Champions League – Rangers versus Man United

Edu with an above average grade defensively, but needs to lead the counter more effectively

Edu played well defensively and though composed with the ball, I just feel he could have done more with it, and off it, with some more penetrating runs. All told, Rangers and Edu played well enough to earn a point.

TWEET TWEET TWEET. Game over. A well deserved point for Rangers. SAF’s face is at threat level red.

95:00 – Edu and Giggs collide on the edge of the box as Edu inadvertently handles the ball and Giggs’s balls twice. Ref correctly waves play on.

94:00 – All United as Rangers hang on desperately.

93:00 – By an hour I mean 6 minutes…which means 10 if the referee wants to leave Old Trafford with his testicles.

91:00 – About an hour of extra time has been added. Can Rangers hold on?

90:00 – Rangers counter dangerously, but United stand firm.

85:00 – Edu getting in the mix of things a bit more and has either woken up or been given the go-ahead to be more adventurous. Either way it makes Rangers more dangerous.

82:00 – Gibson with a swerving pile driver of a shot that goes just over. Edu game him some space and Gibson was inches from making the Scots pay.

81:00 – Miller off and Lafferty on for Rangers.

80:00 – Giggs with a delicious over the top ball to Fletcher, but it’s cleared out at the last second. Classy stuff from the Welshman.

79:00 – Rangers keeping United on their toes, but the game is entering the time period when defensive teams tend to make mistakes.

76:00 – Edu finds himself the deepest player once again and this time gets the ball, brings it toward the United penalty area, lays it off the but the return cross is too deep. Better from Rangers and better from the American.

75:00 – Fabio apparently didn’t get the “keep the ball on the deck” memo and sends in a moon ball that is caught easily by McGregor. Owen on for Park.

75:00 – Little Mikey Owen taking off his warm up suit.

73:00 – Edu does well to get in the way of a Rooney run. Wayne makes him pay by pulling him down. Good play by Maurice!

70:00 – Giggsy having an impact as he sends in a cross that Rooney does well to head in the general direction of goal. Goes just wide though.

67:00 – Either Edu has been told to just stay in front of the back four and not move or he’s tired or he’s disinterested, but if he were to show some energy on the counter, Rangers might be able to do something as he is the recipient of the ball to begin every counter, but after he lays it off he doesn’t move up field.

64:00 – The Welshman has an immediate impact as he sends in a dangerous cross that was lacking up until now.

62:00 – Valencia is stretchered off. Hopefully he will be back soon and we wish him a speedy recovery. Giggs is on and the game is resumed.

60:00 – Valencia is down with a severe ankle injury. Giggs will be coming on to repace him.

59:00 – Kirk Broadfoot’s name should be changed to Kirk Broadnose…just saying. He can sniff out an attack from miles away as scythes down Valencia!

57:00 – Edu tries to bring the ball out of his defense, but his pass is poor. He makes up for it though, by making a good tackle to win the ball cleanly in a dangerous spot.

55:00 – Both teams playing good attacking football. Gone are the route one balls and both teams doing their best “spanish” impressions.

53:00 – Rangers with a foray up field but Miller cannot latch onto the through ball and Kuszczak gathers easily.

49:00 – Werder Bremen get a goal either side of halftime to level the game at 2 apiece.

47:00 – Gibson with a fantastic first time volley that goes narrowly wide.

46:00 – TWEEEET – Rangers get it underway

PEEEP Halftime…Assume some colorful language and maybe some teacups being throw in the United dressing room.

45:00 – Game has awoken in the past 10 minutes, though nothing really happening. Edu needs to impose himself a little more offensively. He seems to be content in just hurrying his opponents, but when given the ball, he just dinks it off as quickly as possible instead of looking up and seeing the field around him.

43:00 – Edu comes in late and gives away a free kick in Ronaldo territory…oh wait he’s been gone for awhile. Gibson tries his luck but his effort hits the wall.

41:00 – Speaking of tall, Crouchinho has scored to give Spurs a 2-0 lead.

39:00 – Such is the defensive nature of the Rangers game plan, that Edu briefly finds himself as the deepest player, but his teammates could not get him the ball.

35:00 – Rangers arn’t attacking much, but when they do, it tends to be well worked, on the ground, and through the middle. Meanwhile Untied still try and send the ball into the middle via lofty balls to their pint sized strikers.

33:00 – Rangers work the ball well, until Edu loses possession, and in frustration gives away a foul. On the counter Gibson strikes a long distance shot just wide.

32:00 – Wes Brown is unnaturally uniformaly one color. He looks like one of those male mannequins you see in clothing stores.

28:00 – The star of the Rangers side so far has been Bougherra who has broken up many a United attack. Edu too has been instrumental in stifling any forward progression, but isn’t offering much in the other direction.

