USA v. England Is Now!

Shaun and Matt with ardent TSG supporter Jesse on Vuvuleza

Over under how many beers get spilt on my laptop…5…My lip is bleeding from blowing on the vuvuzela. Already been asked not to blow it in the men’s room…no euphemism there!


There you go…have at it…getting tipsy and nervous…


4-4-2 all around for both teams.

Line ups are

ENGLAND: Robert Green, Glen Johnson, John Terry, Ledley King, Ashley Cole, Aaron Lennon, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, James Milner, Wayne Rooney, Emile Heskey.

USA: Tim Howard, Steve Cherundolo, Jay DeMerit, Gooch, Carlos Bocanegra, Landon Donovan,   Michael Bradley, Ricardo Clark, Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, Robbie Findley.


So the live commentary will be sporadic as internet is weak and beer is flowing and frankly, we;re a mess.

Been blowing on a vuvuzela for the past ten minutes so am light-headed as well


We’re up and live…god knows for how long!


TSG is going be down at the bar today for the game. We’d be at the “pub”….BUT WE’RE NOT ENGLISH.

Our Twittering and updates will likely be less frequent, but we’ll try to get the line-up card out to you.

For those that have joined the TSG at its inception or only recently, what a great lead-up today.

Enjoy the match!

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  1. Posted by Fireball on 2010/06/12 at 10:19 AM

    Reports are no Carrick. Heskey-Rooney up top.


  2. Posted by Hercules3076 on 2010/06/12 at 10:26 AM

    According to multiple twitter sources:

    lineup: Howard; Cherundolo, DeMerit, Onyewu, Bocanegra (c); Donovan, Bradley, Clark, Dempsey; Altidore, Findley


  3. glad BB is going with a 442



  4. Posted by Bob on 2010/06/12 at 10:31 AM

    England wearing white just like they did at Yorktown in 1781!!


  5. Posted by Fireball on 2010/06/12 at 10:32 AM



    • Posted by Bob on 2010/06/12 at 10:39 AM

      Me either. How many times can I watch “We Got Ourselves A Game” b4 the game begins?!


  6. Posted by The Goche on 2010/06/12 at 10:51 AM

    Pretty much the expected lineup from Bob. Disappointed not to see some of my favorites, but today, Bob is a soccer genius.



  7. Posted by scweeb on 2010/06/12 at 10:56 AM

    Lets go Yanks


  8. Posted by Antonio H. on 2010/06/12 at 11:15 AM

    HAHAHA! That bit with Will, Mark, and Russell was World Class


  9. Posted by Bob on 2010/06/12 at 11:25 AM

    Ok. Here we Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Posted by Antonio H. on 2010/06/12 at 11:28 AM

    should i watch the match in spanish or english? love martin tyler but pablo ramirez is doing the commentary on unision


  11. Posted by Jennifer on 2010/06/12 at 11:31 AM

    How freaking exciting is this? Have my 06 Dolo jesery on. Let’s go Yanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Posted by Bob on 2010/06/12 at 11:36 AM

    Not that exciting anymore! Sh@#!!!!


  13. Clark misses his mark. Gerrard makes him pay.
    We can rebound from this.


  14. Posted by Jared on 2010/06/12 at 11:38 AM

    Well, everybody but Bradley seemed to know Clark isn’t good enough. He got done on a fairly simple give and go. Complete lack of tactical ability from Clark. Edu should’ve started.


  15. Posted by scweeb on 2010/06/12 at 11:46 AM

    we need more play from dempsey and Landon


  16. Posted by steve dc on 2010/06/12 at 11:48 AM

    At dupont circle in washington dc there are thousands of people here out in the park! Amazing atmosphere!!


