Thanks FC Sochaux: Charlie Davies Presser

FC Sochaux is great! We talked with them a few days ago and now we’re on their press list and everything. Thanks FC Sochaux…might have to get myself a jersey.

Charlie talks range of motion and getting his strength and fitness up.

“This final stage has not been the most difficult…It’s great to prove people wrong and it adds fuel to the fire when people tell me there is no way you’re going to be back for FC Sochaux this season and for the World Cup.”

CLICK HERE for the Charlie Davies press conference from today — sorry for the mini-post and jump, but wanted to provide a forum and also thank FC Sochaux.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Great stuff, everytime I see him talking about his progress and where he expects to be next I just get fired up. At this point I really think he’s gonna do it and be there in South Africa with the guys, the motivation he’s shown to this point is just unbelievable.


  2. Posted by matthewsf on 2010/03/26 at 9:22 AM

    I think it’s amazing that he is already striking a ball which he did a few weeks ago.

    Honestly, as a I commented in a post earlier this week, he’ll be back…at some point…and that is amazing.

    Sure would love for it to be this year and hopefully it is…but that is amazing after such little time.


  3. Posted by cesar on 2010/03/26 at 10:27 AM

    Imagine, for a moment: things are grim in the WC- we drew with England, lost to Slovenia, and need a win against Algeria to progress. It’s 0-0 at the half. It’s quiet. Bob’s thinking about his potential “I’m sorry, we blew it” speech. Howard’s fuming, Deuce and Donovan are thinking, “we need something huge right now…” And then Chuck D speaks up and says, “I did not go through hell in rehab just to be bounced in the group stage!” USA proceeds to pound the snot out of les alegerienes.

    I’m telling you, even a total amatuer like me can see the Hollywood gold that this presents. Think of the story, people! (Oh yeah, and there’s the whole fan aspect, too…)


  4. Posted by itally on 2010/03/26 at 11:06 AM

    i love this kid…i’m probably going to break into tears of joy if (when!) he takes the pitch in south africa.


  5. Posted by Tom M on 2010/03/26 at 2:34 PM

    Good article and interview done yesterday
    This is my favorite quote..
    “I think I’ll be a 100% more intelligent player when I return and even more passionate about the game,” the summer transfer opines. “I was passionate before but now in light of everything, I don’t take anything for granted… I feel bad for the defenders who’ll have to guard me.”


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