27:00 -United still trying the lofty high ball from the wings. They need Berbatov, who isn’t even on the bench to offer a creative spark. Someone needs to step up. Odd team selection by SAF

21:00 – They do just that on a counter as Hernandez and Rooney try and one two their way toward goal, but Bougherra breaks up a poor Rooney pass and Rangers clear the danger.

19:00 – United doing a lot of their attacking from the wings, but their central players are not very tall so their crosses are easily cleared by the Rangers back line. They need to attack through the middle.

15:00 – Meanwhile, Spurs are up 1-0 due to an own goal

11:00 – Rangers defending well and United are playing uninspiring football. As I write that Hernandez sends a header just wide.

Is Roo's head in the right place. Is this Nike ad foreshadowing his demise?😉

5:00 – Ball ventures into the United half, but some nifty defending followed by incredible footwork by Valencia brings the ball back into the Glaswegian half.

4:00 – United, as expected dominating possession. Rangers seem content to soak up the pressure.

United to kick it off…TWEEET


The Line ups

Manchester United (4-2-3-1)Van der Sar; Brown, Ferdinand, Smalling, Fabio; Fletcher, Gibson; Valencia, Rooney, Park; Hernandez.
Substitutes: Kuszczak, Evans, O’Shea, Anderson, Giggs, Owen, Macheda.

Glasgow Rangers (5-4-1) McGregor; Broadfoot, Weir, Bougherra, Papac, Whittaker; Davis, McCulloch, Edu, Naismith; Miller.
Substitutes: Alexander, Lafferty, Foster, Beattie, Weiss, Little, Hutton.


Hello all – It’s been awhile. The early season has been relatively un-eventful with no super exciting signings or any real surprises…but it’s Champions League time, so the start of the real season.

23 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by matthewsf on 2010/09/14 at 12:13 PM

    The Rangers are really not trying to do much here are they….


  2. Posted by John on 2010/09/14 at 12:21 PM

    The formation so far is.

    Broadfoot, Weir, Bougherra, Papac, Whittaker; Davis, McCulloch, Edu, Naismith


    (working so far though)


  3. Posted by John on 2010/09/14 at 12:27 PM

    Oooh boy… rooney looks gimpy.


  4. I needed a nap this afternoon. Looks like I picked the right match to watch.


  5. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/09/14 at 12:57 PM

    If it is still 0-0, how much Fergie time will be played after the 90? I bet is 2 minutes + the standard 3 minutes…


  6. Posted by John on 2010/09/14 at 1:00 PM

    Not good when the opposing players start gesticulating to the opposing bench to get the stretcher out.


  7. Posted by John on 2010/09/14 at 1:01 PM

    They won’t actually show this replay. Wow. Calling it a definite break above the ankle on Valencia.


  8. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/09/14 at 1:18 PM

    Seeing Owen in a Man Utd shirt still looks weird.


  9. Posted by dth on 2010/09/14 at 1:18 PM

    Rangers have had the better of United in the second half.


  10. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/09/14 at 1:30 PM

    I wonder if Scholes would have done better with the efforts Gibson has had? Got to give Rangers credit and question SAF decision to rotate so many players. United have 5 minutes + stoppage time to save SAF from a massive egg facial.


    • Posted by sfshwebb on 2010/09/14 at 1:33 PM

      i think SAF feels like he is losing control and is “teaching” the players who “failed” him at Everton a “lesson”


    • Posted by dth on 2010/09/14 at 3:35 PM

      Feel like Dimitar Berbatov actually would’ve been the ideal strike partner for Rooney in a situation like this–he’s such a clever passer he might have broken down the defense.


  11. Posted by John on 2010/09/14 at 1:32 PM

    6 minutes of Extra Time…. so that means about 7:30 in fergie time…. right?


    • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/09/14 at 1:38 PM

      Fergie time refers to the abnormal stoppage time United get at Old Trafford when they are losing or drawing – you know when there is 5 or 6 minutes during a ‘normal’ game. 6 minutes is 6 minutes as the ref can add on time from the 4th official. In this case 6 minutes seems fair because of Valencia’s horrific injury. Fergie time would be any time that is deemed superflous…


  12. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/09/14 at 1:33 PM

    Andy Gray – “coming away from Old Trafford with a draw very much feels like 3 points”.

    No it doesn’t Andy. A draw feels like 1 point – and always has. If you mean that Rangers would be happier with a draw than United, then say so!


  13. Posted by Antonio H. on 2010/09/14 at 1:45 PM

    Mo playted lights out. He was no doubt coached to withhold his penetrating runs into the box. That was the game plan after all, right?


  14. Posted by matthewsf on 2010/09/14 at 1:58 PM

    Fergie on TV about Antonio Valencia: “He’s gone to hospital, it’s a dislocation & fracture, a bad one, he’s out a long time” via @DTGuardian


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