Group A Match 3 – South Africa versus Uruguay

Forlan on a hat trick

PEEEEEEEEEP PEEEEEEEP PEEP. Uruguay are deserved winners and have to feel good about qualifying for the next round. South Africa are still in it but they have a large mountain to climb. France = New Zealand in a Rugby world cup final many moons ago.

95:00 – GOOOOOALLL. Suarez sends in a chipped cross that goes the South African defense and Periera easily sends a header into the back of the net. Uruguay 3 – South Africa 0

92:00 – Well regardless of what happens tomorrow, South Africa do have a chance still to qualify for the next round…but it will require them beating France by several goals. For now they’re hoping for a draw tomorrow.

5 minutes of extra time

87:00 – South Africa seem to be playing a little more freer down a man and have troubled the Uruguayan defense a little more.

80:00 – GOOOOOAAAL. Forlan. Penalty into the roof of the net. Uruguay 2 – South Africa 0

80:00 – well after all the subsitutions, Pienaar sits out and Josephs comes on

76:00 – PENALTY…and a red card for Khune. A deflection of a shot lands at Suarez’s feet who then is then fouled as he was attempting a shot hence the red card. Was it a clear goal scoring opportunity?

73:00 – A very poor corner from Tshabalala as it goes way over everyone’s head.

71:00 – Fucile off, Fernandez on for Uruguay

69:00 – Modise’s turn as he has a shot but it goes straight to the orange cone.

66:00 – South Africa progress forward and a cross is sent in that Mphela gets his head onto but his positioning is poor and it goes out wide.

61:00 – Two counters. The first by South Africa as they charge forward but their cross was too predictable and easily managed by the Uruguayan defense. Seconds later, Cavini charges down the wing and has a shot that swerves over the bar and wide.

57:00 – Letsholonyane off, Surprise Moriri on. What can he pull out of a hat?

54:00 – All Uruguay as Forlan sends in a beautiful ball from another set piece that creates mass confusion in the South African 6 yard box…Luckily for South Africa it goes out for a corner.

52:00 – Suarez is running around with a swab in his mouth which makes any protestations from him kind of moot!

51:00 – A foul on Saurez earns Uruguay a free kick that Forlan takes and lofts into the danger area but it escapes everyone and goes out.

49:00 – Uruguay showing the early intent as Suarez goes to the byline but the sliding kick by Cavini I believe, goes out for a goal kick.

TWEEEET – Uruguay kick off the second half

Halftime… a glorious goal from Forlan that one feels that Khune could have done more to prevent, separates these two sides.

43:00 – Dikgacoi gets a yellow which means he will miss the next game.

40:00 – Modise gets out wide and sends in a cross that Mphela gets up nice and high but his powerful header is wide.

35:00 – Here are at TSG studios we’re referring to the Uruguayan keeper Muslera as “The orange cone”.

34:00 – Off a quickly taken free kick by South Africa wins them a corner but nothing comes of it.

30:00 – Mphela just went on a tour of the stadium as he out ran and dribbled most of the Uruguayan defense but his final cross was weak and was easily cleared out.

24:00 – GOOOOOOOOOALLLLL DIEGO FORLAN. What a strike from the Atletico Madrid striker, as from 25 yards out he shoots a dipping shot that takes a slight deflection and goes over Khune’s head into the back of the net. Uruguay 1 – South Africa 0

23:00 – South Africa string a slew of passes together but cannot break through Uruguay’s disciplined defense. One can definitely see the Brazilian influence of their coach.

16:00 – Tshabalala tries a cheeky chip when a pass to the on rushing winger would have been the better choice.

14:00 – Tshabalala tries and ambitious shot from very far. Its high and wide.

13:00 – South Africa seem a little more composed on the ball then they did in the opening game. Still a little short on creative ideas but expect those to come later on in the match.

8:00 – Uruguay having the bulk of possession in the opening minutes as well as being the more attacking team.

Will Siphiwe Tshabalala fire South Africa into the lead again?

7:00 – Second free kick goes straight into the wall.

5:00 – Now its Uruguay’s turn to have a free kick. Forlan takes it but Pienaar charges down early and it will be retaken. Pienaar gets a yellow card and a ball in the face for his troubles!

2:00 – South Africa should be a lot more confident after holding Mexico to a draw last Friday. They have a free kick in a promising position and it is headed out for a corner.

