Transfer Talk: DMB Rumors, Man City Makes It

It’s a good thing TSG is here.

Tuesday’s “proposed movement”:

The Beas...about to order a Dunkel in time for Octoberfest?

• While some soccer outlets are reporting a DaMarcus Beasley to Hannover rumor, the reality is that DMB is one of at least two players in consideration to join the Bundesliga side. It’s not Beasley-or-bust. Thanks Sky Sports.

• What will Liverpool do now that they have $16M from Alberto Aquilani…and perhaps even more from a Javier Mascherano deal?

(Update from TSG Reader John: This is a free loan (WTF) with an option to buy at the end for 13mil pounds…thanks, our apologies.)

One report has ‘Pool looking at Mahamadou Diarra…funny we mentioned that might be the case on Friday. Diarra is better option–pending price–than Scott Parker. That might get some of you excited…or distraught.

• Jonathan Spector’s West Ham is looking to add a striker before the close of the transfer window. It’s a shame that Zola is not in charge anymore because Carlton Cole owes his career to the man. Had Zola been there we would have found a way to start up Altidore-to-West Ham rumors.

That said, Inter’s Victor Obinna seems the odds-on favorite to swing the Hammers.

• Congratulations are in order for Manchester City this morning.

Last year, with outrageous bids or rumored bids for Kaka and Robinho, Manchester City was part kid-in-a-candy-store and part laughing-stock. Well today, according to his agent, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Barca’s major transfer last season, states he wants to play for one of three team: AC Milan, Real Madrid, or Manchester City.

While the placement of Manchester City is probably to drive up price or to earn his client a major upgrade on his existing deal, Manchester City mentioned as a favored destination point with Madrid and Milan…well that sort of press is priceless.

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  1. Posted by Berg on 2010/08/25 at 11:04 AM

    I may be wrong but I don’t think Pool has 16 million cash in hand right now from Juve. I believe the Aquilani deal is a loan with an option to buy at that price upon the conclusion of this season.


    • Posted by John on 2010/08/25 at 11:13 AM

      You are correct berg.

      This is a free loan (WTF) with an option to buy at the end for 13mil pounds.


      • Posted by matthewsf on 2010/08/25 at 11:14 AM

        Thanks for the corrections, my apologies.


        • Posted by John on 2010/08/25 at 11:34 AM

          No worries.

          BTW: Give you the heads up on the Kuyt is out rumors as well.
          Supposedly he wants out and is talking to Inter.


          Kriztian Nemeth was sold to Olympiakos.

          From Twitter:

          Nemeth agent: “Liverpool told us that it is not the question of quality but a financial decision. As it is with others out this season.

          So I would guess that much like the rest of the money that LFC has seen recently. They aren’t going to do much.


        • Posted by John on 2010/08/25 at 11:41 AM

          He was one of the potential up and comers, he did struggle a bit with injury and was 21 but considering how thin Liverpool is up front…..

          See the management has figured out that the fans are so complacent that as long as they don’t see Torres and Gerrard that they can give away the farm system.

          I often wonder of the countdown on Pachecos time as well.


      • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/08/25 at 12:09 PM

        When you say “free” does this mean Liverpool are still paying his wages?


        • Posted by John on 2010/08/25 at 12:24 PM

          To clarify, it just means there was just a straight loan out with no fee other than the 13mil pounds to purchase, if they so want. He is on their wage book.

          He was on 60,000 pounds a week incidentally.

          This is from the AS Roma/LFC agreement. Liverpool have already paid 15 mil to them.

          Such consideration will be paid by Liverpool Football Club AS Rome in four installments, the first of which, of € 5 million, together with the signing of the transfer contract, the second of € 3 million by January 4, 2010, the third of € 7 million by June 30, 2010 , and the fourth of € 5 million by June 30, 2011.


  2. Posted by Antonio H. on 2010/08/25 at 12:30 PM

    Rumor is Trezegol to ‘ likey(Trezegol that is)


  3. Posted by SamT on 2010/08/25 at 12:38 PM

    I’m sure there are other wondering, so I’ll ask…

    WTF does “free loan (WTF)” mean?


    • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/08/25 at 12:52 PM

      That’s why I asked if Liverpool were paying his wages. It’s just a loan.


      • Posted by John on 2010/08/25 at 12:57 PM

        Yeah, that was just me typing in frustration more towards the loan than it being a free loan, which in hindsight really means nothing. Carry on.


  4. Liverpool, given the financial situation they are in, are unlikely to give Hodgson much of the money he gets from the transfer of Masch. Maybe enough to get Diarra, but that should be a small percentage of what they get for Masch.


  5. The expressen article you’re quoting about Zlatan doesn’t say that’s where he wants to go, simply that they can afford him.

    “There are only three clubs that are capable of signing him: AC Milan, Manchester City and Real Madrid. These clubs are the only ones who can afford to sign him”

    And Zlatan actually didn’t say anything, it was his agent.


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