Group A round 3 matches – Mexico versus Uruguay, France versus South Africa

Mphela scored the boy's second. Can he score two more?

PEEEEEEP PEEEEEP PEEP. South Africa win 2 – 1 and sadly are out of the world cup. They carried themselves well. France on the other hand leave in shame.

PEEEEEEP PEEEEEP PEEP. Uruguay win 1 -0 and wins Group A and Mexico will be joining them in the round of 16.

92:00 – Tshabalala has a golden opportunity to make it 3 but he fries straight at Lloris. His biggest mistake was scoring that first goal in the first game as he has been very disappointing since then.

91:00 – Mobise fires a well struck ball but it hits the side netting. A little too late for Bafana Bafana

3 minutes of added time in the South Africa/France game

3 minutes of added time in the Uruguay/ Mexico game

87:00 – Pienaar sends a pass beyond his team mate out for touch. The Evertonian has had a poor world cup I feel. He’s been largely anonymous.

84:00 – Suarez off for Uruguay, Fernandez on.

76:00 –  Uruguay defending like kings as they snuff out the relentless waves of Mexican attacks.

75:00 – Nomventhe slips through 3 defenders and waltzes into the penalty area but his final touch is too hard and Lloris gathers easily.

69:00 – GOOOOOOAAAAAL. Malouda scores a simple tap in as France shred though the South African defense. Well its all to do for South Africa and they need a little help from Uruguay. South Africa 2France 1

68:00 – Parker off, Nomvethe on.

66:00 – Pienaar tries his luck from outside the box but he will need to do something a lot more spectacular to beat Lloris from there. Lloris has been France’s best player by a country mile.

65:00 – It’s all Mexico as they’re sending wave upon wave off attack. They will be susceptible to the counter, but like the first half they are dominating possession.

63:00 – A last second tackle by Uruguay saves Giovanni from scoring a possible goal after being set up by Hernandez

62:00 – Chicharito on, Tummi Gummi off for Mexico

59:00 – Ribery tries his luck but his final shot is disappointing at best.

58:00 – Mphela tries a shot from 25 yards out that Lloris does very well to save. If it wasn’t for him South Africa would be through.

Personally I think the French players had every right to revolt. Domenech is actively not trying to win. WHY WOULD HE TAKE OFF CISSE. He hasn’t cared since he got let go before the cup. It’s much more of a disgrace that the man in charge does not care then the players revolting and sticking up for the poor treatment of a team mate.

54:00 – Cisse one times a shot from a pass from Sagna and it goes just over. That is last contribution to the game as he is substituted for Henry.

53:00 – GREAT SAVE from Perez as he stops a header from captain Lugano from a set piece. That was outstanding.

52:00 – Annoyingly Univision (where i’m watching the other game as ESPN is giving me issues) doesn’t continue the time for the second half but starts again at 0

51:00 – SOOOO CLOSE from South Africa as they carve up the French defense but Mphela hits the post.

49:00 – Parker tries a turn around shot but it’s straight at Lloris.

46:00 – Blanco takes a free kick from about 40 yards out. It’s a decent effort but straight at the keeper. He started his run up from somewhere in his own half. I believe he is now sucking from an oxygen tank on the sideline.

TWEEEEEET and South Africa kick it off.

TWEEEEEET and Uruguay kick it off.

So the basic gist is that two goals need to be scored by either Uruguay or South Africa or both without conceding any for the hosts to go through.

Well if either South Africa score or Uruguay score, South Africa, I believe will go through. Here’s to hoping.

PEEEEEP PEEEP PEEP. Half time in South Africa v France with the Bafana Bafana leading 2 -0

PEEEEEP PEEEP PEEP. Half time in Uruguay v Mexico with the the South Americans leading 1 -0

3 minutes of extra time in the South Africa game, 1 minute in the other.

44:00 – GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL – Uruguay on the counter with a great header by Suarez. He is unmarked at the far post as the cross comes in and he simply heads it in. Uruguay 1Mexico 0

43:00 – Great save from Lloris as he stretches to his right to push out a Pienaar shot.

41:00 – Mexico working the ball around well but the final shot from the midfielder was high.

