Group H game 4 – Spain versus Honduras

Getting very beat up!

PEEEEEEP PEEEEEP PEEP. Well this sets up for a very exciting finale for Group H. Chile could very well not go through with 6 points as they meet up with Spain. Switzerland need a win if they are to have any chance.

3 minutes of extra time.

90:00 – Some incredible build up by Spain as they just tease the Honduran defenders with some slick passing and well timed runs. In the end the final ball to Mata is a touch too strong. They are really a joy to watch when the defense is so welcoming!

87:00 – Navas sends in a great cross that Villa should have hit firs time to get his hat trick but he controls it and as he shoots Mendoza slides in and takes the ball off him.

86:00 – Spain playing very loose, as they are giving balls away needlessly.

84:00 – Honduras win a corner but before they take it, Jerry Palacios comes on for Suazo.

81:00 – Welcome gets a chance as he heads a free kick in the general direction of the goal. It bounces wide as Casillas has to wake up from his nap to gather the ball for a goal kick.

79:00 – Pique slowly getting covered up in band aids. He’s beginning to resemble a mummy!

76:00 – Arbeloa on, Ramos off. He’s had a great game and had many opportunities, but his final touch was not quite there.

75:00 – Villa desperate to get his third tries to race onto a Navas pass that he originally set up but the ball was too strong.

70:00 – Torres off, Mata on. He’s had a poor game by his standards. He needs a goal, but that will come in due time.

68:00 – Spain get a few corners in a row, Ramos has a volley deflected behind then Navas (who has been a real difference in this game) has a weak header saved.

66:00 – Fabregas on, Xavi off. Fabregas immediately makes an impact; breaks the offside trap and rounds the keeper but his shot is pushed out by an on rushing defender.

63:00 – Wow…he missed. Hit it just wide. That was very surprising.

62:00 – Villa to take it (he’s on the hat trick).

61:00 – PENALTY…Navas is brought down quite obviously. Shame but a clear penalty.

60:00 – Honduras still continuing to press. They have to but they are very susceptible to the counter.

56:00 – Another 4 on 4 as some quick passing and a back heel almost set up Villa for a third but in the end they win a corner.

54:00 – Pique is really being rattled here. First game he gets knocked in the eye, then earlier he gets a ball in the junk and now an errant boot catches his mouth. He’s on the sideline bleeding profusely from his mouth.

52:00 – Spain rampant now as Torres and Ramos work well and the latter has a great effort just go wide.

51:00 – GOOOOOOOAAAAAL. VILLA with his second. Spain get a 4 on 4, they pass it around and Villa gets the final ball and shoots and it deflects of a defender and into the back of the net. Spain 2 – Honduras 0

49:00 – Honduras pressing a little more in the beginning of the second half. No real chances yet but Spain hasn’t had any either.

Game back on.

PEEEEEP. Halftime with Spain leading 1-0. They should be up by 3 or 4 but poor finishing has made the game close.

46:00 – Pique makes a stop on a cross with part of his body that rhymes with the word “block”…that looked like that err…stung.

Being blamed for Spains first round loss!

42:00 – Torres might not have figured out his shooting or heading but his ball control is impressive, as he twists and turns and goes around three people, plays an attempted one two with Xavi but Honduras cut out the final ball. Nice individual skill there.

36:00 – Honduras are very lucky this isn’t a similar scoreline to that of the North Korea game. It has more to do with Spain’s anemic display in front of goal then their defense.

34:00 – Another chance for Torres who does all the work of controlling the ball, working it to his favored foot but then balloons it over. He will score soon but for now the Hondurans can breathe a sigh of relief.

33:00 – Torres has a simple chance to make it 2-0 as Ramos who completely baffles his defender sends a beautiful cross in but Torre’s header bounces heavily.

32:00 – Spain is relentless. They’re not getting anything for their efforts though.

28:00 – Spain still attacking. Honduras are just not being given a chance on the ball.

24:00 – Navas sends in a great delivery but sadly it’s possibly to the shortest man on the pitch, Xavi, who lunges for it but it goes over him. For scale purposes that would have hit Crouch in the groin.

20:00 – Ramos gets another free header courtesy of shoving Figueroa on the ground…he still doesn’t score with it but this time it is on target.

17:00 – GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL. VILLA. Lovely goal. He dribbles into the penalty area blowing by two defenders and then juking the third, turning and sends a shot into the top corner. Spain 1 – Honduras 0

17:00 – Casillas redeems himself by bravely coming and grabbing the ball. Somewhere, Carbonero is fanning herself.

15:00 – Casillas looking awkward in goal as he saves with his knees, when a catch would have been easier. Alonzo tries his standard shot from the half way line.

11:00 – Xavi sends in an inviting cross that Ramos should have headed goalwards, instead he sends it high over.

7:00 – Villa sends in a long range shot that hits the cross bar. That was very nice. Not sure if the ball has even been in the Spanish half yet!

5:00 – Torres with the first real chance but he mis-queue’s his shot and it bounces safely into Valladares’s hands.

4:00 – Honduran defense make a defensive errors that gifts Spain the ball, it bounces around for awhile and appeals for handball are shouted but the referee wave sit on.

Being blamed for Spains first round loss!

They’re off.

I really like the Honduran national anthem and when I say this I mean it with fondness and good nature but it really reminds me of the music in the “The Three Amigos”.


I love the idea of a scapegoat. For every poor performance, blame needs to be deflected from the obvious…players in most case to something else. Green for England (he too his having girl issues), Domenech for France and now the reason Spain lost. The proximity of Iker’s incredibly attractive girlfriend Sara Carbonero (she’s a sideline reporter) was distracting to the Spanish number 1…AWESOME!


Line ups

Spain: 1-Iker Casillas; 15-Sergio Ramos, 3-Gerard Pique, 5-Carles Puyol, 11-Joan Capdevila; 22-Jesus Navas, 14-Xabi Alonso, 8-Xavi, 16-Sergio Busquets; 9-Fernando Torres, 7-David Villa.
Subs: Valdes, Albiol, Marchena, Iniesta, Fabregas, Mata, Arbeloa, Pedro, Llorente, Javi Martinez, Silva, Reina.

Honduras: 18-Noel Valladares; 23-Sergio Mendoza, 2-Osman Chavez, 3-Maynor Figueroa, 21-Emilio Izaguirre; 19-Danilo Turcios, 8-Wilson Palacios, 20-Amado Guevara, 13-Roger Espinoza; 15-Walter Martinez; 11-David Suazo
Subs: Canales, Johnny Palacios, Bernardez, Thomas, Nunez, Pavon, Jerry Palacios, Welcome, Garcia, Sabillon, Alvarez, Escober.


Welcome to the last game of round 2. A must win for either team if they are to have any hopes in progressing to the next round.

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  1. Nice picture. Does the US have any hottie fans? Eh, doesn’t matter she’s hot enough for all 32 teams.


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