MLS Jumble Finale: What Are You Looking For?

Is that your final answer?

The question: What’s something you expect out of MLS this year that others might not?

Connor, Ninety-Plus:  More than 50% of the clubs to turn a profit. Now with the expanded CBA in place, that inevitably means the league will spend more, but with all the sponsorships and soccer specific stadiums, and this summers World Cup beckoning, this could be a jolt to the financial hearts of MLS clubs should the US play well in South Africa.

Chris, Dynamo fan:  I think we’re going to see a lot more young talent being picked out of MLS to go play in higher caliber leagues in Europe. After the recent success of both experienced and young Americans abroad we’re going to have a lot more eyes on young MLS players that are capable of making the jump to that next level of play.

Growth and brotherly love...

Joe, Miami Monsters: I expect the MLS 2010 season to be the most intense and important for growth. We need a strong showing this season!

Charles, MetroStars: I expect that MLS clubs will draw more fans than last season and continue to grow and flourish. The fact that things are going so well in Seattle proves to me that any ownership/investor group that place fan satisfaction/club quality as the highest priority will reap the benefits. I believe that an MLS club might just have it in them to win another CONCACAF Champion’s League – preferably before another ten years pass.

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  1. At this stage in the game, I would expect to see clubs reporting attendance increases that translate on TV. The Fire games I went to last season reported near sellout figures, but the stadium was only 2/3 full.

    And, I would like to hear some news out of the MLS Brass that they will look to move away from the “single entity” ownership model (we know MLS doesn’t make ALL the decisions) at some point in the next 5-7 years. Obviously the clubs’ and league’s survival is of the utmost importance, but I would like to see the driftwood clubs forced into making improvements in their marketing and on-field quality through player acquisition. Also, getting away from the current ownership model would hopefully see an increase in squad size (benefit for the CONCACAF Champions League and other competitions) as well as more control over their academy and grooming of young players.


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