That Lichaj Could Have Played For Poland?

Update: Quality from TSG friend and Chicago Fire reporter Sam Stejskal who clarifies Lichaj’s interest in the U.S. versus Poland and how the Poland invite transpired. Thanks Sam.

Still begs the question from USSF how it got that far for a player who is a member of the 18 in the arguably the top league in the world and and at a top-8 club to boot.


Unfortunately Aston Villa has been downright Sunil Gulati-like in giving us access to Eric Lichaj. We’ll get him at some point.


Chicago bound...thankfully...


That said, I saw this piece today on the BBC about Lichaj being called up simulataneously by the US and Poland and thought I would put a question out for discussion.

That question?

Should I be the least bit concerned that: a player from US Soccer House’s backyard, who came up through the US’s Bradentown academy, and signed a contract at a top-seven EPL side was even a doubt to play for the US or worse could easily have been snatched away?

I can understand this completely if Lichaj told US Soccer something akin to, “I’m not sure who I want to play for yet.” (However, didn’t he get trained at Bradentown?)

I do understand that Lichaj visited Chicago camp last year as a “guest,” but with the dearth of top Euro league players on the US senior side, I guess I have to ask is, “How could USSF come close to losing him?”

Maybe I’m paranoid…and hopefully we’ll get that interview soon.

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