Monday Night (Soccer) Movies & Comedy

A few things to share on an eventful day.

• Picked up from Omar Gonzalez’s Twitter by way of T.OchoCinco

• Gotta pay for that new stadium somehow

Wizards' new duds...

We just interview David Estrada of the Sounders and today we interview Ryan Smith. So this humorous post hit us on a loopy Monday evening.

Explaining the team’s marketing plan for the new shirt, Bridger explained, “Believe it or not, we have a lot of fans in the pacific northwest, and we expect this shirt to really resonate with them. So we are going to be selling it primarily in the Seattle-Tacoma region.” Read more here.

Hysterical stuff from which I just learned about.

• And Fake Bob Bradley weighs in on the extension of his Twitter account for four more years.


»Double the Findley, Double the Bornstein, DOUBLE THE FUN! Everyone ready? Away we go, Great Space Coaster-style….

»Able to defeats the Germans with one stroke of the pen! ….Stay thirsty my friends….

»I feel all the love, even from you Bobby Convey. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Sweats rides again!

»KAMMARMAN! Get me a megaphone!

»Bradley-worn sweatpants just went from eBay to Sotheby’s, WORD!

»To my Twitter followers, I appreciate the love. I’m going to print out these tweets & mail them to Bob because he doesn’t have Internet yet.

»Sorry DC United, your offer of a new stadium, all the Ben’s chili I can eat and for Santino to get a tattoo of me on his neck was enticing..

»…oh and Randy Lerner can go step in a Cleveland steamer, like I want to coach a team with Heskey up top when I can have Justin Braun!

»Setting expectations: I plan on calling up Mwanga in time for the 2016 Gold Cup and playing Chad Marshall even if he has a broken leg.

»Have enough Sweatster yet? Nope…well guess who is going to be on the Entourage Finale to help Vince get his life back together? SWEATS!

»Um, @FakeKlinsmann – The tribe has spoken, your flame is extinguished, it’s time to go. about 4 hours ago via web

»Who’s a bigger disaster waiting to happen? #BobBradley or #HurricaneEarl – we’re both trending on Twitter baby. Me and mother nature!

»Celebrations around the world in support of FakeBob decision!




One response to this post.

  1. Posted by scweeb on 2010/08/31 at 7:35 AM

    ha ha that is so funny. i wonder if this would go far on that espn show with the kids that do the trick shots with a basketball.


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