Jumble: How Will The Wengers Fare?

With injuries, what's the target for the Gunners?

The question: What do you make of the Arsenal situation? How will they cope with all the injuries?

Shaun: Arsenal will regret not pursuing a top notch keeper in the off season, but Wenger is top class and will have Arsenal challenging in all games. Sadly they will drop points until the likes of Vermaelen are back in the starting 11.

Eric, AFR: Arsene Wenger, to me, tries to emulate Platonist ideology using football as a means of sustenance. Arsenal’s philosophy is perfection or nothing. In reality this is impossible throughout a season when you have to encounter the likes of Michael Essien and Titus Bramble.

However, Wenger has achieved the impossible in the past with his undefeated season. He’s been waiting patiently to recreate that, and he’s certainly close (if it is, indeed, possible). Though Theo and RvP will be missed, the way Arsenal passes the ball is angelic. If Chamakh continues to scores “ugly” goals, then they’ll be fine.

Corey, CoS: If you don’t think Arsenal are destined for third place in the EPL and a quarterfinal exit in the Champions League, you are out of your mind. The Gunners could steal second in the EPL or a semifinal appearance, but that would require (1) better health, (2) better luck, and (3) better execution.

When your best player gets injured blocking an attempted clearance that deflects 30 meters backwards over the keeper for a goal, numbers 1 and 2 are at war. When his replacement takes a penalty that would make Baggio jealous, number 3 is out the door.  And when you then concede a stoppage time equalizer, well, the soccer gods have clearly been drinking

A difference maker this year?

Chamo, CO: Apart from the injury to Fabregas, Arsenal’s oft talked about youth system seems to be coming to fruition with Vela, Song, and Walcott to counter the absence of RvP and Co.

They made their typical Wenger defensive signings (a Frenchman and someone not many people were aware existed) who seem to be doing alright, but the biggest question is between the posts. Arsenal’s inability to sign a keeper for the past three years is exactly why they will not win the league.

GeorgeCross: Arsenal have so many offensive options that I do not see it posing too many problems for Wenger, especially against non-Big 4 opposition.  I think it would be a major problem for Arsenal if either Vermaelen, Sqilliaci or Koscielny have a long term injury.  They have looked OKish so far (and have got away with a few errors), but only being OK defensively doesn’t win you the League.

I admire Wenger for not wanting to overpay for a player, but if they really want to be serious PL and CL contenders, they really need proven quality that you cannot buy on his budget.  I wanted Wenger to spend decent cash on a keeper and a centreback.  Almunia has looked good so far, but we all know that over a course of a season, he’s going to directly cost you points because of basic goalkeeping errors.

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