  17. Posted by Antonio H. on 2010/06/12 at 11:50 AM

    Better, betterrrrr


  18. Posted by scweeb on 2010/06/12 at 11:59 AM

    wow really


  19. Posted by Jennifer on 2010/06/12 at 12:00 PM



  20. Clark continues to be slightly out of position. Off at half for Torres


  21. Green lets it in!!!!!! Dempsey!!!!!!!1


  22. Posted by Fireball on 2010/06/12 at 12:21 PM

    Good old England.


  23. Posted by kaya on 2010/06/12 at 12:23 PM

    Omg, Antonio, I’m totally thinking of your comment: “Fact: your goalie will terrorize your backline”


    • Posted by Antonio H. on 2010/06/12 at 1:24 PM

      it’s too true isn’t it?


      • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/06/12 at 2:42 PM

        Lucky bastards. First shot you had on target – a weak shot to boot – and the keeper spills it… oh well, a goal is a goal…

        Apart from Altidore, you never got behind us.

        A draw was “just about’ a fair result, given the chances.


        • Posted by Antonio H. on 2010/06/12 at 4:09 PM

          actually it wasnt the first shot on target….it was the 3rd if i’m not mistaken


      • Posted by Antonio H. on 2010/06/12 at 4:27 PM

        and with that there mean-lookin jabulani, we don’t need to get behind you do we?


      • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/06/12 at 6:27 PM

        You are mistaken. Green had nothing to do.


      • Posted by kaya on 2010/06/12 at 6:47 PM

        Very true. I almost regretted that we got that goal before halftime, though. Bob would’ve had to change tactics at the break, otherwise. It was really a shame that we didn’t test Green more.


  24. Posted by Soccernst on 2010/06/12 at 12:30 PM

    I am gobsmacked that our strongest defending is happening at left back. Gulp. Boca is stepping up big time. Frustrated with the Clark selection.


    • Posted by Kevin on 2010/06/12 at 4:29 PM

      Apart from the the England goal, where just about everyone was ball watching, I think Clark played a pretty solid match.


  25. Posted by John on 2010/06/12 at 12:34 PM

    I love clint dempsey. Man lovE


  26. Posted by Jennifer on 2010/06/12 at 12:41 PM

    Howard is the MAN!


  27. 65 min we need Torres or Edu. Now! BB is waiting to see if we get a goal to know if we need to go defensive, but that is playing with fire. Bring on Torres. Clark has not been at his best (not horrible just not great).


  28. Posted by Antonio H. on 2010/06/12 at 1:06 PM

    There’s way too much space out there.


  29. BB is going to lose this game for us if he doesn’t sub soon. Our midfield is dropping way back and look tired bring on Edu, Holden or torres


  30. Posted by Jennifer on 2010/06/12 at 1:10 PM

    Holden on his way in!


  31. Posted by Balboamayor on 2010/06/12 at 1:19 PM

    Euro TV coverage-cut to the coaches hand gesturing, finger pointing, eye squinting.

    WTF! Haven’t they heard of cheerleaders!?


  32. Posted by Bob on 2010/06/12 at 1:25 PM

    Wegner is calling Howard’s agent tonight! Awesome game for him!


  33. Posted by s44 on 2010/06/12 at 1:27 PM

    I was screaming for a sub from 60′ on, but we held the line there. Bob still seems to be 10′ late on those.

    Great result. Poor Green. If King is done England may be in trouble.


  34. Posted by Soccernst on 2010/06/12 at 1:30 PM

    That was a very nervy last 15 mins! People going to ground left and right…. yikes. We needed the 2nd half Turkey team in order own the ball for more than 20 second at a time. Props to the boys for a point. Getting out of the group looks a lot better now.


  35. Posted by Balboamayor on 2010/06/12 at 1:33 PM

    Nice draw.

    Da Mayor is out!

    P.S. Mark what the heck are you doing in Dallas this time of year? What is it like 125 degrees!?

    It’s going to cost you a small fortune to get drunk!


  36. BB = stubborn. He needs to sub sooner. I get his mentality of “in MB/Clark we trust”. But once they are run down late in the game Edu or Torres needs to come on. We could have easily lost a goal or two after the 65 min. If BB continues his stubbornness we will not go far.

