nistelroy; not one target man for the Dutch. Not one bruising forward who can mix it. The U.S. will supply them with two types of target man Conor Casey and Brek Shea. The former a knock around guy, the latter a tall possession monger. Will either ever see the pitch at World Cup 2010, probably not, but it doesn’t present a different look for the The Netherlands.

A last shot at glory with the USMNT?

A last shot at glory with the USMNT?

We are certain that Clarence Seedorf won’t see the pitch in RSA without a trade. The 33-year-old central midfielder is in such a dicey 2-year spat with Dutch coach Marco Van Basten that not even Bill Clinton could broker a peace. No matter for the Dutch as they have the capable midfield play of Rafael Van Der Vaart and Wesley Sniejder. For veteran experience in Seedorf’s stead,Van Basten can turn to Nigel De Jong or even Munich’s Mark Van Bommel.

Seedorf would slot right in to one of Coach B’s positions in the middle of the midfield in the 4-4-2. A phenomenal possession player and technician, Seedorf still plays stellar defense and cannot be knocked off the ball. Just what the American’s ordered. Alas at 33, we’ve got one year for the big guy–only Shea has any shot of practicing beyond 2010 for the Dutch. In Casey’s absence, Coach B brings a renewed Kenny Cooper to South Africa.

The Dutch are getting something for nothing.

Let it be said here if one of our TSG readers can come up with a fair trade for Liverpool-Dutch national Dirk Kuyt, we’d be all ears. Kuyt, in our opinion, is one of the most underrated players in the EPL.

The skinny: This trade is a terrible one….for the Netherlands.


• France trade Lassana Diara, Eric Abidal,  Thierry Henry to the Ivory Coast for Didier Drogba and Kolo Toure

Will Didier be sporting a different blue?

Will Didier be sporting a different blue?

Summary: Wow, a blockbuster. Yup and it makes sense (in fantasy World Cup world). This one is all about chemistry.

Henry has never fulfilled his potential on the national team and has repeatedly criticized French coach Raymond Domenech (who hasn’t really?). Additionally, you’ve got Benzema just waiting for his number to be called.

Barcelona defender Abidal is strong, and nearly the equivalent of Toure

Drogba gets to pair with his Chelsea strike partner Nicolas Anelka up top for Les Bleus.

Toure goes back to working with his his former Arsenal central defense

And Diarra, the Real Madrid holding midfielder is currently the second choice to Jeremy Toulalan (I’m a big fan of Toulalan) in the primary holding midfielder role. In a two holding set, France can always bring in Alou Diarra.

Lassana Diara just balances the trade out. I like this one.

Update: March 15th, 2010


Ivory Coast: D

France: A-

The skinny: Interesting one to grade here. I think both teams would get A’s for this one, if Didier Drogba didn’t return to World Class form AND if Eric Abidal didn’t get injured. Assuming those two things didn’t come to fruition, not a bad trade in our mind.

Gervinho and Henry up top for Ivory Coast be enough firepower? Likely.

Ivory Coast benefiting in the spine of their defense from Abidal over the declining Toure? Yup

Henry benefiting from a change of scenery? Yes.

All this being said, a world class Drogba and that Abidal injury would make this one crippling for Les Elephants.


• England trades David Beckham to the United States for Tom Cruise and Eric Wynalda

Let’s just go with this one. Beckham has a chance to get the MLS and American public on his side. Los Angeles rids itself of two press hungry former stars.

The skinny: Hollywood takes Beckham here…big win for Los Angeles.

28 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by kaya on 2009/10/25 at 8:43 PM

    Wow. You’ve spent some time thinking about this…
    I think all France need to trade is Domenech. It’s funny because I’ve alawys felt BB had a kindred spirit in Domenech. If only Bob could borrow some of the french coach’s wardrobe and tarot cards…
    Van Nistelrooy isn’t a target man?


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/10/26 at 12:36 AM

      Van Nistelrooy is probably the nastiest striker for lashing shots in and around the 18 — pulling down the ball and maintaining possession is not his forte.


    • Posted by kaya on 2009/10/26 at 7:53 AM

      I felt with the Dutch he was used quite well as a target man: they built up a lot of play through him in the 2008 Euro. Maybe not scoring as much, but I’d make him my target guy10x over Connor Casey. I admit I don’t know anything about Brek Shea…


  2. Posted by Wilson on 2009/10/25 at 9:03 PM

    I think this wild Idea. But No trade is clear win-win. Italy needs a scorer to complement bunch of old farts. Luca Toni and Gilardino are not those farts. Brazil can trade Adriano since they don’t use him. Italy can give Cambiasso so he can have what 5 citizenships and fill the hole Roberto Carlos at LB


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/10/26 at 12:36 AM

      I like Luca Toni with the exception that is takes him 12 minutes to run the length of the field.


