TFIY: “Frontrunner,” Dan Kennedy, Chivas USA

TSG is backing the goat this weekend! Sorry Crew fans….just for this weekend.

We’ve got a special treat for you today. As you know we typically save Fridays for Op-Ed’s and series that involve the TSG community.

The Fan In You by Dan Kennedy...

Well, we’re back today with our second installment of The Fan In You, a series where a fan offers their perspective on how they came to root for the team they love, and this week it’s brought to you by the newest TSG commenter, Dan Kennedy, goalkeeper for Chivas USA.

Dan, who once played on the same team on the junior circuit as Jürgen Klinsmann, was not shy about recording a piece for The Shin Guardian about his affinity for the…team…he…loves….

…Manchester United.

TSG plays scribe on this one and synthesizes Dan’s comments as spoken to Chivas USA pressman David Lindholm. Thanks Dan and David!

Dan Kennedy on why he’s a fan of Manchester United and more about rooting for the Red Devils:

DK: In high school, they were the only team that got much broadcast on TV in terms of European soccer in the United States. So I started watching and they were on the EPL games that we got over here. Obviously, they were the leaders, they had the big players, the Peter Schmeichel’s, the David Beckham’s.

They had big players that I had never heard of. This was really before information on soccer was available to us like it is now with the internet. We were limited to what we could watch and they were just the most prevalent team.

(……on favorite players)

Eric Cantona, Roy Keane, Schmeichel and Beckham obviously. Scholes and Giggs were real young; the Neville brothers.

It was a pretty cool group.

Tim Howard, once a Red Devil...

I got into it in 1997 and in 1999 they ended up winning the treble.

Now, I understand it a lot more.

Now, I can appreciate how incredible that feat was.

Oh, and another big part of becoming a Man United  fan was Timmy Howard. When he went over there, I really started paying attention to the team and watching them whenever I could.

(….on how his admiration has changed over the years)

First of all, Sir Alex Ferguson may the best manager to coach a team and regardless of what stars come and go, they always are competing for championships every year. It’s an incredible team.

Their support is obviously inspirational to a player. You can only dream of playing for a team that size, just in terms of the support, but even the pressure.

Their stadium holds 70,000 people. It’s awesome to watch. It’s almost… a different world.

Hard-charging Roy Keane...

I got the chance to go and see them play and it’s just a different world in terms of what we see in support for soccer over here. It was, like, mystical.

In 2003 we went over for a preseason trip to see them in college. They played Leeds…it was Leeds and Man United.

(…..on Glazer (American) ownership)

I’m sure that I don’t have in terms of the history of the club and why everyone’s upset, I don’t necessarily completely understand.

Obviously the debt is a huge issue of the fans, and they’re worried about the livelihood and future of their club.

They don’t want to sell players; they want to buy players….so I can understand that.

I think with the whole Yanks, Americans…..the EPL is becoming more and more popular and most viewed sports league in the world.

I can imagine that the English feel the American investors are just trying to jump on the bus without knowing anything about it. Whether that’s true or not, it’s not for us to say. It’s just the way they feel.

I’m interested to see how it pans out, but it doesn’t sound like they’re going to sell it.

(…..on how his teammates react to his Man United fandom)

They love to call me the frontrunner and that I’m jumping on the bandwagon. They give me a hard time especially when they lose–then it’s turned into a great game. When they win, then they’re expected to win. Credit is never paid.

(… how do you come back at guys)

If they have a team they support, I’ll come back and take a knock at their team.

Maykel Galindo is the biggest question mark here because he likes Man United and Real Madrid and I don’t understand how you can like the top two teams in the world in terms of earning power. How you like both of them I don’t know

(…..and he also likes the Yankees and the Cowboys)

…and the Lakers.

Dan Kennedy, TSG is now your fan....

8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Smitty on 2010/05/14 at 1:22 PM

    So much the same story for me and my falling into becoming a Man United supporter. Probably the same factors influenced a lot of us…and don’t expect us to apologize for it. Glory Glory Man United!


  2. Posted by itally on 2010/05/14 at 2:24 PM

    Mostly unrelated, is TSG live blogging the FA Cup final tomorrow?


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2010/05/14 at 2:35 PM

      Let me ask this follow-up question: How excited are you to watch Chelsea hammer Portsmouth.

      I think Shaun is going to take the morning off.

      He may be able to be convinced….but it’ll be tough.


  3. […] you haven’t read the pieces on or by these two guys at TSG, please do (Bedoya – Kennedy). Both of them, class acts. Thanks for the contributions as always […]


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