    As for the game overall we did well. Findley did not win balls in the air. Altidore was a step slow at times. Donovan looked hungry and did a great job tracking back. We need Torres in the game sooner to hold possession. I hope BB reevaluates and sees the value or Edu and Torres.


  37. Posted by Bob on 2010/06/12 at 1:40 PM

    Any questions about DeMerit now? I bet he makes his way back to the EPL by the end of the month!


    • Posted by Shane_K83 on 2010/06/12 at 1:41 PM

      he is 31.. But damn good at times.


    • Posted by kaya on 2010/06/12 at 6:49 PM

      Hmm, idk. I think his fouling is a big problem. He’s a beast, but he makes me nervous. Was suprised how much he ragdolled Heskey.


  38. Posted by chris on 2010/06/12 at 1:41 PM

    Demerit played like an animal. Rooney was nonexistant tonight.


    • Posted by kaya on 2010/06/12 at 6:50 PM

      I thought Rooney was pretty well isolated. But he was pretty much the only danger after the England goal.


  39. Posted by Shane_K83 on 2010/06/12 at 1:42 PM

    I thought we played well.. a little luck and poor chemistry from England.. Lets focus on game two now..


  40. 3 positives for the US:
    1) Demerit and Onyewu had some communication issues but all in all they both played well. I think each game our back line will get stronger (Also if Edu gets a chance over Clark our CB might have a little less pressureon them).

    2) Donovan and Dempsey look confident and ready for the long haul.
    3) Tim Howard is a beast
    4) Boca played well. BB had faith to stick with Boca. Didn’t see JB come on late.

    3 negatives:
    1) Alexi Lalas doesn’t have the cajones to ask on national TV why BB didn’t sub in sooner or sub out Clark etc. I sure hope BB is actually asked some tough questions about his tactical subs after this one.
    2) Findley does not look ready to lead from the whistle against a quality side. Maybe against a Slovenia but the debate is still out about our starting strikers.
    3) BB is stubborn as noted above. Still values hustle ability too high over technical skills. I get the game plan against England with Clark/MB but we were playing to much not to lose at the end and it could have bitten us hard. Edu needed to come on. We needed possession and we can’t fall into a shell for that long and not get beat.
    4) US players did not pressure 25-30 yards out and gave England way too much time on the ball.

    Good luck with the next game, here’s hoping Torres starts.


  41. proud of the boys today, before this i would have been ecstatic for a draw. i still am but think we could have snagged 3 points.

    much respect to USMNT, for true respect we need 6 points from these next 2 games.

    Findley didnt impress would like to see buddle/torres start next game.

    on the fence with clark, not a fan, and i think torres would make us more dynamic, but i worry about the set-up being too offensive


  42. Posted by KMac on 2010/06/12 at 2:11 PM

    Bad start, like confeds….good metal…we are better than that and will improve. BUT, clearly I will take the result! 1 pt could have been 3 with Jozy’s shot. I need to watch again without emotion.
    CREDIT to our boys for stepping up after a rough gaffe.


  43. Posted by BW on 2010/06/12 at 2:19 PM

    no cards for MB90 or redcardo clark. PHEW!


  44. Posted by The Goche on 2010/06/12 at 2:27 PM

    I don’t think we played that well at all. Some players played well, and the more I think about it we did well defensively, but we had nothing doing offensively. We got lucky and, to our credit, we didn’t blow it.

    We were pretty solid defensively in the back, but pretty bad up the middle defensively. For the fact that they were under siege for good portions of the match the backs did well to keep England out. I was impressed to see Dempsey come back and play some D too.

    Demerit will rightfully get a lot of credit, but I think Cherundolo was our best field player today. Onyewu was better than I expected.

    Boca never blew it, but he was really overmatched down the left. If Crouch had been in when Lennon was repeatedly getting yards of space for crosses we would have been in trouble. We didn’t have a better option, but watching him try to stop Lennon was awfully tense stuff.