TWEEEEEEEEEET and they’re off.

Only two changes to both teams from the opening days games as Masilela comes on for Thwale and Cavini for Gonzalez.

How awesome must it to be one of those kids that get brought it in!


Can South Africa add to their dream start on Youth Day. For more info and something a little more in depth then ESPNs 2 minute blurb check out this link.

Can Uruguay find its attacking boots? as they were quite defensive against France. Will round 2 produce a better display of attacking football that seemed to escape most teams in the first round?

All questions that hopefully we will begin to get answers too very soon.


Line ups

South Africa: Khune, Gaxa, Mokoena, Khumalo, Masilela, Tshabalala, Dikgacoi, Letsholonyane, Modise, Pienaar, Mphela. Subs: Josephs, Ngcongca, Sibaya, Davids, Booth, Thwala, Parker, Nomvethe, Moriri, Sangweni, Khuboni, Walters.

Uruguay: Muslera, Maxi Pereira, Lugano, Godin, Fucile, Arevalo Rios, Perez, Pereira, Suarez, Forlan, Cavani.
Castillo, Gargano, Victorino, Eguren, Abreu, Gonzalez, Scotti, Alvaro Fernandez, Sebastian Fernandez, Caceres, Silva.


Welcome to the first game of the second round of Group matches. Both teams have one point and both will be looking for a win to take a commanding lead in the group.

17 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by John on 2010/06/16 at 11:51 AM

    Watching the BBC feed and I can hear crowd noise.


  2. Posted by Matt B on 2010/06/16 at 12:00 PM

    Why didn’t Khune jump on that shot? It looked like it might go over, but shouldn’t he make sure?


    • Posted by sfshwebb on 2010/06/16 at 12:01 PM

      I agree. That was poor keeping. He was rooted to the spot.


      • Posted by matthewsf on 2010/06/16 at 12:28 PM

        Very poor keeping. Everytime anything approaches south of aisle 17 behind him, Tim Howard is always covering his bar.


  3. Posted by John on 2010/06/16 at 12:11 PM

    South Africa would have 2 or 3 more chances if Tshabalala would pass from time to time.


  4. Posted by John on 2010/06/16 at 1:11 PM

    Diego Forlan really hates Cinderellas.


  5. I *ALMOST* added Forlan to my fantasy team this morning. But didn’t. Argh.


  6. Posted by Fireball on 2010/06/16 at 1:14 PM

    If Suarez was offside, should it have been a penalty?


    • Posted by sfshwebb on 2010/06/16 at 1:18 PM

      No as the offside negates any foul after that…but he wasn’t. Sadly for South Africa.


    • Posted by The Goche on 2010/06/16 at 1:22 PM

      I didn’t see if he was offsides, but no there would be no penalty, and probably no card since the card was due to the game situation, as opposed to be a dangerous tackle.


      I don’t really like the red card and the penalty there.

      I feel like, even on a clear goalscoring opportunity, that unless it was a purposeful or dangerous foul that the PK and a yellow are enough.

      I didn’t really see that as a professional foul or anything, just a bad challenge. That said, I don’t think the ref’s call was wrong, I just don’t know that I totally agree with the rule.


      • Posted by sfshwebb on 2010/06/16 at 1:28 PM

        I don’t think it was a clear cut goal scoring opportunity so i agree it should have been a penalty but not a red card.


      • Yeah, I think the distinction needs to be made: Cynical Foul to deny goalscoring opportunity: Red Card, Foul on last-ditch tackle attempting to prevent a goal: Yellow card.


  7. Posted by kaya on 2010/06/16 at 1:24 PM

    Suarez was already selling that red card before he could reliably know there would actually be a foot to trip on. He’s good, but for me ruins it with a lot of whining and constantly alerting the ref to buy his acting job. He sold a lot of crap calls to the ref in the France game, too.


  8. Posted by John on 2010/06/16 at 1:24 PM

    And here is the point proven (so far) with desperation come the goals.


  9. Posted by kaya on 2010/06/16 at 10:45 PM

    OK, I’m sick of reading about Uruguay’s dismantling of S. Africa. They didn’t play that well until they got a PK. Are people that hard up for goals they need to fabricate a shellacking?
    I wish now that Suarez got a yellow card for diving to go with Khune’s dismissal.


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