The Odds: MLS Conference Finals Edition

It feels like ages–it is ages–since we did an Odds column. A simple one to get us back on our feet. If you’re not familiar with this column, it goes like this:

Wondo: Still rolling...

Whether within the column or in the comments, odds will be laid down on an event, for example, “Landon scores the game-winner against FC Dallas”

I say “100 to 1.” By the feedback we get in the comments, we’ll move the “line” on the event up or down and then publish all the prognostications, likely up top in the navigation bar.

Remember, we need you’re feedback to move the line.

Let’s go by conference.

The Eastern Conference:

Saturday: San Jose Earthquakes at Colorado Rapids

(I said the Eastern Conference….)

San Jose

• San Jose, +1/2 (San Jose is our favorite)

Even money: Chris Wondolowski nets

• 5 to 1: Bobby Convey scores goal

• 10 to 1: Jon Busch is man of the match

• 2 to 1: Giovani starts and gets sacrificed at the 60th minute mark or so (anyone else noticing that the Brazilian’s conditioning hasn’t really caught up yet)

• 2 to 1: Jason Hernandez or Brandon McDonald earns a yellow card on an Omar Cummings foul.

• 3 to 2: Cornell Glen is offsides at least once…that number is lowered, slightly, if Glen doesn’t get subbed in.


• Colorado, -1/2

2 to 1: Pablo Mastroeni with a yellow card

5 to 1: Pablo Mastroeni, red card

2 to 1: Jeff Larentowicz scores. (The man….is on fire)

10 to 1: Jeff Larentowicz knocks the goalpost over on a free.

• 50 to 1 : Owner Stan Kroenke shows up for the match

Are you kidding me?! Who authorized this?! This is all wrong


The Western Conference:

Sunday: Dallas at Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Dude's been quiet lately, huh?

• Los Angeles, +1 (The Galaxy…are barreling)

1 to 2: Super Edson Buddle ripples the

2 to 1: …Buddle’s goal is assisted by David Beckham

4 to 1: …Buddle’s goal is assisted by Landon Donovan

• 10 to 1: …Juninho with the game winner.

• 15 to 1: …Mike Magee with the game winner. (Do you know US Soccer thinks Mike Magee still plays midfield….on the MetroStars!)

• 3 to 2: …Eddie Lewis starts over Todd Dunivant, fitness non-withstanding


Dax McCarty: Tasting the high life lately....

• Dallas, -1 (The Galaxy…are barreling)

Even money: David Ferreira with an assist

10 to 1: …Brek Shea misses a sitter

• 12 to 1: …Dax McCarty, MOM

• 4 to 1: …Kevin Hartman, MOM


Some thoughts: As of Sunday evening, I see an all California semifinal in sunny, sweltering Toronto in two weekends. That might change as I really look at the match-ups.

Hard to bet against the Galaxy right now as David Beckham has helped to elongate the field (Edson Buddle thanks you) and Eddie Lewis is conjuring up his days at Preston North End on the left. And, after teasing it, and teasing it and teasing it, I officially (it will sit up in the glossary later today) AJ De La Garva, “Jr. Cannavaro.”

Dallas has proven more than a few things this past series. However, as much as their weapons, specifically Jeff Cunningham sneaking in and opening space, I just don’t see them being able to control the tempo in this one.

San Jose is brimming with confidence and the Rapids win was not resounding. This game will hinge on the midfield where Sam Cronin and Scott Sealy will need to provide the backbone to let Wondo roam, Convey overlap and Giovanni probe. Cronin and Sealy must be steely and occupy the Larentowitz-Mastroeni wrecking crew.

Addendum: David Ferreira’s last name is the hardest name to spell. I can never get the e’s, i’s and r’s all in the right place at the right time.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Ryan R. on 2010/11/07 at 11:55 PM

    Odds from prior to the column that Matthew could write anything conference finals related without mentioning Sean Franklin, 200-1. My whole life is a lie.


  2. Posted by matthewsf on 2010/11/08 at 4:49 AM

    I’m diversifying.


  3. Posted by 4now on 2010/11/08 at 8:17 AM

    My lord, that Magee link is HIL-arious.
    I almost encourage you to take it down so someone doesn’t get wind and correct it.


  4. Posted by Kevin on 2010/11/08 at 7:24 PM

    That mastreoni video is funny. That was from the in 2009 when they announced the all star starting XI. There was a video of Holden, just a highlight video, that was really good. One of the best highlight video’s I’ve ever seen. Obviously I’m a bit biased cuz I’m a Houston and Holden fan but still.

    If that doesn’t work the link is here


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