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Writing this quick update post as I’m watching one of my favorite players, Cassano, do work on Juventus for Sampdoria.

Cassano: See you Lippi!

Off the field, I’m pretty sure I’d slug the guy. On the field, an absolute pleasure to watch. Beautiful movement with the ball and off-the-ball. Precise passing. Smart decision making.

Another specific talent of Cassano…he’s a “360-degree” player…all directions and angles are an option for him and he’s got skill moving vertically and horizontally. Some players just excel at one direction or angle…Kljestan (vertical).

If he didn’t have any baggage and wasn’t a locker room poison, you’d always want him on your team.


• Birmingham vs. Liverpool

Love Birmingham and their home today and will give the Reds everything they can handle. Waiting for Cameron Jerome to have his first breakout game here.

From MLS to where...

• Villarreal vs. Espanyol

Jozy in the 18 today for Villarreal. I’m not sure anyone realizes, despite the obvious bias by the Yellow Submarine to try and send him out on loan or transfer, how momentous an American playing in La Liga is.

The best showing an American has had in La Liga: Ante Razov 2nd division stint at Racing Ferrol.

Like I said momentous. Get’em Big Jeezy.


• Bobby Z for Fulham breaks his leg. Hard luck for the striker who can just not stay fit.

• Let’s call it the Curse of Ibradiola…Pep loses at home with Barca to a determined Hercules side. Zlatan, who looked awful, and Milan succumb on the road to Cessena. No Gooch in the 18 in this one. Yikes!

• Rio Ferdinand with praise for Tim Howard via Twitter: “Say that Tim Howard has staked his claim for #silksoftheweek.”

Howard and Everton storm back to draw at the death against Manchester United Saturday, 3-3.

• Dane Richards, as we mentioned in the preview, continuing to benefit from the addition of Henry in NY. He scores the comfort goal as the Red Bulls do in to DSG at dam-up the Rapids, 3-1.

• Galaxy, rejuvenated versus the Crew. Beckham makes an appearance. Thoughts?

Eventful…an eventful Saturday.

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  1. from wikipedia…

    Keller signed with the newly promoted Spanish club Rayo Vallecano for the 1999–2000 season and played there for two years.


  2. Posted by Kevin on 2010/09/12 at 1:24 PM

    Altidore sits on the bench while Nilmar and Rossi start. It sounds bad to hear that Jozy sits on the bench, but when you consider that he is behind Nilmar and Rossi Its still great that he made the 18 IMO. So here’s my question… Is Jozy now the 3rd choice striker?


  3. Posted by Soccernst on 2010/09/12 at 2:32 PM

    True confessions time: I’ve been a USMNT fan exclusively, pulling for yanks wherever they may be. What a disappointing weekend for them! This got me thinking about how cheering for players on teams is fun, but not as fun as being a fan of a team. Meanwhile, there was some decent soccer happening in MLS this weekend. This contrasted with the vacuum overseas, and since I live within 5 blocks of The Buck, i’ve made it a priority to get to an Earthquakes game and root for them each week (even if they did play a drab 0-0 draw). Thanks to all the MLS fans who didn’t wait as long as I have to support their local team and MLS as a whole. Go Quakes. Go Yanks.


  4. Posted by Andy_4Lakes on 2010/09/13 at 11:08 AM

    Sunday commentary and video clip. Not EPL, Not MLS, not even USL-2. Instead, just my son’s U11 team! Here’s my son putting a corner kick into the box and a teammate heads it home.

    Sorry TSG if this is inappropriate, just a proud dad and can’t help it.


  5. Posted by Aaron on 2010/09/13 at 3:14 PM

    Cassano is a knucklehead, but a fine player on the pitch. When will Juve finally take Del Piero out of the starting 11 and put him into a difference maker role in the 70th min. Krasic(Nedved) looked fantastic, this team will take time to gel. Looking forward to getting back in the Champions League next season.


  6. […] is good to point out thought, because as we wrote here the strength of a number #10 is being a “360-degree” player…all directions and angles are an […]


  7. […] They come in having lost their two friendlies this year, to the States (1-0) and Russia (just last week, 3-0) respectively. The Blues have two attackers that could be described as “combustible,” but more appropriately. Mario Balotelli needs no introduction and neither does Cassano–a TSG fave and 360-degree player. […]


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