  3. Posted by Antonio H. on 2009/10/25 at 10:15 PM

    Damnit Matt, I told you about Ozil didn’t I? The kid is 20 who does he think he is? Messi?


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/10/25 at 10:17 PM

      @ Antonio — I was awaiting your comment — I finally had a chance to see him play about 1 month ago maybe — he’s the real deal.

      Credit to you.


  4. Posted by matthewsf on 2009/10/25 at 10:19 PM

    Oh and a little round up after these trades since the line-up stuff is so much fun.

    Specs – Gooch (if healthy) – DeMerit/Boca – Figueroa
    Holden – Seedorf – Bradley – Donovan
    Altidore – Defoe

    Works for me…


  5. Posted by Antonio H. on 2009/10/25 at 10:35 PM

    And what’s the story on Bellamy v Wales?

    p.s. That was just wrong the way you played the “Hand of God” card

    none of those trades really catch my eye though.

    i’ll sleep on possible trades for tomorrow


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/10/26 at 12:39 AM

      Bellamy is like the Brett Favre of the Welsh soccer team. He’s probably their best talent now that Giggs is retired, but he constantly either says he’s going to retire or shows lack of effort in national team matches.

      They’d be better off just telling him not to show up in my opinion.


  6. Posted by Antonio H. on 2009/10/25 at 10:51 PM

    EPIPHANY: 3 National Team trade

    USA gets: Bojan Krkic(Catalonia. . not Spain) & Kazim Kazim(Turkey/Fenerbache)(think Nani/CR9)

    Turkey gets: MB, Brek Shea, Ike Opara(joke?)

    Catalonia gets: Dempsey, Boca, Casey, Rico, hell maybe even Dilly Duka((bad joke). . .ok i wont go that far, they can have Brian Arguez(joke #2?)

    USA WC2010 FTW


  7. What about Maradona’s special brand of craziness for Bob Bradley’s i’m-so-high-and-nervous-that-I-can’t-speak-because-of-the-worst-cotton-mouth-ever dry personality.

    The US finally gets a coach who’s good for a few non-cliche soundbites, and Argentina gets a coach who could guide their country into qualification well before the 11th hour.

    Wait…scratch that, if Maradona can’t guide a loaded nation like Argentina into qualification before the last kick of the last game, what would he have done with the US? I’ll sleep on it and see if I can’t come up with something decent tomorrow.


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/10/26 at 12:33 AM

      I would take Eric Wynalda’s corpse over Maradona as a coach. I’d be surprised if Maradona can even boil water.


      • I realize no one wants Maradona these days. As for boiling water, I too doubt his abilities, but boiling some other substances may be in his wheel-house. That may have been a bit low, but…

        I like the Deuce to England for Defoe, but what about slipping in a Rogers or Holden for Joe Cole or SWP to really beef the trade up. I realize the US would be getting the shorter end of the stick long term as Rogers and Iceman concede about 5 years to their English counterparts, but having someone on the opposite flank as Lanny that has similar pace and movement off the ball would create quite a fear in opposing teams. Knowing that JZA, Defoe, Lanny, or SWP/Cole could hit you on the counter or through quick interchange during a slower build-up would keep opposing wingers and fullbacks on their toes at all times, plus open up the center of the park for Mikey and Torres/Rico/Seedorf to do some serious damage. Plus the big game experience that both Cole and Wright-Phillips bring to the table would be beneficial. Cole is just returning to fitness and may play a much larger part in Capello’s plans going forward so he’d be a steep price for England to pay and we’d probably end up with SWP.

        England’s only benefit from this addendum is restocking the right side of midfield with some youth. Sure Theo Walcott can play there and Aaron Lennon is looking sharp this season, but no one has quite taken over the role from Becks since he became more of a limited minutes guy. Though, most England managers of late seem to be favoring the triumvirate of Gerard and Lamps with whomever is the flavor of the week in the midfield and running with a fourth midfielder/forward player on either side. Having Holden and Lennon battling it out (assuming they would both become better players for it) would give the English a real outside midfielder on the right hand side instead of a Gareth Barry (in my opinion he’s a better central midfielder) playing slightly out of position against guys much faster than him. This would help to re-balance their midfield and add some pace to an aging crew. However, this trade being a benefit to England is contingent solely on Holden/Rogers becoming what we know they can be and pushing Aaron Lennon to step up his game.