    Bradley is solid and was just OK today, but his style only works if he was someone who can settle it down and/or be creative in the middle. Clark is a less talented version of the same exact player as Bradley. It just doesn’t work. The two together are a possession black hole. Plus with the lack of creativity it just led to a bunch of drops to the D that led to a ton of longballs.

    The forwards did very little to put themselves in the game, but did have very little chance unless they could run down a longball. Buddle and Jozy next time, no question.

    AND WHAT IS UP WITH THE SUBS! We were close to the 80th minute before a single sub when we were on the defensive for most of the second half.

    Some deserved credit though, even without the subs, we seemed to have more gas at the end. England was a lot less dangerous and we nearly had some chances late.

    I will take a lucky result any day, but I just hope that Bradley doesn’t think the result means everything is OK. In the past that has been a problem for us (dating back at least to Arena) that we don’t react to problems until it’s too late.

    Don’t let a good result be an excuse for mediocrity.


    • Posted by kaya on 2010/06/12 at 6:54 PM

      Totally agree with you about Cherundolo. I thought Gooch had a creaky start, but yes, played a lot better later.
      Couldn’t agree with you more about Clark and Bradley, but that tape is on mute with sweatpants. He hasn’t called me yet asking me what I really think. Don’t worry, coach will take this result as vindication of his CM tactics.


  45. Posted by Shane_K83 on 2010/06/12 at 3:05 PM

    Tim Howard-9 ( My MOTM, had some big big saves that stopped this game from getting ugly )

    Steve Cherundolo- 7.5 ( Solid on the right, had a few moments going forward )

    Jay DeMerit- 7.5 ( The Watford man shut Rooney down, well done )

    Oguchi Onyewu- 6.5 ( Played well for his first full 90 since October )

    Carlos Bocanegra- 6 ( The Captain got turned inside out a few times, but was’nt all bad )

    Landon Donovan-6 ( Did’nt do much, motor was running all game though, good effort )

    Rico Clark- 5 ( would get a 4 had he not made a few big stops. The first England goal was all his fault )

    Mike Bradley- 6 ( The Coaches son had another solid game in midfield )

    Clint Dempsey- 6.5 ( Had the 1 US goal, thx to Green.. Few hopeful shots, but not too impressive )

    Jozy Altidore- 5.5 ( Took a long time to get into the game, Smoked Carragher late for a chance )

    Robbie Findley- 5.5 ( Showed loads of Heart, a few good first touches )


    Stuart Holden- N/A ( a few touches )

    Edson Buddle- N/A ( a shot at goal but thats about it )


    • Posted by The Goche on 2010/06/12 at 3:59 PM

      Howard – 8.5,
      He was awesome.

      Cherundolo – 7.5, Demerit – 6.5, Onyewu – 6, Bocanegra – 4.5
      Dolo was never beaten on D, had several good challenges, and brought it forward well. JayD and Onyewu both did pretty well, esp Demerit on Rooney. But also needed to play together better. Boca did manage never to get outright beaten, but he was outmatched all game and really England should have taken advantage more than they did.

      Dempsey – 6.5, Bradley – 5.5, Clark – 3.5, Donovan – 6
      Dempsey did well when he had a chance, but I was most impressed that he came back and played defense. Bradley was OK, did pretty well defensively, mostly his possession just sucked. Clark didn’t mark for crap and his possession was terrible. Donovan was limited by our poor possession like Dempsey, but I gave him the grade b/c for about 15 minutes in the middle of the first he took control and helped us get back in the game.

      Findley – 4, Altidore – 4.5
      Findley and Altidore invisible for most of the game (though it may have had to do with poor service too), Altidore gets a better grade b/c of that one drive to goal. If he did that all the time, he’d be golden.

      The subs both were good, but didn’t get enough chance to really do anything. I did like what I saw from them though.


