MLS Home Stretch: Colorado Rapids

We introduce another new series here today at TSG: MLS Home Stretch.

We are asking those going to MLS games or tailgating over the new few weeks to take a little video and ask fans three questions:

1) How did they become fans of their MLS team?

2) What are the team’s chances of making the playoffs and then advancing once there?

3) What’s the the most surprising thing about MLS this year?

Thanks for those that have already sent in video.

We kickoff the series with a look at the Colorado Rapids provided to TSG by photojournalist Edward Guag who went out to Saturday’s Rapids triumph, 3-0, over Chivas USA and joined the Bulldog Supporters Group.

Thanks Ed and Rapids’ fans. You can follow Ed on Twitter here or check out his own publication here.

(P.S. Rapids’ fans…I know I owe you on that DP thing…working on it.)

If you want to send in a video, send us a note at shing* Humor is encouraged and don’t worry about production value.

Look for some videos from FC Dallas and the New England Revolution shortly.

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  1. Posted by Antonio H. on 2010/09/07 at 3:01 PM

    offtopic: Matt, you can turn those fantasy frowns upside down. Use your wildcard my friend


  2. […] I was able to do some work for The Shin Guardian last week in the field of photojournalism and video editing. I had a basic assignment of interviewing a few fans, film it and edit it down to three minutes and make it look good. I took this as a challenge and I think I passed. Here’s what I ended up with. […]


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