More Than A Few Days Late; Several Comments Short

Well, we did it, sort of.

A little ESPY love...

We got around to the Comment Hall of Fame. Jimmy Conrad himself was supposed to help with the inductions into his wing of the Hall of Fame. Alas labor tolls and strikers now being much younger than him have taken their toll.

So today we give you a clumpy pancake batter of comments that have earned plaques in the most prestigious Soccer Hall of Fame….since the other one went part time.

We’re working our way back to our last induction–gulp–in 2009 and we’re not going to miss any.

But, I’ve also got a new method capturing these, so greatness will not go unrewarded again. Merely if you, yes you, the reader sees something that is worthy of a nomination. Merely respond to the comment with “TSG HOF nominee”–I’ll be able to search for these and voila…..well just just voila.

Additionally, once you reach a certain-as-yet-to-be-determined threshold of comments, you will receive a little something special from TSG. How you like me know?!….Thought so! (That was Downtown Brown talking in those last comments.)

Thank you all for your contributions.

Today’s inductions:

Into the Hal Block Wing of the Hall of Fame (reserved for unique or exceptional comments):

Uncle Dude: With ode to “juice boxes” an “orange slices” in defending Charlie Davies exclusion from the 30-man roster.

Biggy: For his rebuttal to the “juice box” defense.


Into the Jimmy Conrad Wing of the Hall of Fame (dedicated to the funniest or most creative TSG comments):

Evan: With his on-point and direct analysis of Robbie Findley in the March 3rd friendly.

Connor: For the creation of a new formation: “The Penetrator.”


Ok, don’t worry this is just a start. We’ll be going back with the comment detector to find more. Please acknowledge the new policy by signing the end of this post….kidding.

Plaques will be up shortly.

4 responses to this post.

  1. I’d like to thank The Shin Guardian for this glorious honor, my father for forcing me into youth soccer which is where I learned to love the game, my mother for being “that mom” (you all know what I mean), my coaches for dealing with years of having a baller on their team, the American Outlaws for introducing me to soccer, beer, and the best days of my life, and to anyone I may have left out, thank you very much.


    • Posted by Nick on 2010/05/16 at 8:54 PM

      “That mom”…if your mom a Soccer MILF? And by the way, acceptance speeches don’t count unless you photograph yourself wearing Bobbo approved sweatpants.


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