  46. Posted by Kevin on 2010/06/12 at 3:33 PM

    On a complete side-note I’m really sick of the slow-mo replays every minute of the game


  47. Posted by JohnnyF on 2010/06/12 at 4:50 PM

    Yes, the point could prove invaluable and yes it was a gutsy tie, but we made it a lot harder on ourselves than needed. The midfield was terrible in the second half. We had no possession, gave the ball away after a few passes when we did, or inexplicably tried to use 5’9 Findley as a hold-up forward against 6’2 John Terry. Forget that Findley’s first touch is awful, but why should we expect him to win any headers vs Terry?

    Donovan was admirably helping on defense which left lead-footed Clark and Bradley to try to calm things in the midfield when we gained possession which never happened. Instead England simply recollected possession and strolled in the US half. This game screamed out for Torres’ composure, passing ability and speed in midfield in the second half.

    The midfield had trouble stringing 3 passes together and when they got any kind of pressure hoofed it to Findley (who’s 5’9)


    • Posted by Shane_K83 on 2010/06/12 at 5:19 PM

      I think Findley has a great first touch


      • Posted by Soccernst on 2010/06/12 at 6:48 PM

        I agree. Several times a ball was hoofed at Findley while being pressured in tight quarters, and he calmly too it down and laid it off. I’d have no problem with him starting next game – even alongside Buddle. I don’t find Jozy head and shoulders above the others… there is an occasional flash, such as when he capodavilla’d Jamie Carragher, but he does this only once every 5-10 games. If he could do it several times a half… well then he’d be incredible. As of now Buddle can earn as many looks on goal as Jozy. Probably true of Herc too.


  48. Posted by Bob on 2010/06/12 at 5:55 PM

    Ok. So we have some work to do … but this is a much better start than the Confederations Cup and 2006 WC and we will only build on this and get stronger.


  49. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/06/12 at 6:28 PM

    Now you have to switch from underdog to favourite. How will you cope when teams bunker down against you?


    • Posted by Tom on 2010/06/12 at 6:36 PM

      I am so sick of you.


      • George is just a little bummed about England right now. He doesn’t mean anything personally. Don’t get feisty. He does have a point that now we collectively as a team have to step up to the plate so to speak. I think we are ready.
        Good luck to England the rest of the way. I’ll be rooting for them to go deep in the tournament and beat the stuffing out of Slovenia and Algeria.


        • Posted by Paul on 2010/06/12 at 7:12 PM

          No, George isn’t completely nuts; his snarky comment contains a large amount of truth. The US must now be able to play well with possession–which was a problem in this game, when in about the thirty min. we had over 50% of the possession. Bob cannot claims his midfield played well with the ball despite the tie. Around the 75th min., both teams looked tired and showed their weaknesses–England lost its creativity to create real scoring chances; the US was unable to string passes together to complete a successful counter. Bob cannot play with two defenders against Algeria and Slovenia; his tactical awareness should be keyed into seeing how we need to win against both these clubs–with accuracy and aggression in the middle of the park, which requires Clark to be exchanged with either Torres, or Bradley being moved further forward and Edu playing behind him. Either way, George is right: the US will not be successful in its remaining group stage games if it plays its central mids the way they were played today.


        • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/06/13 at 3:00 AM

          Of course I am a little hacked off. Wouldn’t you be, after a goalkeeping howler like that? And then a couple of clear chances on goal, only to fire straight at the keeper? Why SWP was chosen instead of Joe Cole is beyond me too. We should have won that game, with the chances we had. But we didn’t – what’s done is done. England need to move on and concentrate on Algeria (I will be there!). We can still top Group C – we just have to win both games and better your score.

          You’ll have a TSG-free George for 3 weeks. Enjoy the World Cup.


        • George we appreciate your commentary on here. You have insightful points. Have a good flight sorry you don’t have the opportunity to pester the wife about England being up. Don’t get too worried I think England will turn around for the good.


