Champions League Semi Final part deux – Bayern versus Lyon

Not winning any beauty contests, but these two were tearing it up until Ribery dismissal

Next week will be an epic two games in the Champions League. All 4 teams ooze class and style. Barcelona have it all to do at the Nou Camp and Lyon will feel comfortable at home knowing they have their fans behind them as well as not having to deal with Ribery. They still need to figure out how to stop Robben.

TWEET TWEET TWEET – What an exciting game. Both teams finish with 10 men and Robben, the obvious man of the match scores a goal to send Bayern off to Lyon in a weeks time with a slim 1 goal lead.

92:00 – Lahm is everywhere on the right side of the pitch as he sends in another great cross that causes panic in the Lyon 6 yard box. Its cleared but he immediately wins it back.

3 minutes of extra time

89:00 – In an effort to remind everyone that they can play too, Lyon string a nice attack and Bastos sends a daisy cutter inches wide of the left post of Butt. Really have no idea why Van Gaal would take Robben off. He was far and above the best player on the pitch and an extra goal would have been huge. Will he pay for his defensive attitude?

85:00 – As the commentators and I were simultaneously wondering if Robben is better now than in his Chelsea days, he gets the ball and leads a breakaway as he passes to Gomez who sends a poor ball back. Robben still controls it well and sends a stinging drive which is well saved by Lloris. Strangely this is the last action of the game for him as he is substituted for Turkish midfielder Altintop. Robben is obviously not pleased and lets Van Gaal know who in turn admonishes the dutch winger in front of everyone. That was poor from the Dutch manager.

82:00 – Lahm and Robben combine effortlessly as Lahm sends in a shot that caroms of the head of a Lyon defender and up in the air. The ball can still be won but “2 right feet Muller” sends a harmless header out for a goal kick.

79:00 – Lyon make their final change as they send in Sidney Govou for Delgado who as far as I can tell has nothing the entire game.

78:00 – Lyon haven’t touched the ball in almost 2 minutes as Bayern do their best 1970’s Brazil imitation and pass the ball back and forth looking for a way in. Credit to Lyon, they are defending well and not giving up any more penetrating runs.

72:00 – It’s all Bayern here as Robben dribbles his way into the Lyon penalty area, goes down but the referee waves play on. All the play is in the Lyon half as they bravely defend. Lahm and “PF” are dominating the wings and Lahm wins another corner. Per usual nothing comes off it.

70:00 – GOOOOOAAALLL – Robben! It had to be him or was it? It barely grazed Mullers head but he does not deserve it. He gets the ball about 25 yards from goal switches the ball to his left foot and from just outside fires in cannon of a shot past Lloris. A superb goal and it is given to Robben. 1-0 Bavarians

68:00 – Bastos on for Lyon, Ederson off. Robben sends an incredible cross to a wide open Gomez for a free header. His timing is horrendous and he send the weakest of all possible headers directly into the relieved hands of Lloris.

66:00 – “PF” juking down the right wing ala Ribery sends in a low shot which goes for a corner. Bayern have had about 8 corners but none of them with the exception of the first when “PF” had a free header have troubled the Lyon defense.

63:00 – Pjranic off for Bayern Munich and Mario Gomez on. Robben is by far the best player on the pitch.

60:00 – Game is being played at a fast and furious pace and Robben finds the ball outside the box and jigs to the left and jags to the right to find some space and sends a shot inches wide of the Lyon goal. Immediately Lyon counter and a deflection almost lobs Butt who starts another counter. Lahm gets the ball and sends in a great cross to Muller. People go down and the crowd appeals for a penalty but all they get is a corner to which nothing comes off it

56:00 – Lyon make a change and put on Makoun for Pjanic. Gonalon slides into defense as Makoun will play a defensive midfielder like role. I’m sure there is some French nursery rhyme that has the names Gonalon and Toulalan in it and if there isn;t we should make one up!

54:00 – No goals but what excitement. Toulalan makes a poor challenge and earns himself a second yellow in the space of two minutes and is sent off. Was that a make up call? 10 V 10! Game on.

