The Jozy Story That Has Altidore Fuming..

Wasn’t going to link to this, but it will be at least a mild discussion today.


First Altidore’s comments on the piece:

“Love the article out that have me saying things I never said. Brilliant.”


“RT @IWWROCKS: @JozyAltidore17 The beauty of England…you never have to speak to the press cause they’ll gladly do the interview without you…haha”

Altidore also reached out to (solid) New York Times reporter Jack Bell after the story via Twitter.

The story? Altidore claims to be “relishing” a match-up with England. Give me a break.

…and that’s all the TSG time this will get.

Well, one question, where’s Jozy’s agent/handler/PR gal-guy in all this?

3 responses to this post.

  1. The press in England have a way of changing stories from conversations you had years ago. Not right but thats the way it is…


  2. Wait, is that a article? I’m both confused and a little bit miffed…

    Totally agree about the press in England. Plus, I’ve lost count of how many articles over there quote “unnamed sources.” If you’re going to give the information, at least make it verifiable.


  3. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/04/05 at 1:41 PM

    Yes, certain papers sensationalise things – but my argument is that if you continue to read that paper, and believe its contents, then more fool you. I like to ‘read’ the red tops for comedy value rather than a newsworthy source.


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