    • Posted by Soccernst on 2010/06/12 at 6:56 PM

      George, please. Mister we will put 4 goals past you. Where do you get your confidence that england can crack the bunker after todays performance? Consulting my thesaurus for better headlines about this wildly overhyped english team.

      Yanks, Slovenia, Algeria.


    • Posted by kaya on 2010/06/12 at 6:58 PM

      Very cute, George. I do genuinely worry about this. Like I said below, I see at least a 50% chance we take on a Slovenia that will fiercely battle for a draw. This greatly worries me.


    • Posted by Brad on 2010/06/12 at 7:06 PM

      Thrash ’em 3-0, that’s what!


  50. Posted by kaya on 2010/06/12 at 6:40 PM

    Unfortunately, sweatpants is only going to feel justified in his MB/Clark obstinacy after this “result”. Why does Michael Bradley feel like he cannot make 2 touches on the ball before making an errant pass (possibly taking time to make a better one) even when completely unmarked? I really feel Altidore and Findley didn’t get a fair shake. They got zero service today.
    Clark was completely lost on the England goal, and Gooch’s lack of fitness showed there, too.
    Best surprise was that Deuce played tough defense. He was good on making forays into offense, too, but for me Cherundolo was the most welcome field player report card. Boy was my heart sunk when I thought Heskey took out Timmy. (Speaking of Heskey, that guy spent half the game on the grass.)
    Despite all the yellow cards, I thought the ref ran a good game, too.
    The US are probably really going to need to bring it to Slovenia, because if tomorrow’s game goes 3 points to Slovenia, I fear we could have a tough, tough time against them. I don’t know anything about Slovenia, admittedly, but from what I’ve heard, they are proficient bus valets.
    Algeria, while technically very capable of good form, seem like the archetypal African team; more likely to self-implode under pressure than play well. Playing them 2nd puts England at an advantage assuming Slovenia do win. If we don’t win our 2nd game, we’ll likely be relying once again on the result of the other 3rd game to see if we make it or not.
    Thus, I’m really unhappy the US made an official 2nd half tactic of playing for the draw. England looked vulnerable and I felt we could’ve easily gone for 2nd half substitutions that might’ve gotten us a win.


    • Posted by Brad on 2010/06/12 at 7:12 PM

      I can’t believe we just pulled a draw with the powerhouse of our group and you’re worried about not making the knockout round. Slovenia and Algeria will have a combined wins total of either zero or one, depending on the outcome of their match tomorrow.


      • Posted by kaya on 2010/06/12 at 7:39 PM

        You may have noticed that our goal didn’t exactly come off a great shot, but you’re right that I’m generally pretty skeptical. See many comments above about the CM in possession and you’ll see why I’m worried. It’s simple math.
        I don’t think it’s a stretch to see a scenario where we go into the 3rd game with 2 points, England and Slovenia with 4, and Algeria with 0. We’d then need England’s help to get to the next round. I won’t be happy until we get a win in game 2. Grrr.


      • Posted by The Goche on 2010/06/12 at 7:54 PM

        I’m happy with the result too, but he’s right. Our play was nothing special.

        And don’t count out either of the two teams in the group. It’s not like we haven’t gone out and been beaten by Costa Rica and nearly lost to El Salvador. Should we win both games, ABSOLUTELY. But you don’t win World Cup games on should.

        For example. We showed almost no aptitude offensively tonight and are about to go play a team that allowed 4 goals in 10 matches in their qualifying group and then beat Russia in a home-and-home to get here.

        We absolutely should win. But you’re fooling yourself if you think a tie with England and a couple Confed Cup games a year ago guarantee anything. And honestly, playing like we did today, we may advance, but we will not take home six points if we don’t pick it up.


  51. Posted by John on 2010/06/12 at 8:03 PM

    Everyone ahould calm down and enjoy the moment, including you George. We both got a point and get to continue in our chase for getting out of the group. We can analyze things eight ways from sund… Clark doesnt play gerard doesnt get left alone for the goal….. Greene doesnt play he doesnt give up easy goal. Drink some good booze and look forward to some good games going forward.