53:00 ARGHHHHH – Little Lahm weaves in and out of the Lyon defenders and sends in a beautiful cross right at the feet of Muller who gets completely confused and falls over when sliding the ball into the net would have been easier

51:00 – Robben makes a meal of a challenge but it was a foul on Toulalan (cannot be said without singing it) who earns himself a yellow and will also miss the replay in Lyon. Bayern continuing to dominate and PF is taking the place of Ribery.

49:00 – Bayern are playing like they have the man advantage and the youngster Pranjic sends in an ambitious shot that nearly catches Lloris napping who parries it out for a corner. Nothing comes from the corner.

Second half under way. Bayern make a sub and send on defensive midfielder Tymoschuk in place of the ineffective Olic.

Well an interesting half. Ribery and Robben who are a class above everyone else were absolutely dominating the game until the Frenchman’s sending off. The Bavarian strikers were letting their team down as they had the pick of the chances in the first half. Can Lyon take advantage of the extra man or will Bayern push even further forward? We shall see in the second half. I’m off to make a big salad!

TWEET TWEET – Halftime as the players and ref walk off amid angry jeering directed at the Italian official.

44:00 – Kallstrom hits a THUNDERBOLT from about 35 yards out that Butt does very well to save. What a hit by the Swedish midfielder!

37:00 – WHAT…Red card for Ribery. Does the ref have young daughters? He judges that Ribery’s poorly timed tackle on Lisandro was dangerous. Bayern are down to 10 men and almost more importantly Ribery will miss the replay in Lyon. Lisandro is stretchered off but now seems to be walking fine. Replays suggest that it was a very bad tackle but did it deserve a red? Rules say it does but I’ve seen worse only get a yellow. Will this change the complexion of the game? So far Bayern continue to dominate. Needless to say the crowd are furious.

35:00 – Ribery is really a wonderful player. His ball control is amazing. He glides and steps his way around and over 3 Lyon players and wins a corner. A lot of action going on but neither keeper has been troubled.

30:00 – From it, the ball bounces out of the box but is hammered back in by a Lyon player and that could have gone anywhere. Luckily for the Bavarian team it goes out for another corner that is headed wide…goal kick but Lyon are controlling more of the ball.

28:00 – From a free kick, Lyon win a corner but nothing comes of it. Bayern’s clearances are poor and comical and Lahm concedes a free kick in a dangerous area. The ball is sent in and pings around the box and Lyon win another corner.

In the “Relegator” game, Villa are up 1-0 courtesy of Agbonlahor and Jozy is on the bench

22:00 – Robben and Ribery are putting on a dribbling and passing clinic and doing there best Xavi and Iniesta impersonation. Unfortunately their targets Olic and Muller are making hashes of their chances. Poor finishing from the Bayern strikers…But this is shaping up to be an exciting match!

20:00 – HUGE miss by Olic. Robben sends a beautiful ball to Ribery who threads a pass to Olic who has no one but the keeper to beat and sends his shot from the 6 yard box into row Z.

18:00 – Great stuff from French winger Ribery as we weaves his way through the Lyon defense to give himself an open shot which goes just wide of his compatriots goal. On another note I need to read more about this alleged underage prostitution ring that Franck has been mixed up with. Apparently all he did was have sex with a 17 year old…oh…

16:00 – All Bayern for the past 5 minutes as PF sends in an inviting cross but Muller I believe controls it poorly with his head and it loops over the bar. From the goal kick Lyon counter well and a beautiful cross flashes across Butts goal.

13:00 – Robben and Ribery combine well to win a corner. The corner is taken and well saved by Lloris and goes out for another corner from which Schweinsteiger gets a free head but it goes wide. From now on am going to refer to him as “PF” (see below) cause it takes me about 80 seconds to type out his name.

10:00 – Lyon get a free kick about 35 yards out that lands in a bit of a no mans land. Luckily for Bayern danger is averted. Another reason to love Bayern Munich (and i really do) is Bastian Schweinsteiger whose last name translates to “pig climber” which really means “pig fucker”. No i am no making this up! ANYWHO…back to the match which has become a lot livelier with end to end action .

7:00 – Lyon beginning to wake up but the Bayern defense stops the attack down the wing. Most of the play is happening in the middle of the pitch.

6:00 – I know its pronounced “Boote” but much for fun to say “Butt”. Just saying.

