Tribute: Send McBride Out In Style, DeRossi Style

Update: 09/10/10

A huge thank you to Chicago Fire reporter Sam Stejskal for telling Brian McBride about the fan’s planned tribute at practice today on TSG’s behalf. Thank you Sam.

McBride’s words:

“I didn’t know that [his tribute] but that’s a very nice sentiment.

But I’m no different than anybody else that has played for them.

Yeah, I was fortunate enough to play a little bit longer than some and be involved in some great teams […in regards to being called in] but that game’s about preparing.

I’m sure Bob wants to make sure that he’s preparing his team for the start of qualifying so I’ll get to say hi and wave and say hello to everybody when I see them but sentiment wise that’s very nice for them to do that.”


Sam: I followed up on the “say hello” part of the quote, asking if there was some sort of plan in place for him to get a send off.  He said “no, I just mean if I see them.”


The accolades piled up long ago.

The praise continues to pile up this week across publications, support groups and fans.

The name and role in US Soccer, irreplaceable.

October 9th the United States faces Poland in a rather meaningless friendly in Chicago. It doesn’t have to be.

Dan from The Free Beer Movement kicked off the discussion. TSG added the promo and the USMNT’s growing-like-a-weed support American Outlaws will help execute it flawlessly and provide the moxie and muscle.

AO is requesting that fans big and small, male and female show their support to Brian McBride August 9th as the arrange a tribute.

If you’re going to Chicago, heck if you’re watching in a bar, please add to USA’s salute to the efforts of Brian McBride by doing one-and-all of the following:

• Paint your face in the signature style “drawn” from McBride against Italy at the World Cup in 2006. See video above if you’re a newbie.

• Hit up the barber and issue yourself a McBride like comb-over.

• Make, carry, “borrow” a banner.

• Get a t-shirt. (TSG will figure out where to donate any proceeds.)

• Scream your lungs out, learn a song.

Always look on the McBride side of life….

Banner, image created by Praire Rose Clayton. Check in with TSG about a license...

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by kaya on 2010/09/09 at 1:38 PM

    I’ll weigh in here on the estrogen side of things: face paint drama re-enactment to pay homage?
    I guess it’s getting close to Halloween and all, but I really have to wonder if Brian McBride would want his legacy honored like this.
    The banner image is badass and cool, but I’m just thinking a stadiumful of bloody faces would be kinda icky.


  2. Ever the classy, team first guy. He was fortunate to play a long time and to be on some good teams. However, it is his skills that kept multiple managers calling him into camp, and his heart and dedication to the badge that has elevated him into our collective hearts. Sure others were as dedicated, but his style of play is one most fans respect vs. some not being on the Deuce or ‘Cakes bandwagon. Plus getting visibly bruised and battered and coming back for more is always appreciated.


  3. Posted by mg on 2010/09/29 at 4:02 AM

    I agree, painting a face bloody is kind of weird. I dont thin he’d want his legacy to be that one foul either.


  4. […] TSG, along with the American Outlaws and FBM, are alerting fans to the Brian McBride tribute scheduled for October 9th. Learn about the Brian McBride Tribute […]


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