  52. Posted by dikranovich on 2010/06/12 at 8:48 PM

    usa had england on her heals today and the brits scored in the first five minutes. gerrard is a good defender and these english are better defense than either of slovenia or algeria. slovenia got lucky against russia, i think everyone that saw the two games knows that. so its good for slovenia and its really good for the usa. usa could be facing russia next friday, but instead we get slovenia.

    if slovenia decides to bunker against the usa, im not sure they can give up to many corners or set plays against usa, without giving up goals as well. coach bradley was looking for a point today, and when his team went down a goal, then a point really became worth three points. the two points you take away from england, and the point you add to usa. the dempsey goal was a three point goal.

    i think slovenia is in big trouble, because usa historically plays a good game in the second game of the world cup. this team today was playing with a little hesitation, but shoot, so was england. i mean, how many errant balls did england send out of bounds? it was more than you might expect from these players, but in the end, it was due to the pressure they were feeling from the usa. slovenia better be at their absolute strongest net friday if they want to even have a chance to sniff a point.

    if coach bradley did not “go for the win” against england, then you know he is going to do so against slovenia and if slovenia think they are going to see the same team usa showed england, then slovenia might be in for a big surprise.


  53. Posted by Johninho on 2010/06/12 at 9:20 PM

    Isn’t Slovenia’s best player Robert Koren, a central mid? So, can the NY Daily News, Bradley, and all his yes men stop freaking LYING about Rico Clark being our best d-mid? I seriously hope dude breaks every bone in his body on that roller coaster, so Bradley HAS to start Edu or Torres.

    We make that ONE change, I won’t want Bradley to get sent home in the middle of Group play. I’m not saying ANYTHING about the match result, it’s just we’ve got one player who is not of USMNT quality on the pitch, and there’s no excuse except Bradley LIKES him.


    • Posted by Shane_K83 on 2010/06/12 at 10:06 PM

      Rico made some big stops in that game.. Yea he gave up the goal against a “world class” player, but he was’nt awful..

      Still would rather see Torres in there..

      Those who think possesion will get better with Edu.. your wrong..


      • Posted by Jared on 2010/06/13 at 4:39 AM

        The goal he gave up the “world class” player wasn’t a world class play. It was a simple give and go and Clark completely lost his man. It was basic tactical sense which he completely lacks. He had no idea where he was supposed to be on that play.

        I think at least with Edu involved he is a bit better positionally rather than trying to use athleticism to make up for poor positioning like Clark.

        Against Slovenia and Algeria it needs to be Torres because we will have to break them down. Torres can pick apart teams as we saw against Turkey in the second half.

        Robert Koren is their best outfield player but was just released by West Brom. So it’s not like he’s Xavi or Fabregas.


    • Rico does not = horrible with no tactical sense. Yes he got caught ball watching. He actually played decently well during the game. My problem is not with Rico it is with the MB/Rico pairing. As has been stated before they occupy similar spaces far too frequently (i.e. go towards the ball). Also if MB is pushed higher up the pitch his passes will get better. He tends to put too much pace on his long range, over the top passes but mid-range is not as much of a problem. I think Edu is more solid in defensive positioning and yes I think he is calmer on the ball (i.e. unlike Rico he won’t either pass it immediately to Boca or pass it back to the CB). So since I started the fire, in a way, about Rico above I thought I would try to rectify the situation. Rico is not bad and I am glad we have him. i just don’t like BB strategy of Rico/MB. Especially I think Rico should have been subbed out after 65 min. If we try to salt away a game with tired players we will get burned in the future. We were very lucky today.


  54. Posted by dikranovich on 2010/06/12 at 9:24 PM

    i wonder how many meters rico covered today, compared to the other central mids on the pitch, does anyone have that info?


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