Third place game – Uruguay versus Germany

Does he have enough in the tank to get a goal or two to challenge for the golden boot?

93:00 – WOW. Forlans kick hits the wood work and the game is over. What a great game. Both teams deserving of their final places…Paul is right again! See you tomorrow for the final.

93:00 – Free kick for Uruguay 20 yards from goal.

2 minutes left. Uruguay pressing

88:00 – Boateng is having a great game both defensively and offensively as he initiates  a move that Kiessling had a golden opportunity to score but skies the ball from 10 yards out.

82:00 – GOOOOOOAAALLLL – Khedira heads it in off some rebounds from a corner. Sadly for Uruguay Suarez wasn’t there on the line to punch it out as that was in his wheelhouse. Germany 3 – Uruguay 2

80:00 – Boateng sends in a lovely cross but Kiessling is inches away from connecting. Really hope this goes to penalties.

76:00 – Kiessling entered the game a couple of minutes ago and his first chance.

67:00 – This game is fantastic. So open and great that it’s on ABC.

63:00 – Suarez sends in a howitzer that Butt does well to save (apparently the commentators are pronouncing the keepers name “boot”…sigh).

62:00 – If Muller played like this in the champions league, Bayern might have won. I watched them from the quarters on and he missed so many chances and gave so many balls away.

58:00 – Cacau dribbles through 3 players and sets up Ozil, but the young German wingers takes too long on the ball and is dispossessed.

56:00 – GOOOOAALLLLL – JANSEN – Muslera is having a nightmare of a game as Boateng sends in a dangerous cross that the keeper fails to punch and Jansen rises above and heads it home. Uruguay 2 – Germany 2

51:00 – GOOOOOAALLLLL FORLAN – WHAT A STRIKE from the Atletico striker. A beautiful volley strike that curves and bounces and gives Butt no chance. Now we have 4 guys tied with 5 goals! Uruguay 2 – Germany 1

48:00 – Cavani creating all sorts of problems as his shot is blocked by Butt. Suarez gets the rebound but his shot is blocked again though was not goal bound.

PEEEEEP – Germany kick off the second half.


45:00 – Suarez tries the “banana” corner but it lands on top of the net.

42:00 – Suarez finds himself one on one with Butt but his angle is too acute and he sends it wide.

38:00 – Sorry for the lack of updates but getting in an interesting discussion over what is cheating and what is not in professional sports. Not to much is happening except it’s raining very hard

28:00 – GOAAAAAALLLLL – Cavani. Uruguay break in a manner that would make their opponents proud as Suarez passes a lovely ball right into the path of Cavani who slots it home. Uruguay 1 – Germany 1

26:00 – Cavani sends a lovely back heel off a corner but it is well cleared by Germany. They counter and Ozil heads and Muslera does very well to save.

19:00 – GOOOOOAALLLL Muller who now has 5 (forgot that he was in the running for the boot). The Pig Boss sends in a cracking shot that all Muslera can do is parry into the path of the Bayern forward who slots it home. Germany 1 – Uruguay 0

10:00 – Germany threatening and go close of a Friedrich header that hits the cross bar.

6:00 – Forlan takes a free kick which hits Cacau’s hand. Forlan gets another chance 10 yards closer. He goes close.

4:00 – Muller puts the ball in the back of the net but it doesn’t count as the whistle blew before he got a chance to shoot.

TWEEEEET and we’re off.

Uruguay have a full strength side whereas Germany have some of their subs getting some world cup action.


OH OH…Harkes is commentating. Does this mean he won’t be on tomorrow? fingers crossed.


Line ups

Germany: 22-Hans-Joerg Butt; 2-Marcell Jansen, 3-Arne Friedrich, 17-Per Mertesacker, 20-Jerome Boateng, 13-Thomas Mueller, 4-Dennis Aogo, 6-Sami Khedira, 7-Bastian Schweinsteiger, 19-Cacau, 8-Mesut Ozil.

Uruguay: 1-Fernando Muslera; 2-Diego Lugano, 3-Diego Godin, 4-Jorge Fucile, 16-Maximiliano Pereira, 15-Diego Perez, 17-Egidio Arevalo, 7-Edinson Cavani, 22-Martin Caceres, 9-Luis Suarez, 10-Diego Forlan.


One might say this game means more to Uruguay as they overachieved to get this far but pride is important to all these players. Golden boot is on the line! Forlan and Klose (not starting) are one behind Villa and Sneijder and Klose if he does come on can become the world cups leading scorer


Hello and welcome to the penultimate game of the 2010 world cup. The third place game. It’s a bitter sweet game for the participants. So close to being in the final but third place and a medal (I believe) up for grabs.

10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by s44 on 2010/07/10 at 11:34 AM

    I believe Darke said this would be the last run for them, though perhaps he just means for him.

    Ouch, that was a brutal tackle by Aogo.


  2. Posted by Chuckles on 2010/07/10 at 12:07 PM

    In Aspen airport watching…glad to have the Guardian to get me up to speed…:) One guy rooting for Uruguay, while everyone else seems to be pro-Germany…shocker.


  3. Posted by matthewsf on 2010/07/10 at 12:10 PM

    Harkes is done after this game — Tyler and Ekoku for the Final thankfully.

    What sound from World Cup 2010 will come back more in Ian Darke’s dreams…the drone of the vuvuzela or the the drone of Harkes? That is today’s question.


    • Posted by sfshwebb on 2010/07/10 at 12:21 PM

      I have to say he has gotten A LOT better by spending time with Tyler and Darke. He just needs to work on his timing.


    • Posted by Hercules on 2010/07/10 at 12:25 PM

      It might be blasphemy, but I’ve liked Harkes/Darke, sometime even better than Tyler/Ekoku.


      • Posted by s44 on 2010/07/10 at 12:52 PM

        Did Darke just call “Jogi” “smarter than the average coach”? LOL

        He’s excellent, but surely we can get better American color guys than Harkes.


      • Posted by Jennifer on 2010/07/10 at 1:01 PM

        I’d agree. While I’m low on Harkes, I’ve been loving Darke, especially during the U.S. games. Seems to have a little more passion in his voicce.


      • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/07/10 at 1:53 PM

        Wynalda opposite Harkes would be a very interesting pair of co-comentators.


        • Posted by Aaron on 2010/07/10 at 2:39 PM

          I just tune in my xm radio and listen to JP Dellacamera and Tommy Smyth and time it up using my DVR if I’m not at the bar watching the games. I’m not a fan of Harkes.


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