Concluding Our EPL Roundtable

A huge thank you to the participants of our EPL Jumble.

We finish up our EPL Jumble with: What’s something you didn’t expect OR what’s something we should expect as the year progresses?

Big changes at Villa

Eric, AFR: Signing Gerard Houllier was a massive coup for Aston Villa.

However, the Frenchman likes to form his own “football family,” so don’t be surprised to see the English style of play that Martin O’Neill worked so hard to create replaced.

At Liverpool, Houllier masterfully balanced bringing in talent while also developing Liverpool youth like Gerrard and Owen. Villa have promsing youth in Lichaj, Bannan, and Chris Albrighton, and should continue to be a Europa League-caliber presence.

Corey, CoS: Unexpected? It’s a tie between Berbatov’s Renaissance, Alex Song’s hair, and Chelsea’s goal differential.

Shaun, TSG: I didn’t expect Chelsea to be as dominant as they have been, but they haven’t really been tested. I expect Liverpool, Everton and Man City to all improve as the year goes on. Problem is I don’t really see the other challenging teams dropping off. Should be a very entertaining season.

Chamo, CO: City’s immense collection of huge egos will explode sometime around December and will result in a meltdown of form and Mancini’s firing. Also, look to see what happens if Drogba gets injured at Chelsea. So much attack depends on the big man; without him and with the added stress on Europe, Chelsea could fall off the map this season just as quickly as they jumped on it.

GeorgeCross: ALL three promoted clubs have had a great start to the season, especially Blackpool who have faced Arsenal and Chelsea away, but like West Bromich Albion and Newcastle United, they have still picked up 7 points.

The top of the table has a predictable look to it but it’s the bottom of the table that fascinates me.  By Christmas, the bottom placed team is usually a newly promoted one, and the writing is on the wall that they are going to go straight back down.  But I think this year will see more teams involved in the relegation scrapheap and I feel two of the teams that do go down in May were in the EPL last year.


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3 responses to this post.

  1. I agree with George. The top is already decided, (Chelsea, Arsenal, Man U, in that order) look to the bottom of the table and places 4-7 to get your jollies. Personally, I think Liverpool will be relegated. How could it not happen?


    • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/09/23 at 9:59 AM

      So far, Chelsea look so strong in all areas. Like Shaun said, they haven’t been really tested but one has to be impressed with their back 5 and Essien sitting in front. Unless they get a disproportionate numbers of injuries, even after 5 games, I cannot see anybody else winning the title.

      I would love it if Liverpool** went down. Sick of hearing their supporters living in the past. You’re not as big as you think you are. Wake up!

      **I still get a kick when any northern team goes down!


  2. That would be incredible if Liverpool got relegated. I probably wouldn’t stop laughing for weeks. With the payroll that Liverpool has, they should be embarrassed if they don’t qualify for Europa.


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