Update: Little Feet, Big Goals…

TSG’s The Beautiful Game series explores how soccer makes a difference around the globe.


When last The Shin Guardian talked to Little Feet As part of our The Beautiful Game series it was April…and they weren’t embarking on an amazing journey of completing fundraising on and building a soccer field in Honduras.

They’ve done it….or nearly so.

Take a step back from the World Cup hype to realize just how beautiful the game can be when it makes a social impact.

Little Feet just netted a big goal.

Well done...

As of June 1, 2010, we have completed the entire field and are now waiting for the grass to mature. As you have probably seen on the news, heavy rains in Honduras lately has caused a few problems. For us, it’s mostly with seeds being washed out but we will replenish them when weather permits. The good news is all the drainage we created for the field appears to be working as planned. Due to these heavy rains, we estimate that we need at least another month for the grass to fully mature. For this reason we are keeping the field closed off and are hoping sometime in July or August we will be able to open the field for play. We will have another update towards the end of June.

Original story below…..

…It’s Really That Simple

The people I admire most are those that see a need, have an idea and then start working hard to make a difference. One such person is Trevor Slavick an airline pilot and co-founder of Little Feet; a charity trying to make a difference through the power of soccer.

Some may be familiar with Little Feet by way of this t-shirt. For those that are not, Little Feet’s charitable model is straightforward:

Little Feet does not just send soccer balls overseas, they hand deliver them. Back in January I had a conversation with Trevor about Little Feet and his experiences personally giving ut these incredible gifts to kids. There is plenty of great information and footage on the Little Feet website, but the story of the first ball Trevor gave away is worth sharing here as it is seemingly out of a movie.

As Trevor told me, he carried a soccer ball with him on most trips for his work for the airline. On a particular trip in San Pedro Sula, Honduras he came upon a kid in a Zindane jersey. Spontaneously, Slavick reached into his bag and gave the kid the soccer ball and the kid “freaked!” He just took of running immediately being chased by all his friends. And, in too-perfect ending, as Slavick took off for his return flight from Honduras, he saw the kids playing with the ball in field near the runway.

It is any wonder he was hooked on giving and convinced of the power of simple round ball?

The flip side of handing out brand new soccer balls is the opportunity to see the ingenuity of youth around the globe to fashion anything into a ball that could be kicked. Trevor has seen his share of plastic bag balls, but the most memorable was a balloon tied off around a straw with wax paper wrapped around it. Not only did the ball bounce pretty good, according to Slavick, but if the ball / balloon got deflated, it could blown back up via the straw. What also made this ball special was that it was the first time the Little Feet co-founder was ever asked by a kid to trade his ball for a new one. (As you might imagine, Trevor and the folks at Little Feet have a growing collection of homemade soccer balls.)

My conversation with Trevor also led to the idea to for TSG to purchase a soccer ball and send it with Trevor on his next trip to Little Feet’s coffee collective in Honduras. Along with the ball would go a note from me and Trevor would take pictures of who the ball went to.

Here is the note:

Below are the pictures that Trevor snapped in Honduras. It is not often that one can see the direct result of their charity in a developing nation, so I thank Trevor for this special opportunity. I hope enjoy the photos and consider the simple act of buying a soccer ball from Little Feet so another ball can make the difference in a kid’s life somewhere around the globe.

13 responses to this post.

  1. Having lived and worked in San Pedro Sula (I was a teacher down there) and traveled to the area where Little Feet has their coffee co-op this story was particularly personal. Such a poor country, with such great people I’m happy to see LF making a difference in everyday lives of the children there.

    Keep up the great work. You’ll be getting my support soon!


  2. money is tight right now, but this is a great idea, will try and purchase at least one once i have some cash in hand.

    are we sure we wanna help out Honduras children? could this come back to haunt the USMNT 15-20 years from now? (please note, that was a joke:) )


  3. Posted by kaya on 2010/04/07 at 10:20 AM

    I love the community service/human interests stories today.
    I obviously don’t need to say this, but will anyway. Keep up the good work, Matthew.


  4. Posted by Dylan on 2010/04/07 at 10:35 AM

    Looks like I know where I’m getting my next ball. Love this.

    I’ve been trying to brain storm about some ideas to promote some inner city soccer programs here in Detroit. I’m all ears if anyones got any ideas or things that have worked in other cities.


  5. Posted by KL on 2010/04/07 at 10:37 AM

    Just bought one! Deciding not to spring for the new $35 one, but still feels kinda good knowing some kid might have a little bit better of a day because of what they are doing. Thanks for posting this. Never would have found out otherwise.


  6. Great stuff, fantastic to hear about organizations like this. I’ll definitely be contributing.


  7. […] piece, to the community gathering on Tuesday and to Wednesday’s piece and your support of Little Feet. (If you didn’t check out our Little Feet piece, please do.) Now promise me you'll call […]


  8. […] Please tell us you’ve checked out Little Feet. Word on the Little Feet Street that they are thisclose to making a stadium happen down in […]


  9. Posted by MC on 2010/04/29 at 5:13 PM

    Hi all…
    We are about to break ground on a field in Honduras in the next two weeks… in the meantime, buy a ball or a World Cup T-Shirt. The T’s look and feel great, you won’t be disappointed!!


    Please become a fan and follow us on Facebook as well.

    Yours truly,

    …On behalf of the Little Feet Crew


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