4:00 – Crowd is extremely lively. Meanwhile on the pitch, the teams are feeling each other out with Bayern enjoying most of the possession.

TWEET and they’re off!

What I dream off. A beautiful Bavarian woman with a lovely smile, arms full of beer coming in my direction!

WOW. Every single person in the Alianz Arena is holding up some form of colored cardboard which depicts some form of “Go Bayern Munich” and has their logo. Incredibly impressive and very very German. I would say the most organized nation in the world and bless them for that as well as bless them for their amazing beer. Actually…bless the Bavarians for their beer.

The lineups look normal. No surprises here. Eyes on Ribery who will hopefully have his eyes on the ball and goal and not the youngin’s in the stands! All the Lyon players seem to be on yellow cards. I wonder if they will curb their aggressiveness?

Welcome to champs semi final number 2. The Undercard as Matt put it, but certainly a tasty encounter. Will Soccernomics prevail? The book devotes a whole chapter to Lyon’s method of running the club which will be ultimately justified when they win the Champions League. Running a club responsible and fiscally versus creating mountains of debt or being owned by multi-billionaire oil tycoons or oligarchs. Can Bayern get back to winning the top trophy in European football and equal Liverpools record of 5 (sorry couldn’t resist) and try and catch up to Real Madrid and AC Milan?

Lyon vs. Bayern:

• More pub for the trendy pick for the best goalie at World Cup ’10: Hugo Lloris. He’s easily the safest pick and well worth a review in Champ’s League Ball.

• Franck Ribery set to play in this one despite some rather unsavory allegations being made in his direction. Our friends at Die Hipster Brewing want us to post their favorite pic of Ribery….so we do that right here.

For a solid preview of the game (I just read it–well done), head over to our friends at

18 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/04/21 at 12:06 PM

    Bayern have had 3 very very good chances and have failed to test the keeper. Poor.


  2. Posted by scweeb on 2010/04/21 at 12:32 PM

    Wow the challenge was dangerous but wow a straight red!


  3. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/04/21 at 12:38 PM

    It was a straight red IMO. It was high, over-the-top. Ref had no choice.


    • Posted by sfshwebb on 2010/04/21 at 12:44 PM

      After seeing all the replays i agree, but Scholes makes a similar tackle each game he plays😉


  4. Posted by scweeb on 2010/04/21 at 12:45 PM

    Well it comes to if he gets ball first. . If he would have hit the ball and then gone over and got the shin it would be a different story.


    • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/04/21 at 12:49 PM

      Pardon the pun, but they’re trying to stamp out those types of studs-ups challenges, and rightly so. Too many players are injured by daft ‘tackles’…


      • Posted by scweeb on 2010/04/21 at 12:56 PM

        Wow yea they are still controlling the game with only 10 men and putting the pressure on. WOW HOW DID HE MISS THAT


  5. Posted by scweeb on 2010/04/21 at 12:50 PM

    Wow so many tackles in the first minutes


  6. Posted by scweeb on 2010/04/21 at 1:13 PM

    That was a good goal


  7. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/04/21 at 1:14 PM

    Will somebody please tell me how Chelsea ever let Robben go?


    • He was always injured. That’s probably the same reason why he was taken off early by Van Gaal with Ribery suspended for the second leg. He left when Mourinho was on the way out as well.


      • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/04/21 at 1:48 PM

        He did have a few injuries, but if I remember they were from overly physical challenges from opponents, no? Not the Ferdinandeque ones where he twinged his back etc… Just think, he’s still only 26.


      • Posted by matthewsf on 2010/04/21 at 2:08 PM

        Agree — he was on the training table more Owen Hargreaves…

        Also, he didn’t nearly play as much defense.

        Beyond just the injury, Robben had just dove on the play before…don’t need him picking up a yellow either.

        Everything about his game today reminded me of Ronaldo two years ago.
        The swerving shot from way beyond the 18…and the petulance when he left the pitch.


  8. Chelsea signed the Malouda that summer, who was supposed to be his replacement. Should’ve sold Ballack to Real instead.


  9. Posted by Brian on 2010/04/22 at 10:37 PM

    How is it that no one noticed the entire blog refers to Philipp Lahm as Lamm ….


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