TSG Corporate: Flying Solo

One man still doing damage...to the English language...

As a few of you have asked, TSG has undergone a subtle change of increasing columns from our worst writer, me!

Actually, my brother Mark is no longer working on the publication as life and work have taken hold of his promising journalism career. He may still do columns from time to time. Mark made some great contributions to TSG including the Supporter Series, his Soccertown, USA series and, of course, “JOLAZO!”

What does the single cockpit mean?

We will be soliciting writers to augment the publication here and vary the point of view. Just email Matthew At theshinguardiandotcom (“.com”).

I will be slightly reducing my columns to improve quality and depth.

Carry on…and now back to our regular scheduled programming.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Marmaduke on 2010/03/23 at 4:24 AM

    Personally I think you should not worry about filling out the content. What I like about blogs VS traditional newspapers and magazines, is that I can more easily follow individual writers and get to know their personalities, styles, strengths, and weaknesses. RSS means that you don’t lose your audience (at least not folks like me, if there are others) if you don’t publish for a while. Silence doesn’t register on my aggregator and when you have something to say, I’ll see it and I’ll read it. The only reason I’ll ever remove a feed is if it overloads me with content and the crap outweighs the good.


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