EPL Jumble: Roo-ins or Sir Wayne?

Will Wayne Rooney have a better, same or worse season versus his stellar campaign last year?

You just roll Wayne Rooney's bones right over here...

Jay Bell: Part of the reason Rooney scored so much last season was because he played so much. I think SAF saw the effect that it had on his body. I would think he watches his minutes more this year. They also brought in Chicharito so maybe he plays in more of the lesser games so Rooney doesn’t have to. Less minutes —> less goals, but he may be more effective.

Eric, Followtonians: I think Wayne will have a worse season. I think he is still bothered by the groundskeeping position depicted in the Nike ads. Main reason why I have Man U finishing 3rd.

GeorgeCross: Rooney will have another very good season, but I don’t see Rooney carrying United on his own, to the same extent, as he did last year–he will still get 20+ goals though.  This year, I see Valencia and Nani sharing the offensive burden. Ronaldo was always going to be difficult to replace, but I feel Valencia, with Rooney and Nani, will be key players for United this campaign.

Another Rooneyaldo effort?

Shaun, TSG: He will not be as good but last year was exceptional. I expect to him to do well and help Hernandez become a more accomplished player.

Matthew, TSG: For United’s sake, I hope that Rooney doesn’t have a similar year.
I think the something that should be lauded about the Shrekster is that he puts so much on himself to carry the offense. If he’s not getting the ball, he’s coming all the way back to find a way to get it and even participate in the defense. Plus, he just motors full board all the time.
I agree with Jay above that Manchester United will and should play him less, hopefully–for their sake–Berba, Little Pea and a Grande Caramel Macheda can step up and carry some of the scoring burden.

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  1. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/08/18 at 7:11 AM

    Jay / Matthew – I hope that Rooney can be smarter with his energy, rather than playing fewer games. It is great to see his desire but he needs to channel his energy effectively. He needs to learn to not get wound up so easily. And he really needs to be in the ‘danger zone’ not in defence. I don’t want to see Rooney in his own box unless England are hanging on in the last few minutes…


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