40:00 – Josephs makes a great save off an awkward bouncing free kick. That was a reflex dive to keep Bafana Bafana back in it.

37:00 – South Africa put the ball back in the net again but this time it was offsides.

36:00 – GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAL – Mphela. The striker gathers a cross and bumbles the ball over the line. Poor defender by Abidal. South Africa 2France 0

35:00 – Uruguay’s Perez is bleeding profusely from his head after getting an elbow to the head from Hector Mereno. Very similar plays but no cards shown here though.

34:00 – South Africa get a free kick but Tshabalala’s effort goes high. He’s been a bit of a disappoint since scoring his wonder goal against Mexico.

30:00 – Mexico’s attacks becoming increasingly dangerous as Dos Santos rounds his defender but the Uruguayan comes back and makes a game saving tackle in the box. That was nice defending.

26:00 France’s troubles continue as Gourcuff gets shown a straight red for elbowing a defender. Yes it was dangerous but it was never a red. That wasn’t any different then what Dempsey did. It wasn’t deliberate.

25:00 – South Africa really pushing for it, as Mphela waltzes through and sends a soft shot just wide.

23:00 – Mexico/Uruguay is end to end action, but the last ball is not finding the target for both teams.

22:00 – Franco with a thunderous shot but it goes out for a corner.

20:00 – GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL – KUMALO! Off the Tshabalala corner, the defenders rises high on the back post and heads home. South Africa 1 – France O

19:00 – Tshabalala goes for the acrobatic shot when maybe a simple pass would have been better.

17:00 – South Africa weathering the attacks well but they will need to venture forward if they are to have any chance to progress.

13:00 – Uruguay get a free kick in a dangerous position but Forlan’s ball is punched clear by Perez at the last second. Uruguay showing a lot of intent in winning this game.

12:00 – Interestingly France are playing a lot more fluidly then in the previous two games. I wonder if that has to to do with the opposition or that the “grumpies” are on the bench.

10:00 – Cisse heads in the direction of the goal but its straight at Josephs.

6:00 – Suarez latches on to a mistake by the Mexican defense and his shot rounds the Perez but it is just wide. Nice play by Uruguay.

5:00 – Mexico are maintaining the majority of the possession in the early minutes but not troubling Muslera.

3:00 – Gignac with the first real chance has he has been put through but his shot is straight at the keeper/

The fault for France's turmoil belongs on the shoulders of this man and the federation.

Tweeeeeeeeet(s) and both games kick off.


Line ups

Mexico: Perez, Osorio, Rodriguez, Moreno, Salcido, Torrado, Marquez, Guardado, Giovani, Blanco, Franco.
Uruguay: Muslera, Maxi Pereira, Lugano, Victorino, Fucile, Arevalo Rios, Perez, Pereira, Forlan, Suarez, Cavani.

France: Lloris, Sagna, Gallas, Squillaci, Clichy, A Diarra (cap), Diaby, Valbuena, Gourcuff, Ribéry, Cissé.


Playing for tie is not the smartest thing for Mexico and Uruguay as whomever finishes second (Mexico at this point) as they will have to meet Argentina. With the rest of the potential teams, much “weaker, finishing first could really propel that team far into the tournament.


All 4 teams are still in it but the road to the next round for France and South Africa is a little more rocky. They both need to win big and need the other game not to end in a tie.


We’re in the process of setting up the TSG studios with multiple laptops and a TV, so that I can do live commentary on both games.

22 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by T-Muck on 2010/06/22 at 7:10 AM

    are you going to figure out a way to differentiate between the two games in your updates?


    • Posted by sfshwebb on 2010/06/22 at 7:16 AM

      Was just going to differentiate it by names and what each team was doing, maybe color. Any suggestions?


  2. Posted by T-Muck on 2010/06/22 at 7:21 AM

    color works, I’m assuming:

    SA – yellow
    Uruguay – light blue
    drama queens – blue
    Our Burrito Loving Friends – green


  3. Posted by claire on 2010/06/22 at 7:22 AM

    as the commentator said, “the french nightmare goes on”


  4. Posted by John on 2010/06/22 at 7:25 AM

    South Africa could not have picked a better time to play France.


