The Final Whistle: Jaime Moreno

Thanks for the pics Matt.

One goal and uncountable thank yous send of Jaime Moreno in his final match for DC United.

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  1. Posted by Russ on 2010/10/24 at 12:08 PM

    Ah, if only it said San Fransisco and not Santa Cruz de la Sierra on that birth certificate!

    We may see another player hit the century mark in goals and/or assists in MLS but I doubt we’ll see it done with the verve, grace and sheer artistry that JM99 did it with.

    The most remarkable thing about him is the way he reinvented himself for his second tour of duty with DCU. Losing pace is an inevitability for almost all athletes but when you have a footballing brain like Moreno’s it’s almost a blessing in disguise when creativity starts to trump athleticism. Just ask Matt Reis about the 2004 Eastern final.

    I’m not one to gush over individual players but this is a well earned exception. Gracias, Jaime. It was an honor and a priviliege.


  2. Pure Class. The fan’s sign that proclaimed Jaime to be the foundation of this franchise is spot on. Now if only we could persuade him to move into the coaching ranks at the youth levels (for starters) at DC United; help cultivate some of the creativity in the up and coming talent.


  3. […] things started to settle down by the middle of the year and we started to play better.  Then Jaime Moreno arrived, and we were on our way. On a rare good day in early 1996, Raul Diaz Arce celebrates a […]


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