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Thanks FC Sochaux: Charlie Davies Presser

FC Sochaux is great! We talked with them a few days ago and now we’re on their press list and everything. Thanks FC Sochaux…might have to get myself a jersey.

Charlie talks range of motion and getting his strength and fitness up.

“This final stage has not been the most difficult…It’s great to prove people wrong and it adds fuel to the fire when people tell me there is no way you’re going to be back for FC Sochaux this season and for the World Cup.”

CLICK HERE for the Charlie Davies press conference from today — sorry for the mini-post and jump, but wanted to provide a forum and also thank FC Sochaux.

Dempsey: No Group Stage Advance, #Fail

The Deuce squawking on the World Cup:

“We know we’ve got a tough group and we’ll take each game one at a time, but advancing through the group has to be the goal and anything less than that will be a failure.”

A good piece of dialogue from Soccernet, yes Soccernet’s Mark Lomas, who covers the EPL primarily.

The TSG weekend preview piece will be up shortly; I would say the dog ate, but all the dog did this morning was decide to investigate a seal at the beach, so now she is investigating the bath tub.

Captain Clutch...good nickname?

Unexpected: You Want Pearce In RSA

Will #11 ride again in South Africa? (Pearce wore 12 in 2008)

I was going over last week’s jumble polls and the results from the leftback poll jumped out at me so I thought I would post a follow-up today.

Turns out America, or TSG readers at the least, wants Heath Pearce as their starting leftback in South Africa.

Plausibility factor right now in our opinion? 25% with the bulk of the other percentage points going to Carlos Bocanegra.

As a reminder, Pearce started against England at Wembley in the 2008 affair.

I thought Boca would easily win the day here.

Somewhat surprising...

US Soccer & TSG: On Soccer Growth USA

Always kind of US Soccer to take TSG’s calls. We had a chance a few days ago to chat with them for a bit on a variety of topics.

Red Bull Arena: An encouraging and major sign of the times...

One topic that we brushed on more from a conversational perspective and less from an official statement of USSF is how the growth of soccer manifests itself in the coming years…and we learned something new as we meandered through that one.

Part of reason we asked the question was because we were about to publish our ways to improve ESPN article.

Here’s how it went down:


What is most important to the growth of soccer to the mass audience in America: brand advertisers, gate attendance, television viewing  or other? While they all go hand-in-hand–if you had to pick one that you could have/increase–which would it be and why?

TSG’s contention is that ESPN more than any other entity will have the single biggest say on how soccer grows in the coming decade.

The Gist from USSF:

USSF general message was this:

ESPN as an outlet to follow the game is important. The game is going to grow now and ESPN recognizes the growing fan base across the country.

The coverage of soccer and the interest level now is huge and ESPN is one of its the biggest vehicle and will be a big part of the growth in the next 10 years.

Also, Univision–don’t forget about Univision as well. There is a huge Hispanic market developing.

Actually, a big driver of growth for US soccer is coming from the Hispanic market. Many fans are now not just fans of one national team. It’s not uncommon to hear from a fan, “I’m a fan of US Soccer and Honduras.”

Why not root for both? (courtesy Matt Mathai)

“I’m a fan of US Soccer and Costa Rica.” Guatemala and Mexico as well.

There are a large number of Hispanic fans being converted to the US Soccer market and this is a huge opportunity that Univision realizes.


Wow, learned something new on that one. Thanks USSF. Next up for TSG? Reach out to Univision….

Because The Yanks Are Coming: Arnoux/Peterlin

I don’t know what I like more about this article:

Peterlin & Arnoux, doing the Yanks proud...

• That Cody Arnoux and Anton Peterlin are both being considered for roles at SPL club Motherwell

• That two more Americans are going to play in the notoriously physical Scottish Premier League and get a solid hard knocks education.

• That the story appeared in the BBC.

All good.

Check out  this quote on former Wake Forest standout Cody Arnoux:

“The two lads from Everton coped well, particularly Cody, who led the line and caused them problems.”

Upswinging for the USMNT attack? Charlie en route, Jozy playing big, Stu praised before his injury and now this.

P.S. folks Motherwell is a top of the table club….good stuff.

Americans In Action Today: Beas and Edu Start

Not just a schnoz injury today for the US…a lot of Americans in action overseas:

Americans in action...

• TSG reader lets us know that Maurice Edu and DaMarcus Beasley are starting for Rangers against pesky Dundee in the Scottish Cup.

• Tim Howard starting between the flagpoles for Everton in a critical match-up against Manchester City.

• Captain Clutch (that name is sticking), Mr. Clint Dempsey himself, resting on the bench as Fulham are at White Hart Lane looking to dispose of Tottenham in the F.A. Cup quarters.

• USMNT defenders square off in the Championship: Jay DeMerit is starting for Watford as they visit Sheffield (on) Wendesday. Frank Simek has one of the best seats in the house for this one thus far.

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March 23rd: Charlie Davies Action Photo

Progressions from the unthinkable.

For more pics of Charlie Davies, go here. Courtesy FC Sochaux.


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