    • Posted by T-Muck on 2010/06/22 at 7:30 AM

      The Irish are loving it though.


      • Posted by Johninho on 2010/06/22 at 7:53 AM

        While I’m only Irish-American, I can’t help but think if Ireland had gone through, they’d be WINNING this Group.


      • Posted by kaya on 2010/06/22 at 8:55 AM

        Actually, the Irish decided it was fixed before they drew France in the playoff and were over it immediately after the game. They’re way more into gaelic football. I know French and Irish who were at the Stade de France for the game. The Irish just don’t carry grudges unless it’s against the English.


  5. Posted by Tom M on 2010/06/22 at 7:38 AM

    Perez looking McBride like


  6. Posted by John on 2010/06/22 at 7:46 AM

    Uh wow… if South Africa can get one more goal… this is going to get REALLY interesting.


  7. Right, heading out to watch the second half of these two matches.


  8. Posted by T-Muck on 2010/06/22 at 7:54 AM

    Ok here’s the issue, work is slow, I have ESPN3 up (hopefully IT doesn’t care or isn’t paying attention), which game should I watch?


    • Posted by itally on 2010/06/22 at 7:57 AM

      ESPN3 allows you to watch two at one time in the same window – they have a “mosaic view” option. Alternatively, open two separate browsers (e.g., one Firefox, one Chrome), and watch in two separate windows. But if you want to focus on one, I’d say SA/FRA!


  9. Posted by sfshwebb on 2010/06/22 at 7:57 AM

    Tough one T-Muck. The Uruguay/Mexico game is more exciting from a football perspective as it’s end to end. The other one appeals to the heart a little more.


    • Posted by John on 2010/06/22 at 8:02 AM

      I’ve been sticking with SA vs France. SA has really been going for it, and save for them being offside, actually had 3 in the net.

      Considering that SA has a goal differential of -3 and Mexico has one of 2…

      This means that AS IT STANDS, (if it ended right now), they would both be sitting on 4 points with Mexico having a GD of 1 and SA having a GD of -1

      So it looks like Uruguay would need one more goal and SA would need another as well.

      If THAT happens then SA would go through because it would have scored more goals in total.


  10. Posted by T-Muck on 2010/06/22 at 8:23 AM

    I give the South African players tons of respect, the ESPN commentators were just talking about it, I haven’t seen one dive on their part. Even when they could have gotten the call.


  11. Posted by John on 2010/06/22 at 8:56 AM

    In the end France managed to poop in the World Cup and poop on the host nations dream.

    The carryover from the Ireland game really does show. They weren’t really good enough to beat Ireland and they weren’t good enough to perform at the World Cup.

    Now thank goodness we won’t have to see them anymore in this world cup.


  12. Well, that pair of matches was finely balanced to start the second half. South Africa hitting the post seemed to be the turning point where it seemed that they weren’t quite going to do it, before Malouda’s goal. Usually I’m less annoyed with Malouda for scoring. He was without doubt the best player in the French side and the only one that looked remotely interested.

    Thank you France for doing nothing but putting the sword in the hosts.


  13. Posted by kaya on 2010/06/22 at 9:20 AM

    It’s a little unreasonable to expect the French to roll over and let the hosts win for the sake of letting them advance… though I thought perhaps that was their goal in the first half.
    I’m looking forward to a Mexico/Argentina rematch.


  14. Posted by John on 2010/06/22 at 3:36 PM

    Domenech puts the tombstone on a dismal French campaign with wonderful poor sportsmanship.


  15. Posted by kaya on 2010/06/22 at 7:11 PM

    I’ll say this: Domenech was justified in being pissed at Parreira. I don’t see why Parreira decided he needed to tell the press what he thought of the French camp problems. Worry about your own problems, man. That said, I would’ve shaken his hand, leaned over, and told him that it was a pleasure to ensure his team didn’t advanced, or something about his sister. As it was, Domenech’s body language was an uncomfortable parody of bad french stereotypes.
    I bet the French are glad this show’s pretty much over =)


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