Meet Our MLS Jumble Participants

I found this ol' thing just lying around the Internet...

In this corner, someone (me) who knows a pinky’s worth of MLS.

Around the Jumble Roundtable, well a whole nother story. Dare I say, experts. Thanks guys.

The topic this time: MLS 2010: Beyond the CBA.

• He’s a 6’0 writer (no real idea on his height) out of the University of Kentucky. He penned one of the first pieces on this publication not written by Brothers TSG, but writes over at his publication Ninety Plus. He’s a card-carrying member of the American Outlaws, a “proud founding fan of US Soccer Supporters Club, a FIFA certified soccer official–for whatever that’s worth–and a Kentucky Youth Soccer Coach. Meet Connor Walsh, take a seat Connor.

• Next up, a Masters student from Miami,FL.–take that Connor–who plays for a local side, the Miami Monsters. He lost his way in college playing baseball, but now he’s back to soccer, realizing it’s much more “exciting”…and he’s headed to South Africa to support the U.S, Joe Orfely.

• Did we say expertise? Try this one on for size. Houston man Chris Figat is a graphic designer by day and a Dynamo supporter by day, night and everything in between. Chris’s current claim to fame, keeping up with high schoolers in indoor soccer (I couldn’t possibly fathom doing that) after dabbing his foot in Division I of the HFA (Houston Football Association).

• We’ve got expertise; how about expertise and history? Bay Area-by-way-of-New York’s Charles Therrell still considers himself a faithful man of the “star-crossed MetroStars.” His counts Paul Caliguiri’s “Shot Heard Round the World” as the event that began fueling his USMNT support. Charles has also played for four amateur teams from 1985 to 1998. Well done Charles.

Charles is also an unabashed Andrew Wiedeman supporter and writes his own publications: Boots, Sticks & Controllers.

Long live, Charles...


Thanks guys in advance for lending your keyboards and your thoughts.

8 responses to this post.

  1. […] World Cup 2010 « Meet Our MLS Jumble Participants […]


  2. haha i feel burned matt….


  3. Glad to be a part guys, this was fun to do:-)


  4. Thanks to the Bros. Tomas. Na Zdrowie.


  5. Posted by Joe on 2010/03/30 at 12:47 PM

    Agree. Fun to read what other fans thought as well. Thanks for the opportunity guys.


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