Galaxy vs. Quakes Sort Of Commentary

I’m not your game review guy (we don’t have enough staff).

Move over Bornstein, TSG's got a new--well not so new--HDC fave...

So instead of tweeting, I’m just going to put some comments up here on the 1st half of the Galaxy vs. Quakes game this evening. The “B” game to the Thierry Henry Classico that went on earlier. Good opener from the former Invincible.

2nd half

• Rare mistake from Omar Gonzalez as the corner squibs through and he’s on the back of his man.

• Galaxy squandering go-ahead opportunities.

• Commenting with “Unknown Man” of that Galaxy are playing splendid two-touch soccer…and BAM! goal off 4-player 2-touch sequence.

• Buddle has gotten loose a few times this evening, but Ike Opara…and Burling are doing an admirable job of standing him up.

• Juninho has quicker feet than the roadrunner. That is all.

1st half:

• Sean Franklin–as you well know if you read this publication–is fast becoming a “do no wrong” in TSG’s eyes. Actually, Franklin has impressed with forward runs, a plethora of different ways to attack headers (that I hope to ask him about), and some nifty spacing. That said….

• Even without Berhalter, the Galaxy’s back line zonal marketing is very well schooled. No useless running…with the exception of Leonardo who one can tell is still green.

• San Jose has played the ball down their right flank as much as possible to offset Donovan. Convey after his initial goal moved to the San Jose right flank, to which the Galaxy answered by moving the pride of Manchester City–kidding–Landon Donovan over to that flank.

• Cornell Glen should really be played over the top more by San Jose. That said, he’s been offsides–egregiously a few times–and his flopping is resulting in non-calls from the refs.

• Alan Gordon is a bull in a China shop. I know a few of you labeled him an all-star. On the “strength” of tonight’s performance, he’s more a product of teams being worried about other Galaxy attackers.

More coming…

6 responses to this post.

  1. Just gotta say, Bowen is the truth. He’s a potential 2014-er.


    • Posted by dth on 2010/07/23 at 8:50 AM

      Pretty crazy that Bowen might be fourth or fifth on the 2011 U-20 depth chart. I like his game a lot.

      I do wonder about whether he’s a goalscorer or not. His role on this team is to get wide and whip in crosses and take long-range shots, which he does well, but I wonder how he’d do if he were more of a focal point on the team. But the Galaxy are so stacked we probably won’t get that opportunity.


      • Posted by matthewsf on 2010/07/23 at 9:06 AM

        Bowen was very strong last night. I tweeted that he beat Hernandez right so Hernandez get forcing him left and Bowen’s got a decent left foot.

        In the press Q&A afterward, Arena said that Bowen needed to do better with accuracy on shots and crosses, but also said he liked what he saw.


  2. Posted by matthew on 2010/07/22 at 11:36 PM

    Impressed with Bowen and most of the Galaxy on the night.

    Even Leonardo recovered to have a good 2nd half actually an excellent 2nd half.

    Galaxy played beautiful 2 touch soccer on the evening. 22 shots. 10 on goal. Should have converted more So easily could have been 5 to 2.


  3. Ah, the differences between TV and in-person viewing. Playing scout for a second, it isn’t Gonzalez positioning I worry about, or his heading. He is quite a big boy back there and fairly solid in both areas. Didn’t watch this match but having a good view of him on the LA backline in the first half on Sunday in DC his feet are a bit slow, both with and without the ball. With the ball he’s very deliberate and has a bit too much back-lift, even on short passes – telegraphing where he’s going to play the thing. Not sure how he’d cope at a higher level with trickier attackers running at him.


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2010/07/23 at 8:01 AM

      Oh…he still needs to learn that a bit, but two things I liked about his movement was that he was always squaring himself well in defense.

      I’m bummed I didn’t get to interview him afterward (choose Sean Franklin) but on the second goal it was actually a Gonzalez gaffe of not being goalside of his man (the type of positioning that prepares you to play for the national team…kidding).

      You could tell he knew it and he pressed and made errors for the next 10 minutes, but they weren’t errors of fundamentals.

      He *definitely telegraphs his passes but he was spraying some nice balls. He had one ball at the end of the first half that had the right height and pace to open an opportunity on the left flank.

      He does need to get better on being sly on the pass, but he his defense was quite good (the whole backline never overran…it was really quite beautiful).


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