Maurice Edu’s Game Winner

The loan goal in the match on a nice run and simple finish. Well done for the California boy.


Marcus Hahnehann outstanding today for Wolverhampton. Does everything but get the win at Bendtner heads home in stoppage time for a 1-0 Arsenal win. Hahnemann on fire lately.

Jozy Altidore entered in the 60th minute of Hull’s 2-0 loss to Stoke City.

Jay DeMerit not in the 18 today for Watford. Apparently he passed a fit test, but has not been playing the best. Our Watford message board friends are not happy.

Kenny Cooper 10 minutes in Plymouth Argyle’s win.

Eric Lichaj two straight 90+ games at Leyton Orient on loan from Villa. Orient lost 3-1 today.

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  1. Good to see him back in the starting lineup. Would like to see Beasley get some more PT though, as his form had been improved before his most recent injury.


  2. Posted by Antonio H. on 2010/04/03 at 1:42 PM

    Any news on Gooch?


  3. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/04/03 at 2:59 PM

    Re. DeMerit, he took a pasting against Palace in the midweek game.


  4. Posted by Kevin U. on 2010/04/03 at 3:13 PM

    Man alot of hate on that message board for Demerit, hopefully this isnt a sign of things to come and the poised American Defender shows up for the World Cup


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2010/04/03 at 3:26 PM

      There has been a ton before about how demerit only plays for country and is avoiding injury in a contract year.

      Frankly as long as he shows up at the national level this writer is fine with that.


      • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/04/03 at 3:36 PM

        Has he been offered a new contract at Watford?


        • Posted by Bob on 2010/04/03 at 6:05 PM

          Is he still the Captain? When I read those boards last month, the Watford fans felt that he was just waiting for WC to prove himself and then move on to bigger clubs.


  5. Posted by Kevin U. on 2010/04/03 at 3:42 PM

    I’m in the same boat with you if he doesnt play well at watford and plays great with the States It’s all fine with me… long as they dont crucify Demerit at Watford those fans are brutal talking about taking a spear to that one guy haha


  6. Posted by dude on 2010/04/03 at 4:12 PM

    It’s the fault of the struggling Premier league clubs that didn’t hire him. Hull could desperately use him.


  7. Posted by Bob on 2010/04/03 at 7:25 PM

    Ok. It’s not funny anymore … Gomez just hit his 8th! With Ching down, BB should at least give him a look in May.


    • I’m pretty sure it’s still funny


      • Posted by Bob on 2010/04/03 at 11:02 PM

        I am not so sure anymore. I stumbled upon the game while waiting for the start of the Sea/RB match. This one was no cheap shot as he hit it with his left foot and found the far post. Later, he almost hit the game winner on a free kick and just barely nicked the top goal post.

        I know nothing about Gomez or the level of defense in the Mexican League, but I do know that we are down a striker and we just lost Ching for at least month heading into the May friendlies. He should be on our radar just in case this is no fluke. In a recent interview, he said that was playing out of position for the last 3 years in MLS and is finally getting a shot at a position that he is comfortable playing. Who knows?


    • Posted by Kevin on 2010/04/04 at 9:38 AM

      I’m not buying Gomez


  8. Changing the subject backt o Edu’s goal, that was a beautfiul passing movement and a good finish. These kinds of movements are often lacking in the American game most likely because players aren’t taught to make the runs but also because most American players (not at the highest levels) will not make that pass assuming Edu will get on the end of it, instead they’d shoot and end up not troubling the keeper.


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