On Yanks In Need Of A Home

Thanks to a tweet from PhillySoccer3, I put up this quick catch-all post.

Getting down to the wire for some US players to find a home before the transfer window closes overseas.

Here’s what we’re looking at today, to the best of TSG’s ability.

Run DMB is going to need to be precise...

• DaMarcus Beasley to Hannover

DaMarcus Beasley’s services have been secured by Hannover. A good situation for the Beas who will have Steve Cherundolo to help him get acclimated.

If Beasley can maintain his health, it should be a good situation for him.

And, if his BMW gets firebombed again, he can just go down the street and get a new one.

• Jozy Altidore to Levante UD – Confidence: 25%

Latest rumors have Jozy staying in La Liga with recently-promoted and likely bottom dwellers Levante UD.

Good move for Jozy? Not sure about that. While Villarreal would be able to monitor his progress, it would be Altidore going to a similarly overmatched side like Hull City was last year in EPL.

Don’t like the move for him…if true.

Still likely to live the fairytale...

• Jay DeMerit – Signing confidence next seven days: 66%

Last we heard, DeMerit is still in England. Expect the US centerback to latch on somewhere on or around Wednesday. Given that DeMerit is without a contract, he can sign later than the transfer window closure, but expect it sooner rather than later.

• Benny Feilhaber – Transfer confidence next seven days: 35%

From game reports, it seems as those Feilhaber it tearing up division two Danish football. That said, AGF and Benny probably wish it was division one somewhere else.

AGF recently loaned out Dioh Williams and sold Jakob Poulsen making a Feilhaber sale a little less of a necessity for the recently demoted side.


• Hopefully Jonathan Spector can maybe find himself a new home too. For two years now he’s been moved about in the West Ham line-up between RB and LB. In reality, TSG thinks Spector is best as a centerback.

That said, West Ham don’t like his play–though there may be a foreign bias–and West Ham, even with Avram Grant in charge, look like a mess, especially in the back. Here’s to Spector either getting a permanent role or finding one elsewhere.

• According to Steve Goff via Twitter, Fulham are considering a loan of Eddie Johnson to the Queens Park Rangers. Anorak here, QPR is the former team of Sully Hamid, Bill Hamid’s father. (Nearly done on that interview, fact checking and a few other things.)

• How is it that an 18-year-old American starting for a Championship side does not get more press. That is just flat-out amazing. Conor Doyle for Derby. TSG has reached out for an interview.

4 responses to this post.

  1. I have to disagree on the Jozy move to Levante, IF the choice is Levante or a bottom table dweller in England (Blackpool being the exception). Granted I tend not to watch the lower teams in Spain, but from Barcelona down to Atletico Madrid (1st – 9th in last year’s table) La Liga on the whole tends to play more possession/slick passing/movement off the ball oriented offense. In England there are the top teams who do this and then the rest who tend to pack it in and hoof it up the field for lone striker to chase.

    If it is the case that La Liga sees a lot less long ball tactics throughout their entire league structure, then I would approve of Jozy staying in Spain. Chances will be tougher to come by and relegation will stare him in the face all year long, but learning the ropes in a more passing style of offense can only be beneficial for the youngster, plus he can continue to work on his English style target-man game in a new league on different defenders. The EPL defenses all know about this game plan and counter act it with their own physicality (which was probably intimidating for a 20 year old) while La Liga defenders will use different tricks and tactics.

    My sanctioning of this loan is obviously predicated on him getting an opportunity to prove himself unlike that stint with Xerex.


  2. Posted by Berg on 2010/08/30 at 12:55 PM

    I’m picking the little blurb out of the larger article here, but I completely agree with your assessment of Spector. He needs out of Upton Park and a permanent move to CB. While this removes him as a threat going forward out on the wings, there just isn’t a future for the kid in a position that he lacks the “hip-turn” to play. Additionally, as has been mentioned before, he looked serviceable as a fill in when he was called upon to fill the CB role.


  3. Posted by phlub on 2010/08/30 at 5:33 PM

    Conor Doyle interview sounds great. It is amazing that his name hasn’t come up at all. How many US strikers are starting in Europe at ALL these days? They’re all either injured, not actually USMNT eligible, or Midfielders/Defenders/Goalies.

    Spector is too talented coming up on the wing for potential crosses to play central. Hope something works out for his club situation.

    Beasley to Hannover is positive for him… as Edu is still representing strong.

    I’m okay with Altidore to Levante as long as they start him. An American striker in bottom table La Liga for some reason impresses me more than bottom table Premiere League.

    Looking forward to the return of CD9! When’s that happening???


  4. Posted by Matt on 2010/08/30 at 10:01 PM

    Jozey desperately needs games and I’m worried if stays at villareal he won’t get enough chances. Love to see him in Germany.

    I’ve given up on Spector. Really don’t even see him as being premiere league quality.


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