  8. Posted by kaya on 2009/10/26 at 7:41 AM

    I was thinking: I don’t think you’re going to convince the Argentinians to go to Sweden. How about we trade Ibrahimovic for Sarah Palin? She’s already acclimated and her she could easily apply her moose dressing skills to reindeer. And the Palins alone may be capable of reversing Sweden’s population problem.


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  13. With the recent injury to Becks and England’s right side looking to be a huge question mark come June, what do you think they would give us for Landon Donovan?

    Assuming Deuce and Holden recover to 100% prior to June 12th then unloading Donovan for SWP and Steven Gerrard wouldn’t be a bad move on our part, and I don’t think it would leave England with any complaints either. Or, we could get Defoe and Gareth Barry out of it. Just a thought.


    • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/03/16 at 7:13 PM

      I think I would take Donovan on current form. But remember, Beckham was never going to start for England. Even though Lennon is injured, which is a bigger concern than Beckham IMHO BTW, we still have Walcott, who is coming back to full fitness, after an injury ravaged season. Arsenal still have 8 EPL games plus CL. He has enough time to find form and fitness (hopefully).

      Donovan is no way worth Defoe and Barry – Barry is an integral part and Defoe is our impact sub / fox-in-the-box.


      • Posted by matthewsf on 2010/03/16 at 7:58 PM

        George — okay you’ve got to be kidding me…Defoe isn’t going to start and Barry is hardly a star.

        I don’t do that deal at all if I’m the USMNT…looks like we need to get that second column going.

        Walcott quality is much < than Donovan quality. Donovan is nearly the perfect left winger in Capello's system with his speed and acumen.

        Defoe is a sub and Barry is easily replaceable by James Milner or even Scott Parker as Lampard is hanging back.

        No way I trade Donovan for Defoe and Barry….


        • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/03/16 at 8:22 PM

          Just because Defoe isn’t an England starter doesn’t mean we should trade him for a USA starter. Defoe’s ability is very important from the bench – remember 2002 and how many goals were scored in the last 30 minutes due to the heat and humidity? Well, we have energy-sapping altitude in RSA… Barry isn’t a star, agreed. But he fits into the system very well and does a great job protecting the back four – I guess you didn’t see him during WCQ? Sometimes, the water carriers deserve more credit. Yes, Milner or Parker “would do a job”, but using that logic, so would Hahnemann – but you’d rather have Howard, right?!

          I give you Donovan over Walcott on *current* form.


          • Posted by matthewsf on 2010/03/16 at 10:15 PM

            I agree that defoe isn’t a starter is not justification to trade him. That said england does that deal in a heartbeat.
            Beyond flashes of brilliance in 1 on 1 play donovan blows away walcott. Not even a competition.


        • Would Defoe and Gerrard entice you a little more Matthew? Not that I’d necessarilly like to see this trade go down either, but just a thought I had since Deuce was offered up and I think Donovan’s spped makes him more desirable by other teams/nations.

          As for the Donovan Walcott issue. Donovan has Walcott on more than just current form. True Donovan has toiled away for most of his career in a lesser league, but he’s got 120 some caps and 42 goals (we can debate the merits of playing for the US versus the Three Lions and the relative strength of competition another day). He has shown to the world (and the haters) in his spell at Everton and the Confederations Cup that he is legit. Those who haven’t been hating on him for the last few years knew this a while ago. Theo Walcott by comparison has shown flashes of speed and a finish here or there. In 7 years we’ll be able to make a more accurate comparison to see how Theo’s career plays out since he’s only 21 at this point. If he can get near the 75 cap mark and bag 30 or so goals for England then they’ll be roughly even internationally. The question is could he carry his club to a championship final the way ‘Cakes did this past year for the Galaxy?


          • Posted by matthewsf on 2010/03/16 at 10:18 PM

            Agreed Nick..George’s proposal of Defoe and Barry is too light. Gerrard–who I’m not sure where he’s start for the Yanks–plus Defoe sweetens it.

            Defoe has never been an impact player at the national team level.

            The trade I would propose if I’m the Yanks and offering Donovan & Pearce forGaby Agbonlahor, James Milner and Leighton Baines.


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